Six Danish Jewellery Designers You’ll Love

Self-decoration with jewels and other shiny objects has been around as long as humans. Jewellery is incredibly personal and, for that reason, people tend to be less mutable in their particular styles. One doesn’t experiment with jewellery in the same way one might with clothes or other accessories.

This is certainly also related to the fact that jewellery is often expensive, and therefore choices are made with long-term use in mind. In addition, dissemination of information in how resources like diamonds and gold are extracted has led to shifts in the industry focusing on ethical and sustainable sourcing practices.

In Denmark, a long tradition of goldsmithing, emphasis on craftsmanship and a strong aesthetic identity has lead to an incrediblly rich array of jewellery designers. As other cultural influences enter the market, the choices will only expand.

Here’s what’s currently adorning our bodies (or our wish lists):

Facon Facon

I’ve been in love with this brand since I was introduced to it back in 2013. Goldsmith Charlotte Christina Larsen is the designer and maker behind each and every piece, meaning that stock is low but craftsmanship is extremely high. Her gold rings in particular make me want to be a better woman. A better woman who owns those rings.

Facon Facon Scandinavian Jewellery Designers



Vibe Harsløf

The Cool Girl of Danish jewellery design. These pieces make me feel like a cool girl when I wear them, which is tough because I also have a subscription to Archie comics. Her geometric, quirky style can make the most boring outfit seem instantly interesting.

Vibe Harsløf




Another love-at-first-sight situation. Kinraden’s designs are simple and sleek but also luxuriously timeless. The brand itself took years to launch because the founders wanted to make sure that their sourcing is as sustainable as possible (they use reclaimed gold & silver) and that all working conditions in making the pieces are ethical. The result is gorgeous jewellery on which you can feel really good spending your money.

Kinraden Scandi Standard Scandinavian Jewellery Designers



Orit Elhanati

Orit Elhanati’s unique designs are not what you’d typically associate with a Danish aesthetic but they are truly breathtaking. Drawing on natural shapes – the ocean and mountain – her work looks almost organically formed. Yes, the pieces are pricey, but this is the kind of jewellery that you buy and wear for the rest of your life, then pass on to the next generation.

Orit Elhanati - stranger | Scandianvian Jewellery



Line & Jo

Nordic style with a sculptural twist. Line & Jo has both sleek and simple pieces as well as more colourful and complicated. Along with Maria Black, Line & Jo is a brand that sets jewellery trends in Scandinavia.

Line&Jo | Scandianvian Jewellery



Maria Black

Super-minimalist, geometric and trendy, Maria Black’s jewellery has done extremely well in Denmark and around the world. These are the kind of clean pieces that allow you to stack multiple rings or load your ear with five earrings without looking clunky. Most of her collections are not-too-expensive and good for everyday wear.

Maria Black | Danish Jewellery

Header image: Orit Elhanati

This is part one in a multi-part series. If you know of a great Danish jewellery designer we should include, get in touch!