Six Designers to Know for Stockholm Fashion Week AW21

Stockholm Fashion Week takes place from 9 – 11 February 2020, This season, the first that Sweden’s fashion festival is back since it’s closure after autumn-winter 2019, is entirely digital. Some of Sweden’s biggest fashion brands will be sharing films with their latest collections.

This season’s fashion week is quite small, out of necessity, but still promises to showcase exciting brands and designers. Many of the larger Swedish fashion houses have gone to Copenhagen Fashion Week, with a few even doing crossover events during both fashion week, such as Schnayderman’s, Rodebjer, and House of Dagmar.

So what brands should you be looking out for? These are the ones that bring Scandinavian minimalism, high-quality basics, and unisex dressing to new heights.

Here are the Swedish designers and fashion brands you need to know this season:

List Marker: Number 1A Day’s March

Casual minimalism with an architectural look to it; A Day’s March is all about every day clothes that are both elevated and lived-in. They recently launched womenswear in addition to their popular menswear line, and we’re looking forward to seeing how they integrate the new line into their presentation.





List Marker: Number 2Jennifer Blom

When someone walks into a room in a Jennifer Blom creation, you can’t fail to notice them. Her pieces are bold, colrful, and often perfectly pleated, with intense volume and expert draping. Blom’s eponymous line has been around since 2010 and she stands as a unique voice on the Swedish fashion scene.




List Marker: Number 3Self Cinema

When two of the top dudes at Acne Studios break away to start their own brand, you take notice. That’s what Samuel Thomas and Anthony Rock did in 2019, and the result is as effortlessly cool as one would predict. Self Cinema explores the idea of how we present ourselves, particularly in today’s digital world, and how fashion can facilitate that. The clothes are classics with a twist; just different enough to make each piece special.





List Marker: Number 4Swedish Stockings

Swedish Stockings are at the forefront of sustainable basics with their recycled nylon stockings. They also provide a recycling program, so that you can donate your old and torn nylons to them and in return get a discount in their webshop. They’re always collaborating with someone cool, and we’re looking forward to their take on fashion week.




List Marker: Number 5Hope Stockholm

Hope has been all about unisex silhouettes for years. Their take on Scandinavian minimalism is refreshing for its oversized silhouettes, focus on sustainable production, and irreverence towards fashion norms. Turns out, Hope isn’t just a name.





List Marker: Number 6BLK Denim

Founded in 2011 by Swedish fashion guru Johan Lindeberg, BLK Denim is all about creating a “downtown NYC” atmosphere. If you want to look like a 1970s rockstar, then this is probably the brand for you. Looking forward to seeing how they capture their aesthetic on film, which we imagine will be a little sexy and a little dirty.



See the full Stockholm Fashion Week schedule here.


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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.