Six Designers to Know for Stockholm Fashion Week SS19

As soon as we feel like we have a handle on Stockholm Fashion Week, it evolves into something else, and usually something better. While the organisation has struggled over the past few years, they always manage to bring both established and new, exciting Swedish fashion designers to the runway.

From classic, minimalist brands like Filippa K to gender-fluid, contemporary powerhouses such as Lazoschmidl, there’s definitely a reason to pay attention to the fashion scene in Stockholm.

These are the best designers showing this season at Stockholm Fashion Week:

List Marker: Number 1NAND

This Stockholm-based label is all about geometric and architectural shapes. Their clothes and accessories are easy-to-wear while still looking sharp and sleek.


List Marker: Number 2Lazoschmidl

Gender-fluid raver kid of the early aughts grows up but stays the same; that’s the vibe from this cooler-than-cool Swedish brand. Lazoschmidl knows how to rock a pattern, a mesh, and a ruffle – all in the “menswear” category. We’re all about it.


List Marker: Number 3Filippa K

The forever-classic Swedish minimalist brand, Filippa K is once again showing at Stockholm Fashion Week. We certainly won’t be shocked to see neutral colors (with a pop of something bright), clean lines, timeless silhouettes, and sustainable, natural fabrics. But we’ll still enjoy it, because this brand just does it so well.


List Marker: Number 4Ida Klamborn

If you want to know where it’s at (or if your’e so old you don’t even know what “it” is anymore), check out Ida Klamborn. Clean silhouettes mixed with fun details, unexpected fabrics, and bright colors make her collections as wearable as they are far out. A perennial favorite of the Swedish fashion world!


List Marker: Number 5Jennifer Blom

A little glitz, a little glam, and dresses that make a statement. Jennifer Blom’s colorful, sleek creations are a modern update on the Halston/Studio 54 era. Her dresses are fun, unexpected, and full of vitality.


List Marker: Number 6maxjenny!

Though she’s been based in Copenhagen for some time, Swedish designer Max Jenny is showing for the first time in Stockholm. Her ultra-feminine dresses, baroque-inspired prints, and deep jewel tones make for a completely unique take on fashion that’s definitely not in the “Scandi minimalism” wheelhouse.


See more of what’s happening at Stockholm Fashion Week this season with their full schedule.

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.