Jon Bjarni Hjartarson: Portrait Series

Danish-Icelandic photographer Jon Bjarni Hjartarson is an expert at capturing the essence of a moment. His street portraits have long been one of our favorite ways to see the many faces of Copenhagen and beyond. In this monthly portrait series, we’ll be showcasing intriguing images.

Jon says, “For months I’ve been carrying around a set of prints I made for Innocent. The other day I finally ran into him and had the opportunity to hand him the prints. He was particularly fond of the one where his dreadlocks looks like a middle finger response.”


“On my daily routine I walk through Sundholm to get to the university. There I often meet Innocent and his friends. It has turned out to be an almost daily procrastination to have a chat and a few laughs – good times.”

“This is Martin. He’s a cool cat.”


“Innocent and Martin having a good laugh”

“Last drag”

Last drag

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