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“We pledge to fight blue-sky thinking wherever we find it. Life would be dull if we had to look up at cloudless monotony day after day.” Gavin Pretor Pinney wrote for A Cloudspotter’s Guide, a runaway bestseller that urged its reader to embrace the billowing sails and candyfloss wisps of clouds. He points out that no other natural phenomenon has become the butt of all clichés quite like clouds – and gotten quite a bad rap as a result.

Clouds have also been a source of inspiration for many a painter, poet, and child starting to explore the power of imagination by gazing at the sky. Picture Charlie Brown cloud spotting with Linus or J.M.W. Turner’s cloud studies and you understand the enduring appeal of these ever-shifting shapes, which drift above our heads like the foamy surface of the ocean.

Now you can bring the heavens into your home with Scandinavian candle makers Amoln, whose name derives from the Swedish for cloud: “moln.”

The Malmö-based company is inspired by the wistful beauty of clouds, handcrafting baby blue candles that emulate clouds’ silhouettes and shadows when their flames flicker. Even the embossed logo evokes the forces above, as two faces in portrait emerge from a cloudscape, reminiscent of a Renaissance painting depicting mythological figures as the elements.



Established in a humble studio in 2018, Amoln combines a passion for fragrances with craftsmanship, high-quality raw materials, and contemporary Scandinavian design.

Everything is ethically sourced and handmade in Sweden, using the finest fragrances from France. Their wax is vegetable-based, using organic products from Southern Sweden.

Their characteristic blue jars are hand-painted. In total, each hand-poured candle takes two weeks to complete its 12-step process.

Their scents take inspiration from every part of the world a cloud can reach, from Finnish Lily of the Valley to Japanese tea, but also from less tangible sources, like the smell of a father who never wore commercial perfume.

Fun Fact

Since 2022, Amoln has been crafting perfumes and providing scented candles for the Swedish Royal family.



The candle itself is wonderfully effective in its simplicity: a monochromatic pastel with a matte finish and minimal label. The full effect is synergetic, as the candle’s wax seems to absorb into its container – becoming a whole greater than the sum of its parts. As the wax burns its color darkens, transforming into a midnight sky.

Amoln pushes candles from the realm of hygge to self-care; the blue is inherently calming and lighting one can anchor even the stormiest of minds to the present. Sit back, breathe in the delicate fragrance, and lose yourself in some cloud spotting.

Shop Amoln now and use the code SCANDI for free delivery within Europe.



Photography by Freya McOmish.
Styling by Viola Push.

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