The Best Swedish Handbag Brands to Know

Swedish fashion brands are known for their high quality and clean lines. The handbag brands are no different; in fact, they exemplify these qualities.

From trendy brands that are constantly coming up with new shapes, colors, and silhouettes, to heritage companies that only produce classic shapes, Sweden has an array of handbags brands that cater to every need and style.

Some of these brands are well-known internationally, such as Acne Studios, while others focus largely on the domestic and regional markets, such as Palmgrens. Ether way, the calibre of the bags remains top notch.

These are the coolest Swedish handbag brands to know:

List Marker: Number 1Sandqvist

Founded in Sweden in 2004, Sandqvist grew organically as a response to the lack of well-crafted, design-led, functional bags on offer at the time. Now, they’re still producing bags true to Swedish values: sustainability and care for the environment, high-quality designs, and uncompromising functionality. In fact, you can bring the bags back to one of their flagship stores if they need to be repaired.

Their range of handbags includes cross-body bags with changeable straps, super sleek leather totes, and slouchy recycled nylon pouches that would look as great at fashion week as they would hiking through the Swedish countryside.


Sandqvist Handbags





List Marker: Number 2Little Liffner

A darling of the Swedish fashion scene, Little Liffner is quickly becoming a go-to brand for the sartorially-sensitive the world over. Their bags are classic with unexpected details and colors, making them a cut above the typical minimalist fare.

Their Tulip Tote, with its waved top, has become a contemporary icon. It’s a bag and a sculpture all in one!


Little Liffner




List Marker: Number 3Acne Studios

Acne Studios is known for a wide range of fashion products, from their clothes to their shoes. Their bags are highly popular and often become cult items. That doesn’t mean, however, that they’re simply trendy; in fact, Acne Studios is more a trendsetter than a trend-follower when it comes to accessories. Their bags are well-made, often a little quirky, and always beautiful.


Acne Studios Handbags





List Marker: Number 4Saddler

Launched in 1986, Saddler makes sturdy and stylish leather bags, backpacks, and briefcases on the western coast of Sweden. There’s nothing trendy about this brand; it’s all about making bags that will last for decades, both in silhouette and in durability.


Saddler Handbags




List Marker: Number 5Palmgrens

Founded by Master Saddler Johannes Palmgren in 1896 in Stockholm, Palmgrens originally made equestrian equipment such as saddles and harnesses, as well as leather goods for travel. The atelier even made leather interiors for carriages, airplanes, and cars.

In 1950, Palmgrens began producing their now-iconic rattan handbags, which were the Scandinavian take on the popular Mediterranean-style woven bags that were so popular at the time. The brand has been making top-quality leather bags ever since, and they continue to be beloved throughout Sweden and the Nordics.


Palmgrens Handbags





List Marker: Number 6ATP Atelier

Super chic leather goods, all handcrafted in Italy. Their ethically sourced, sophisticated women’s bags are all in line with the brand’s Smart Luxury ethos: inspiring women to make smart choices – both for themselves and for the sake of the world they live in.

Their signature bag is sleek and impossibly chic, with a saddlebag-shaped flap, in many colorways and finishes, while their playful bucket bag has oversized chains and feather trims. There isn’t an outfit that won’t look better with an ATP Atelier bag.


ATP Atelier



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