Through a Glass, Not Darkly

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When is the last time you bought new drinking glasses? If you’re anything like us, probably somewhere around when you moved into your first apartment. Break a few over the years, pick up a few new ones here and there, and somehow over the space of a decade you manage to accrue about 12 glasses of various sizes, scratched to hell and stacked behind your equally patchwork collection of mugs.

Nothing wrong with that! Drinking glasses serve a pretty specific and mundane purpose. But sometimes it’s nice to give yourself a little gift and update an item to which you wouldn’t normally pay much attention. Imagine having a lovely set of drinking glasses. They sit so prettily on your bedside table or the kitchen counter as the light streams through your window, and for a second you can see why Danish artist Svend Hammershøi (brother of another wonderful artist, Vilhelm Hammershøi) loved creating simple yet striking textures that play with surface light.



Kähler’s Hammershøi collection was created by Danish designer Hans Christian Bauer, who was inspired by Svend Hammershøi’s celebrated work for Kähler. as can clearly be seen in these glasses.

The new Hammershøi drinking glasses by Kähler have a simple yet artistic pattern, rendered in clear and sturdy glass. They are an easy way to bring something attractive and useful into your home without a huge price tag (250 DKK for a set of four), that will bring a small moment of joy every day, and are a nice update on that piecemeal collection you’ve been meaning to change.

Here’s our take on the Hammershøi glasses, light and quotidian happiness.



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