Organic Basics Launch Their Sofest & Most Sustainable Collection Yet

When Organic Basics, the sustainable basics brand from Denmark, launches a new collection of underwear and other necessities (as with their previous launch, SilverTech), you’d better get on it fast: things sell out quickly. Their new “Soft Touch” collection, made from TENCEL Lyocell, launches today.

Organic Basics have been making clothing items like socks, underwear, bras, and t-shirts since 2014, when they launched their first successful Kickstarter campaign. Their minimalist style, paired with great design and a focus on transparency, has made them a stand-out in the fashion industry.



TENCEL is a branded version of lyocell, a fibre made from wood pulp that can be used on its own or blended with other fabrics such as cotton. TENCEL’s version of lyocell is known as the most environmentally-friendly iteration; their wood-sourcing and processing practices are considered top quality. Their fibre is made from Eucalyptus tree forests in central Europe. The trees are thinned rather than cut down, and the wood is processed into a pulp with a non-toxic solvent to create the lyocell.





When Organic Basics learned about the lyocell, they knew they had to work with it. One of our favorite things about the brand is that they are constantly striving to improve. They realize that there’s no such thing as perfection in sustainability, but their goal is to consistently make their fabrics and supply chain better.

Organic Basics wouldn’t be as successful if their aesthetics didn’t match their ethical profile. The “Soft Touch” collection is gorgeous, with their usually range of muted colors and sleek silhouettes rendered in the silky fabric. They’re the kind of under layers that make you want to strip down when you get home (who doesn’t?) and lounge around in all your sexy, silky glory.

We’re excited to see Organic Basics launching this new material, and we can’t wait to see what sustainable practices and fabrics they bring into the fold next.

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