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Six Swedish Food Blogs to Follow

My favorite pastime is cooking (along with eating, of course). So it’s no wonder that I browse a lot of food-related websites, not to mention Instagram accounts. I’m not really looking for a dinner recipe; it’s more about finding seasonal inspiration.

There are great food blogs all over the world but you’d think a small country such a Sweden (where we only eat meatballs right?) wouldn’t have much worth mentioning on the topic. Well, the following will prove you wrong.

Here are six of my favorite Swedish food blogs:

Green Kitchen Stories

If you are even the slightest bit into the food bloggsphere, you’ve probably heard of this one. And for good reason. This Scandinavian couple Luise (Danish) and David (Swedish) serves up the most amazing dishes accompanied by vibrant photography. Their family of four eats food that’s wholesome and healthy; no meat, no processed food and hardly any dairy or gluten.

Green Kitchen Stories just released their second cookbook, Green Kitchen Travels, and have two apps and a YouTube channel that I suggest you follow. I personally love their pancakes. In addition, since Luise is studying to be a Nutrition Therapist, there are tons of great food facts embedded in the posts. For all the food nerds (like me) out there!



In the making by Belén

Belén Vazquez Amaro moved from Spain to Sweden three years ago where she works as a yoga instructor and stylist. She also holds food and yoga events around Stockholm. You can tell that she works as a stylist; her talent shows in her collection of recipes. But they don’t only look good! I can assure you that her Raw Peanut Butter Cocoa Bars are the best sweet treat I know. Belén also focus on green foods; gluten-free and plant-based.



Mjölk och Arsenik

Mjölk och Arsenik (Milk and Arsenic) is one part of Emily Dahl’s blogging empire. Though she seems to live in a universe of of pastel colors and vintage pottery, there is nothing vintage about the recipes. Often her dishes are easy to prepare, such as her “Student Week” with cheap yet delicious options. No fuss, no frills: just good food.



Made by Mary

This blog is sweet, romantic and rustic all in one. All her chocolaty treats look dangerously good. Along with the sweet and savory recipes she throws in some glimpses from her travels as well.



Dagmar’s Kitchen

Even though blogger Sonja focuses on vegetarian and gluten-free food, she will post carnivore or piscivore recipes now and again. The dishes she prepares are both beautiful and tasty. She really makes use of the four seasons we have in Sweden. Simple, delicious Scandinavian inspiration.



Call Me Cupcake

Linda Lomelino: the queen of cakes. With two books to her name (Lomelino’s Cakes, 2012 & Lomelino’s Ice Cream, 2013) and another on the way, you may question if Linda has been sent here to tempt us all! I’m not complaining; her recipes are dreamy and the photography is stunning. If you are looking to make a great birthday cake, a set of pretty cupcakes or a luscious brownie this is the website to bookmark. Note: definitely don’t miss out on her Swedish semlor.


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