Renaissance Castle Chic: Heartland Festival Style 2018

We primates love looking at other primates. Instagram stories, royal weddings, and of course, people-watching. And boy, there were a lot of well-dressed primates to watch at this festival! After all, Heartland isn’t your usual music festival. Set in a Renaissance-age castle with mazes, grottos, lakes, and banquets prepared by a Michelin star chef; overall it has a more mature vibe. I felt like I’d transitioned into the middle-aged woman I’d always dreamed of being.

The fashion tells a different story. Fashion isn’t the focus of the festival when artists including LCD Soundsystem, Patti Smith, MØ, Salman Rushdie, and Slavoj Žižek are making the headlines. That may be the reason it had a pretty sophisticated vibe; a chance for festival-goers to show off their summer best (even a bow-tie or two). But as the festival carried on, everyone became a little grubbier (a Northside Festival vibe), and a little drunker (a Roskilde Festival vibe) and by the time James Murphy was belting out All My Friends, we were all friends.

Check out some of our favorite Heartland Festival looks of 2018:

And congratualtions to this beautiful couple, who met each other on this seat at Heartland 2017, and he proposed here exactly a year later. It really is a Heart-land:


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Freya McOmish

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