The Best Scandinavian Watch Brands to Know

Scandinavia’s obsession with the meeting point between function and beauty finds its perfect expression in the watch. Scandinavian watch brands require both design and master craftsmanship; sure, your watch doesn’t need to look good in order to work, but since you’re going to wear it on your wrist every day, it damn well should.

From Sweden’s watches to Denmark’s watches and even a few from the rest of the Nordic countries, find the timepiece that fits you best.

Here are our favorite Scandinavian-made or designed watches, whether you’re after the classic or modern look. We’re sharing the best Swedish watches, Danish design watches, and more from the Nordics:

List Marker: Number 3Nordgreen

Nordgreen creates watches that are steeped in Danish design tradition in both their aesthetic and craftsmanship. They’re a direct-to-consumer platform, so prices are surprisingly affordable for the high level of quality.

Each watch has a range of strap options, so you can change up your look without having to get a new watch. We love the lightness and fluidity of The Infinity.


Nordgreen Watches

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List Marker: Number 2VEJRHØJ

Evoke memories of getting in your grandad’s Morris Minor, or of the beautiful Nordic landscape, with VEJRHØJ’s sleek watches made of wood, steel and leather.

This is a unique and distinctive watch that’s an instant conversation starter!



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List Marker: Number 1Georg Jensen

Danish silversmith company Georg Jensen watches aren’t cheap, but they’re an investment that will last a lifetime and likely longer.

The brand has a range of styles from the feminine to the masculine; highly sculptural (the Viviana) to timeless (the Koppel).


Georg Jensen Watches

A silver and black watch on a white background.



List Marker: Number 4Ole Mathiesen

As iconic as Georg Jensen to those who love watches, Ole Mathiesen has been the royally-appointed watchmaker since 1845.

It was in 1962, however, that the company came out with their now classic watches, still popular today, and as beautiful as ever. If you want a watch you can pass down to your grandkids, this is it.


Ole Mathiesen Watches


List Marker: Number 5Tid Watches

Swedish for time, Tid is a brand that understands the emotional value of a timepiece and how you invest in the very concept.

These are designs made to be worn every day and to last, with incredible attention to detail and highest quality materials. They’re strikingly simple yet bold, with a strong graphic aesthetic.


Tid Watches



List Marker: Number 6Jacob Jensen Watches

Jacob Jensen was among the last great Danish designers from the golden era of Danish Modern design in the 1950s. During the early 60s, he merged the International and MAYA styles into a unique, ultramodern design language.

Today, a Jacob Jensen watch is a contemporary classic icon defined by pure lines and simple shapes, with a quiet beauty rooted in Jensen’s design tradition.


Jacob Jensen Watches



List Marker: Number 7Skagen

The Skagen watches are perfectly classic; from their leather strap to their gold or silver mesh, they’ll never go out of style. The thin, clean faces sit as beautifully on your wrist as they look on the page.

Skagen is always a good idea when you’re looking for a high-quality but reasonably priced watch. Prices start between 700 – 800 DKK and don’t go much above 1000 DKK.


Skagen Watches



List Marker: Number 8Larsen & Eriksen

This Danish watch brand is young, but their designs draw on subtle shapes and Danish design in a way that makes them feel strongly established. The quality is very high, particularly for the affordable price point.

We love their collaboration with Louisiana Museum, a simple yet graphic piece that goes with any style.


Larsen & Eriksen Watches

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List Marker: Number 9Triwa

What we love about this Swedish brand is that they’re out to change the way we think about buying timepieces; an excellent piece of craftsmanship doesn’t need to come with the price tag.


Triwa Watches



List Marker: Number 10Larsson & Jennings

A Swiss-made, Swedish & British designed watch? If that’s not enough to convince you that it’s high-quality as well as beautiful, I don’t know for what other keywords you’re looking.

We love that all their products are unisex. The faces are slim but substantial with a range of colorways and metalways.


Larsson & Jennings Watches



List Marker: Number 11Rohje Watches

Named for the Finnish word rohjeta, meaning “to be brave enough,” Rohje Watches was launched by a group of Finnish friends in 2017.

The watches are inspired by dreamy paintings and adventuring in the Nordic landscape; the two distinct styles are both expressive and unique. The leather straps are made by artisans in Finland from Reindeer leather.

If you’re looking for a Nordic-designed and made watch that’s not your typical minimalist look, Rohje is for you!


Rohje Watches



List Marker: Number 12Bulbul

We love the unexpected details – a dash of color on the strap, an unsymmetrical shaped face – that Bulbul infuses into each piece. But for all that, the watches are still classic and minimalist; no small feat.


Bulbul Watches



List Marker: Number 13JS Watch Co Reykjavik

A real classic. JS watches are all handmade in Iceland. Their production is highly limited, so you’re getting an exclusive, personal timepiece each time you buy.

The Frisland Classic, with the hands rendered in shocking blue, is an absolutely gorgeous watch that will never go out of style.


JS Watch Co Reykjavik Watches



List Marker: Number 14Mermaid Stories

Made with minimalist design and affordable price points in mind, as well as a female audience, Mermaid Stories watches are clean, functional and there’s the added benefit of supporting a female-founded small business when you buy from them!


Mermaid Stories Watches


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