Six Classic White T-Shirts

A pair of old jeans, comfortable sneakers and a soft white t-shirt. Or a perfectly tailored suit, structure briefcase and a crisp white t-shirt. Or a voluminous printed silk skirt, sandals and fitted white t-shirt. You see where we’re going with this. A white t-shirt can do anything, and you can do anything in one.

Here are the ones we’re spending our lives in:

List Marker: Number 1Acne Studios Vista C Base in Optic White

Acne makes great quality t-shirts that drape perfectly. Their selection of cuts varies from long and slightly boxy, like the one linked here, to fitted and short. These shirts aren’t inexpensive but they do last and they look luxe through many washings, so you’ll have to decide whether that trade-off is right for you. See image above!


List Marker: Number 2COS V-Neck Cotton T-Shirt

This relaxed fit, mid-length t-shirt is soft, drapes nicely or can be tucked into a pair of pants/skirt for a more polished look. The shirt is made of pima cotton and is priced really well at 125 DKK (17 EUR).


List Marker: Number 3LOOW Raw Merino T-Shirt

Now here’s a t-shirt that can handle more than your average ensemble. Designed by a former Danish military man with extreme conditions and range of motion in mind, LOOW t-shirts are also made in Denmark from 100% fine-spun merino wool. They’re a bit heavier than your typical shirt but that actually brings out a lovely drape in the fabric.



List Marker: Number 4Everlane Box Cut Tee

Everlane’s motto is “radical transparency,” and we love finding out about the factory process as well as the way pricing works from sourcing to the online store. Though Everlane has a range of t-shirts, we dig the simple, casual look of the Box Cut Tee.



List Marker: Number 5& Other Stories White Cotton T-Shirt

A very classic shirt with a rounded neck and a straight fit. It’s 100% organic cotton and you can get the same shirt in a variety of colors.



List Marker: Number 6Håndværk Crew Neck T Shirt in Pima Cotton

Despite their very Danish name, this is a USA-based brand with seemingly no ties to Scandinavia other than a passion for well-made, minimalist and functional items. Their shirts (and other essentials) are just lovely, and we’re big fans of their focus on materials and craftsmanship.



…and a sneak #7, because we couldn’t help ourselves:

List Marker: Number 7Armoire Officielle Tuma Organic T-Shirt

Perfecters of the luxe basic, Armoire Officielle is a brand we love. Their commitment to ethically-made clothing, including but not limited to organic materials, is just one of the reasons; the other is that every piece is a masterclass in understated chic.



Did we forget your favorite white T-shirt? Tell us about it!

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.