Discover the Best Maps of Scandinavia

Need a map of Scandinavia? Whether you’re looking for a modern-day political map of the Nordics or an aesthetically pleasing poster to hang on your wall, there’s a Scandinavian map for you.

In addition to art prints and posters, maps of Scandinavia come in a variety of fun decor, including throw blankets, pillows, and mugs. If your love of Scandinavia is so strong you want to emblazon your whole house with its topography, then go ahead!

Here are the best Scandinavian maps for travel and decor:

Vintage Scandinavia Maps

List Marker: Number 1Vintage Map of Scandinavia Art Print

If you’re looking for a classic art print with an antique look, this map of Scandinavia is for you. The subdued colors will go with most decor, and the border added to the image makes it easy to frame. This print comes in a variety of sizes and is made from a map dated 1850.

Vintage Map of Scandinavia Art Print



List Marker: Number 2Carta Marina Map of Scandinavia on Canvas

Modeled on a map drawn by famous Swedish writer and cartographer Olaus Magnus in 1539, this canvas print is a great way to showcase your love of antique-style maps and/or Scandinavia. Since it’s a carta marina (marine map), it focuses on the water way and harbors around Scandinavia, of which they are many!

Carta Marina Map of Scandinavia on Canvas


List Marker: Number 3Antique Map of Scandinavia

Printed on a thick cotton canvas paper, this has both a vintage artistic style and look to the item. Made using a map from 1680, the map will look beautiful hanging on its own or framed.

Antique Map of Scandinavia



Modern and Minimalist Scandinavia Maps

List Marker: Number 4Scandinavia Minimal Map Poster

If you’re looking for stylized map of Scandinavia as a trip momento or as a great gift for a Scandiphile, this one will do the trick! With a minimalist line drawing and monochrome palette, the map is both intricate and unobtrusive.

Scandinavia Minimal Map Poster


List Marker: Number 5National Geographic Scandinavia Wall Map

This classic National Geographic map is functional geographically as well as beautiful. Made with 3D-style drawings to represent most major landmarks in Scandinavia, this map is one for true cartophiles, or more academic settings like classrooms or offices.

National Geographic Scandinavia Wall Map



List Marker: Number 6Waterways of Scandinavia Poster

What a cool idea! This map focuses on the waterways found throughout Scandinavia as an aesthetic way to represent the region. It’s simple and beautiful, showcasing just how much water there is throughout the region.

Waterways of Scandinavia Poster



Scandinavia Map Decor

List Marker: Number 7Carta Marina Map of Scandinavia Throw Blanket

Ever wanted to cover your bed or sofa with Scandinavia? You’re in luck! This soft, fleecy blanket is a great gift or way to incorporate a Scandinavia map into your home.

Carta Marina Map of Scandinavia Throw Blanket


List Marker: Number 8Carta Marina Map of Scandinavia Mug

Sip that fresh cup of coffee every morning with a little reminder of Scandinavia. This ceramic mug has a wrap-around print of the 1539 Carta Marina map by Olaus Magnus, giving it a classic vintage look.

Carta Marina Map of Scandinavia Mug



List Marker: Number 10Carta Marina Map of Scandinavia Throw Pillow

This soft pillow can be purchased as a pillow cover, or as a cover with an insert, so you get the whole pillow at once. With a antique-style print, the pillow will make you smile every time you see it on your bed or sofa. That’s definitely taking your love of Scandinavia to the next level!

Carta Marina Map of Scandinavia Throw Pillow


Printable map of Scandinavia

Looking for a map you can print to use as a teaching tool, or to color at home? Try this downloadable PDF, then print at the size desired.



What countries are included in Scandinavia?

Typically, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway are considered Scandinavia in the political and geographic sense. When you include Finland and Iceland, you refer to the Nordics or the Nordic region. You can find out more with our in-depth article.


What continent is Scandinavia in?

Scandinavia is part of Europe, and is usually referred to as northern Europe. The two countries that make up the Scandinavian peninsula are Sweden and Norway.


Are Finland and Iceland part of Scandinavia?

Geographically and politically, Finland and Iceland are not part of Scandinavia. They are part of the Nordics. Culturally and historically, however, Iceland and Finland share many characteristics and a rich history with the Scandinavian countries, and therefore can be included when discussing “Scandinavian culture.”

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