Six Beautiful Wall Calendars for 2017

Is there anything better than the feeling of flipping over (or ripping a page off) to a new month on your wall calendar? Nothing, except the feeling when you get to put up a whole new wall calendar for the year. The crumple of last year’s mistakes! The crispness of the new page! The promise of great things to come! You don’t have to be a stationary-addict to love a good calendar.

These are the calendars getting us excited for 2017:

List Marker: Number 1Platype Calendar Work/Play

This two part calendar reminds you to make time for both work and play in the new year. Playtype’s fonts are on point, as per usual.



List Marker: Number 2All the Way to Paris Sunlight Calendar via Paper Collective

A stunning and creative representation of sunlight through the year, this calendar will remind you that even in the darkest months, the light can still be beautiful.



List Marker: Number 3Stendig Helvetica Calendar

Is there anything more classic than the Stendig wall calendar? Among its many claims to fame, it is the only calendar featured in the Museum of Modern Art, which is a fairly big deal when you think about it. Best part: it looks just as at home on your kitchen wall as it does in a world-renown museum.



List Marker: Number 4Kartotek Monthly Wall Planner

A charming, simple calendar that makes planning your days a little bit prettier.



List Marker: Number 5Filip Triner Palm Calendar via Type and Face

Feel tropical all year round with this fun but elegant calendar iteration from designer Filip Triner, the mind behind Mindsparkle Mag. The lush green with hints of peach is a visually exciting and saturated way to mark the months of 2017.



List Marker: Number 6The Brown Paper Movement

These beautiful brown paper calendars not only look great, but are made from recycled materials. Remember global warming? Well, money talks!


… and a sneaky #7, because we couldn’t help ourselves!


List Marker: Number 7Scandinavia Standard Printable Wall Calendar

Don’t feel like buying a calendar this year?

Print our free version, available for download here!

Happy 2017, all you Scandis and Scandi-philes!


Have a favorite wall calendar for 2017? Share it in the comments!

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.