The Best Marimekko Bedding to Buy

Marimekko bedding: maximalist Nordic bed linen for even the most minimalist among us.

Picture it: you’ve bought a new Danish bed, artfully arranged a Norwegian vase on your nightstand, and littered the room with your best smelling Swedish candle. Now what?

It’s time for some Finnish bedding of course, the very best being from Marimekko. Established in 1951, Marimekko began life with a single dress. Its abstract silhouettes and bright colors were a rebellion against the restrictive expectations of women at the time; to this day, Marimekko arms bold women with even bolder prints.

The brand has since expanded from womenswear into a lifestyle brand, combining fashion with home decor and producing some of the best bedding and home textiles around.

Whether it’s for one duvet or two, here’s the best Marimekko bedding to buy to complete a Scandi-chic bedroom or just brighten your space:

Unikko Bedding

Tiiliskivi Bedding

Räsymatto Bedding

Lokki Bedding



List Marker: Number 1Unikko Marimekko Bedding

Marimekko’s famous poppy pattern Unikko was created in 1964, at a time when the design house’s collections featured mostly abstract prints. Now, the poppy is one of the most iconic prints, reworked in various colorways. The Unikko comes in a fudgy beige, a sky blue with plum, and a vibrant pink and red – which is a great fit for children’s bedrooms.



List Marker: Number 2Tiiliskivi Marimekko Bedding

The Tiiliskivi is one of Marimekko founder Armi Ratia’s classic prints. The simple grid pattern is slightly calmer than the bold floral motifs so synonymous with the brand, but no less charming. A great option for those looking to bring some calm into the bedroom.





List Marker: Number 3Räsymatto Marimekko Bedding

The Connect Four of bedding where you’re always the winner. This dotted cover comes in a modernist black and white or earthy chestnut tones. Made from cotton with a thread count of 200.




List Marker: Number 4Lokki Marimekko Cream Wave Bedding

Lokki was created by Maija Isola when she was looking at a curtain pulled across a window, and realized that making a wave-like pattern on a simple piece of fabric could cultivate the feeling of richness and depth.

If you do long for a more minimalist look in the bedroom, the Lokki print is the way to go. With simple, organic lines and neutral colors, this bedding maintains visual interest while keeping things calm.


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