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Six Copenhagen Food Blogs You’ll Love

Is there anything better than a food blog? The recipes, the pictures. Oh, the pictures. If done right, there is nothing more enticing than a well photographed plate of food (am I alone here?).

Copenhagen’s recent renaissance of gourmet food has also brought about an influx of talented food writers, all with their own particular angle. This Scandi Six covers the food bloggers that we go to daily for dinner (and dessert!) inspiration.

Note: Some of these blogs are in Danish. You can break out your best dictionary, Google Translate the whole thing, or use it as a opportunity to practice! Or you can just stare longingly at the pictures, whatever works.

Explore the exciting world of Danish food with these blogs:

1aMy New Roots

A Certified Nutritional Practioner, blogger Sarah Britton has been sharing recipes and holistic nutrition tips since 2007. Her passion for healthy, mindful living along with stunning photos will change the way you view healthy eating.

Sarah Britton My New Roots on Copenhagen Food Bloggers SCANDI SIX Scandinavia Standard


2aAnne Au Chocolat

A self-proclaimed “chocoholic,” Anne Moltke Hansen delivers sweet recipes with a gourmet twist. Her recently released cookbook, “Lykken er Chocolade” (Happiness is Chocolate) is a must-read for chocolate lovers!

Anne Au Chocolate Profile



A popular baking blog run by Cecilia Fahlström, CopenhagenCakes combines easy to medium-difficulty baking with interesting flavor profiles and gorgeous pictures. Although the recipes are in Danish, they’re worth translating!

Cecilia Fahlstrom Copenhagen Cakes NEW



Available in both English and Danish (English in link above), FoodMad offers restaurant reviews, recipes and an overview of Danish food culture, mixing the basic with the luxurious.

Food Mad


5aHealth Junkie

It’s all there in the title. Sofie Bentzen’s blog combines healthy eating recipes and advice with training tips. It’s straightforward and packed with good, tasty information.

Health Junkie Sofie Bentzen


6aA Tasty Love Story

This blog’s tagline, “addictive recipes with a Nordic twist” sums it up pretty well. Written by Josephine Malene Kofod, the posts are focused on seasonal and organic foods.

Tasty Love Story Josephine Malene Kofod


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Honorable mentions

That’s not all! There are other fantastic Copenhagen food blogs worth checking out, (however, they’re not all in English):