Get Hip to These Hip Bags

Hip bag, bum bag, fanny pack, waist-hugger; whatever you want to call it, a bag that can sling around your waist or across your torso is an item that makes your life a little easier when you’re on-the-go.

Although some people seem to think that these bags are a totally new accessory, hip bags have actually been around for ages at varying levels of chicness.

These are the hip bags that’ll keep your hands free and your look chic:

Sandqvist Aste Waist Bag

With a minimalist design rendered in simple black suede, this is a timeless bag that will age beautifully.



Marimekko Karla Bag

The Karla bag is a bum bag for people that aren’t sure they’re into bum bags. A gateway bum bag, really. It can’t be worn around the waist but is easily slung across the body or hangs like one side of a backpack. It holds quite a lot while maintaining a sleek silhouette, and comes in a range of great colors including metallic silver.


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66 North Bum Bag

Made of black leftover fabric, 66North’s water-resistant bag is sturdy enough for almost anything you can throw at it, while being sleek and minimalist enough to keep your look stylish.


Eastpak Doggy Bum Bag

You may have already had this bag as a kid in the 90s, and it’s back, baby! Simple, useful and hearty, Eastpak’s bum bags are great for everything from camping to a casual night out.


Yvonne Koné Oversized Bum Bag

With its large body, gorgeous suede finish and eye-catching color, Yvonne Koné’s original Albi bum bag is both casual and classy. Koné kicked off the fashion-forward bum bag trend in Copenhagen, and her bags are highly sought-after, especially the more recently released Yari Bag, with is simple minimalist structure.



Building Block Barril Bum Bag

A high-fashion version of the bum bag, this belt-pack half cylinder bag is strongly-structured, well-made and definitely a conversation starter.


ASOS Wide Bum Bag

This is a unique shape – you could definitely keep a nice cold bottle of beer in this one, or even a shawarma – and it’s got a clean, functional look to it.


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