Minimalist Packaging We Love: Marie-Stella-Maris

We know that packaging isn’t the most important thing but it certainly helps. Real talk: if we have an option between two equal items and one has nice packaging or lettering, that’s the one we’re going with. This isn’t just an Instagram-related phenomenon; surrounding yourself with things that you find beautiful (as well as useful) is one way to make your home or office more welcoming and calming.

Your aesthetic may not be the same as ours, but the principle remains the same. Find versions you love of the things that you need to bring yourself a little extra happiness.

Here’s the first “Minimalist Packaging We Love,” a series on how the outer-design affects how we feel about what’s inside:



Created in Amsterdam, Marie-Stella-Maris is about more than just gorgeous products. They were created in order to raise awareness and money for water-related projects. A percentage of the what you spend on each product is donated to providing people around the world with clean drinking water. So in addition to feeling good about where your money is going, you’re getting beautiful and useful items for around the home and body care. Our favorite little luxury is their lavender-sceneted Linen Water.

Marie Stella Maris 3Marie Stella Maris 2


Let us know about packaging design you think we should include in our next instalment!

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