The Investment Closet: Pyjama Sets

When you look at what’s in your closet, how do you feel? Does it feel like each item is exactly as it should be, the perfect distillation of your clothing needs? Or are half of the items place-holders, just sitting there until you find something better? Maybe you don’t think about it at all – clothes are just clothes, after all.

But as more information becomes available about how clothes are made, and what the environmental and human cost of production truly is, it becomes too costly not to think about these things.

Our series, “The Investment Closet,” looks at clothes and accessories in hyper-specific categories that are aesthetically beautiful, ethically-made, and will last for years. Many of these pieces come at a price; that’s why we’re using the word “investment.” But we believe that taking into account how workers are treated and sustainability practices changes the value of the things we buy, and should be weighted equally with the look and quality.

Not every brand we’ll cover is doing everything perfectly, but they are all brands that have these issues at the heart of their company policy. They are working to make things better and more transparent for the people they employ and those who buy their products.

We decided to start with the humble pyjama set. Simple, functional and often overlooked, sleepwear is a good place to start your foundational wardrobe because you’ll get so much use out of it.

Here are the pyjama sets that are worth investing in:

Sunday Stockholm

This Stockholm-based brand is creating some of the most beautiful, minimalist and high-quality loungewear around.

While these sets can be worn as pyjamas, they can just as easily be worn out of the house as casual loungewear. Sunday is unique in their approach to design; they don’t produce with the seasons, or on any specific schedule, really. It’s all about creating a wardrobe of pieces that are as functional and timeless as they are chic. The brand often collaborates with artists on limited edition works, and their webshop is filled with one-of-a-kind pieces that feel like treasures.

We recommend

Ruby Tunic

Leonie Trousers

Elisa Blouse

Delvin Trousers



Environmental and ethical production concerns are at the heart of Aiayu, as central to their mission as creating minimalist items. Their “no-waste” program with Indian cotton (all 100& organic, by the way) targets items that would normally produce textile waste and use the leftovers to create things like robe ties and clothing tags. They seek out sustainability-certified suppliers and are themselves GOTS, SA8000 and WRAP certified, as well as member of the Global Compact, the world’s largest sustainability initiative.

Their knitwear is extremely high-quality; the kind of pieces that last for years, if not decades. This is the perfect sleepwear for winter! Their cotton sets are simple and easy-to-wear. The shirts especially could just as easily be worn casually tucked into a pair of high-waisted pants as to bed.

We recommend

Shirt in Navy

Pant in Navy

Karen in Navy

Zaire in Navy



What’s better than a brand that loves to have fun and is passionate about what they create? Swedish brand Nufferton is not only obsessed with creating beautiful pyjamas, they’re also meticulous about their supply chain. Everything is produced in Europe so that they’re able to easily and flexibly oversee production. Their striped pyjama sets would make anyone want to spend the day lounging in bed; they consider the pieces art, and we agree.

We recommend

Uno Stripe in Turquoise & White

Uno Stripe in Red & White



These are pyjamas for the fashion-forward person who still wants to stay comfortable. Visually interesting with a few quirky details, the basic silhouettes of the pyjamas are timeless. Clouds counts Katherine Hepburn and Joan Didion as muses; the aesthetic is androgynous, streamlined and luxurious. Though the pieces are sleepwear, they can easily be worn outside.

Clouds incorporates sustainability practices wherever possible, including using cupro, a fiber that breathes like cotton and is made from recovered cotton waste.

We recommend

Feel Shirt Sprinkled

Sleepwalker Pants Sprinkled

Weightless Shirt Recycled Cupro

Weightless Shorts

Photography: Freya McOmish
Location: Erik Jørgensen Showroom Copenhagen

Our next Investment Closet will feature wool jumpers. Have a recommendation? Get in touch at [email protected]!

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.