Not Just Fluff: The Best Puffer Coats for Winter

The puffer coat, or down coat, first invented in 1936 by Eddie Bauer, was created out of necessity; after Bauer faced hypothermia on a winter fishing trip, he came up with the idea of a jacket insulated with down feathers. The long coat became highly popular and iterations sprung up everywhere, from technical wear like Bauer’s version, to high-fashion by the likes of Charles James.

These days, there is a huge range of puffer coats available, from very affordable and trendy, to highly technical and weatherproof, to high fashion. Puffer coats are appealing for a number of reasons; they’re warm, water resistant or waterproof, they cut a striking athleisure silhouette, and wearing one feels like wearing a comforter.



Are puffer jackets waterproof?

Puffer jackets are typically not fully waterproof by default, but many are designed to be water-resistant. For example, the Rains puffer coats are classified as waterproof, while the 66°North puffers are water-resistant.

There are trade-offs in breathability (generally speaking), but both brands withstand the typical Scandinavian winter weather.

Here are the best down puffer coats to keep you warm:





Technical Puffer Coats

List Marker: Number 1Rains

Danish brand Rains is known for their rain coats, but in recent years they’ve branched into winter gear as well. Their puffer coats come in a number of lengths, from cropped to longline, as well as a vest silhouette.

One of the notable aspects of Rains’ puffer coats is their commitment to sustainable and animal-friendly practices. The implementation of feather-free chamber technology not only ensures exceptional puffiness in the coats but also aligns with the brand’s ethos of cruelty-free production.



Rains Men’s Long Puffer Jackets


We recommend

Their classic Alta Long Puffer Jacket is a Copenhagen favourite, not only because it’s super comfortable and stylish, it also has all luxe details to help you through the Danish winter: spacious fleece-lined side pockets, concealed storm cuffs, a cosy insulated hood, even a convenient internal chest pocket.

A puffer coat on a white background.A black puffer coat with a hood on a white background.



Rains Women’s Long Puffer Jackets


Rains puffer jacket review

If you’re looking for water protection, we believe that Rains have the best waterproof puffer coat. Rains’ puffer coats easily transition from urban settings to outdoor adventures, providing excellent weather protection in Scandinavian climates. And most importantly, they’re waterproof (just like their rain jackets), windproof, and breathable.


List Marker: Number 266°North

This Icelandic heritage brand has been producing top-quality outwear since 1926. They first produced clothes for fishermen, then for the Icelandic Association for Search & Rescue (ICE-SAR), cementing them as a company who really knows how to keep a person warm. Want a jacket that will keep you cozy no matter what the weather? This is the brand for you.

The unisex Dyngja Down Coat is a solid city life-meets-outdoorsy jacket, and we like that little bit of shine that keeps it from feeling boring.



The red and black North Face puffer coat.A black puffer coat with hood.

Looking at the prices and wondering whether it’s worth it? We can unequivocally tell you that 66°North winter jackets are among the best we’ve ever tried. Snow, rain, sleet, and whipping cold winds feel like practically nothing at all when you’re wearing their Tindur puffer coat.

Yes, these coats are pricey, but they will keep you warm in even the most freezing temperatures and will last a lifetime. Our editor wears hers whilst cycling through the Copenhagen winter and says it’s almost too warm when it’s above 0°C.


Which 66°North puffer coat is best?


A plane flying in the sky against a black background.A black and white cloud icon on a white background, resembling a puffer coat.
The Tindur puffer coat is one of the best everyday puffer coats for below 0°C (under 32°F). It makes Scandinavian outdoor life not just bearable, but comfortable in the depths of winter.The Dyngja puffer coat for temperatures ranging from 0°C to 12°C. Just wear a wool sweater underneath for temperatures below freezing. It’s an all-rounder that you’ll wear for years to come.




List Marker: Number 3The North Face

A puffer coat from American technical wear brand The North Face can keep you warm in even the lowest of temperatures, but their puffers and fleeces are also popular for every day wear. If you’re outside a lot during the winter, investing in a coat that can really withstand the rain, wind, and cold is necessary. For a full-body duvet look (we are into it), check out the Women’s Nupste Duster. If you’re feeling particularly 90s, the Men’s 1996 Retro Nupste Jacket is the way to go.


The North Face



Sustainable Puffer Coats

List Marker: Number 4ARKET

ARKET’S puffer coats are made with ReDown: 100% recycled down and feathers. As with all their pieces, the puffer coats are minimalist, functional, and excellent quality for the price. The shells are made from recycled polyester.






List Marker: Number 5SITTINGSUITS

SITTINGSUITS are a Danish brand making large puffer jackets that are actually made to go over your other outerwear. For this reason, they have open pockets rather than closed ones – this means you an access your second layer easily. They only come in one size and are very big, so that no matter what you’re wearing underneath, you can throw SITTINGSUITS over it for an extra layer of warmth.

These are great for when you’re sitting outside, taking the dog for a walk, or aren’t sure what the weather is going to be like over the course of the day: consider it a top layer that seals everything in. The best part? The designs are so fun! SITTINGSUITS often collaborate with artists for playful patterns. They have a range of colors and prints, from floral to geometric. These are a great addition to your winter wardrobe.

SITTINGSUITS are filled with 100% recycled plastic.





List Marker: Number 6Everlane

US-based sustainable basics brand Everlane has vowed to eliminate plastics from their supply chain by 2021. The first part of the process is to make a series of products from recycled plastics, including these chic puffer jackets. They’re extremely warm and they look great. They also offer a selection that’s more lightweight, to be worn underneath overcoats during the colder months.






List Marker: Number 7Patagonia

While Patagonia could also fit into the “technical” category, we love them most for their ethical business practices and commitment to sustainability. Their puffer coats are extremely functional for any outdoor needs, from casual daily wear to hiking and winter fishing.





Are down puffer jackets worth buying?

Puffer jackets are a fantastic addition to your wardrobe, offering versatility for different weather conditions. They’re like the Swiss Army knives of outerwear. Need extra warmth in the cold? Layer it under a shell. A bit milder? Wear it solo. If you’re into the layered look, opt for oversized or loose-fit styles. Puffer coats are still in style in 2024, and seem to be here to stay in Scandinavia.



Affordable Puffer Coats

List Marker: Number 8ASOS

ASOS makes puffer coats in a variety of styles, from sleek and minimalist to patterned and colorful. They have light options, heavy options, and choices for both men and women (but let’s be real, they’re all unisex!).





List Marker: Number 9Universal Standard

Universal Standard started as a capsule collection and is now a large online and brick-and-mortar retailer, with collaborations with the likes of J.Crew under their belts. Their mission is to provide inclusive sizing in womenswear. Their pieces are high-quality and minimalist, often with a bit of a twist to the silhouette. Universal Standard is on the more expensive end of the “affordable” category, but the quality for the money is very good.


Universal Standard




List Marker: Number 10Reserved

Reserved makes stylish, trendy pieces at great prices. Their selection of puffer coats is fantastic, ranging from sleek and sophisticated to funky and colorful. They even have options for kids.





List Marker: Number 11Weekday

Swedish brand Weekday does great cool-kid pieces at affordable prices, plus they’re focused on sustainability. They have quite a few great puffer jacket options, including both long and short options.






High-End Puffer Coats

List Marker: Number 12Acne Studios

No one mixes cool and, well, warm, like Swedish fashion brand Acne Studios. Their outerwear is always amongst our favorite of the season, and their weather-proof puffer coats are no exception.


Acne Studios



List Marker: Number 13Moncler

Italian clothing brand Moncler started in 1952, and their ski jackets for men and women have been a big hit ever since. They walk the line beautifully between technical wear and fashion, lately leaning more on the latter for new and exciting silhouettes. Their jackets are very expensive, but they’ll last a lifetime and keep you seriously warm.




List Marker: Number 14CHENPENG

London-based CHENPENG is creating some of the most fashion-forward, fun, and interesting puffer coats around. Want to wrap yourself in a full-body comforter but still look like you’re fresh off the runway? This is the brand for you. We’re partial to the Colorful Long Down Jacket because, let’s be honest, it looks like a giant vagina and we think that’s rad.





Have more questions? Take a look at our FAQs about the best puffer coats to help you with your choice:


Should I get a long or short puffer coat?

Whether you get a long or short puffy coat depends on how cold it is, long you’ll be outside, and what you’ll be doing outside.

Long puffy coats are useful if you’ll be walking or cycling outside often. They can also be useful if you prefer to wear thin pants, skirts, or dresses through the winter. One thing to look out for with a long puffer coat is whether the sides of the coat are closed or can be open. Buttons or zips at the sides are useful if you’ll be cycling, for example, or if you want more breathability for your coat.

Short puffer coats have an activewear-style to them. They’re useful if you plan to use your coat while you workout or run outdoors, as they allow for greater range of movement than long coats. Short puffer coats are also useful if you’re already wearing thick pants, or have a long john layer under your pants; you likely won’t need that extra layer of down if you’re already warm.


Should puffer jackets be oversized?

Oversized puffer jackets can be a fashion statement, providing a relaxed and comfortable look. They often give off a streetwear or casual vibe, and they can be great for layering over bulkier clothing in colder weather. Choose an oversized or loose-fit style if you’re planning to layer up. On the other hand, fitted puffer jackets are more tailored and can provide a sleek and polished appearance.


Staying active under that puffer coat? Check out the best minimalist activewear, including Danish sportswear brands, Swedish sportswear brands, and more. Maybe you’re more in the mood to lounge? You’ll want to see these minimalist sweatsuits.

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