Where Do You Take Your Music?

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When was the last time you went a whole day without listening to music? Probably the last time your phone fell in a puddle (did even reading that make you panic a little? Writing it was very hard), or your headphones conked out. We can’t imagine going a full day without music, a podcast – something in our ears to make the day a bit more beautiful and interesting. Did you know that 53% of people listen to music in the home, while 45% also listen on-the-go*?

Listening to music all day when you’re on-the-move means changing over from your speakers in the morning to your headphones at work, and maybe even an outdoor speaker when you’re being social. Luckily, Libratone offers all of those things and more: in-ear headphones for the bike, on-ear for work, splash-proof speakers for the outdoors and small or large speakers for all over the home, easy to carry around thanks to a sturdy handle and light frame.

Even better: you can listen via any streaming service you prefer. YouTube, Spotify, whatever, it all works with Libratone and is connected either via bluetooth or wifi (for ZIPP & ZIPP MINI). We know from experience that the easier it is to listen to music and to toggle between devices, the more we’re going to do it.

Check out how we spend a full day listening to whatever we like, and find out more about how and where people listen to music the most (57% get their music from YouTube these days! The youths!).


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*The following figures have been collected via Survey Sampling International’s (SSI) online audience panel by market research institute It’s A Fact. It’s A Fact was asked to make a survey on the behalf of Libratone about music consumption of people between 18-50 years old who are based in England.

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.