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Noma Reopens as a Burger Bar

Hear that? It’s the sound of restaurant doors creaking open for the first time in 10 weeks, and the chorus is being led by none other than New Nordic gastro giant, Noma.

This isn’t a full reopening of course, as the restaurant needs time to retweeze its micro-herbs and ferment its sheep hearts, but a staggered opening that sees Noma pivot into fast food.

Announcing on their website on 15th May:

“Exciting news! Thursday May 21 at 1pm we will be opening an outdoor wine bar, with some of our favorite wines and noma burgers!”

The bar itself will be nestled in the beautiful restaurant garden, overlooking the lake they share with their neighbors in Christiania. It will be serving a wine menu, plus two burgers – one meat, one veggie – packed full of umami, topped with some fermented magic from the Noma cellar, and served on a potato bun developed in collaboration with Gasoline Grill.



Of the decision to make burgers, Noma said in a press release that they wanted “to offer something that we all know and love.” I think all of us can agree that “love” at this point means anything that doesn’t involve having to cook three meals a day and deal with the subsequent cleanup.

Crucially, and I cannot stress this enough, there are no reservations. The world’s most famous restaurant, one that has a year-long waitlist for tables, whose new season books out in seconds, is now a walk-in only establishment. The concept is set to last through summer – even as the restaurant proper opens – so now really is your opportunity to finally eat at Noma.

The news comes as Denmark enters phase 2 of reopening the country after a strict lockdown which hit the capital’s gastro scene hard. As one of the first countries in Europe to be entering into more a lenient period of virus control, we’re hopeful that this signals a start of a more stable period for the many talented people working in the hospitality industry.

But what next? Chips and mayo at Geranium? Shawarma at Geist? Pizza at Aoc? In a post-COVID world, anything is possible.



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