Ten TRIWA Watches We’re Loving Right Now

Swedish accessories brand TRIWA is celebrating ten years of designing beautiful, affordable and functional pieces; mainly watches. In honour of their birthday, we’ve chosen ten of their current watches for you to peruse. There’s nothing like a good timepiece to make you feel pulled together (oh, you’d like to know what time it is? Let me tell you *reveals wrist*).

These are the watches we’re into now:


List Marker: Number 1Ivory Falken Black Classic

1950’s simplicity. Shop it here.


List Marker: Number 2Ivory Lansen Chrono Brown

Silver and gold details, and a brown Swedish organically tanned leather. Shop here.


List Marker: Number 3Ur Pine Falken Brown

Brushed champagne gold and ivy green is a perfect combo. Get it here.


List Marker: Number 4Ocean Nevil Brown Sewn Classic

Stainless steel, navy blue, and a touch of orange. Buy one here.


Skultuna III

In collaboration with the Skultuna Brass Foundry, founded 1607. Designed to display time far beyond the dial. Made with raw brass, developing a unique patina over time. Find out more here.




List Marker: Number 6Midnight Falken

Black Minimalist Scandinavian watch with a hint of white. Buy it here.


List Marker: Number 7Ivory Klinga Gold Mesh

Classic, thin and elegant, with a matching gold mesh strap. Find it here.


List Marker: Number 8Stirling Nevil Steel Mesh

A classic steel watch with matching steel mesh bracelet. Buy it here.


List Marker: Number 9Ash Aska Champagne Mesh

Discrete Scandinavian watch with an art deco twist. Buy it here.


Ivory Aska Black Classic Slim

Elegant, classic women’s watch with chunky attitude. Buy it here.

See more Scandinavian watches to find the style that’s right for you.

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.