Six Great Design Brands at northmodern 2015

The design trade show northmodern is new to Copenhagen, but it doesn’t feel that way. With an array of beloved Danish brands like Paustian and Muuto as well as exciting emerging design such as Lemur Design, Mirins Copenhagen and I LOVE MY TYPE, there was something for every interior category.

Here’s a slice of what was on display:

List Marker: Number 1Playtype

A Danish typography foundry that’s having a major international moment, Playtype is everything I love about design. It’s useful, it’s beautiful, it’s fun and it’s always evolving.
Playtype at northmodern | Scandinavia Standard

List Marker: Number 2Plain Crafts by Søren Ulrich

One look at the work of Søren Ulrich and you’ll agree that mid-century modern Danish design is alive and well. A master woodworker, Ulrich’s designs have a sense of strength and durability about them, yet they remain minimalist and sleek. It’s work like this that gets me excited about design; you can see the handiwork that goes into each piece. If there’s a better place to store your liquor than his Hjemme Bar, I haven’t seen it.
Plain Crafts by Søren Ulrich Stand at north modern | Scandinavia Standard
Plain Crafts by Søren Ulrich Stools and Chairs at northmodern Danish Design Fair | Scandinavia Standard

List Marker: Number 3Danish tm

Danish tm functions as a magazine, a creative agency and an artistic collaborator. They not only produce interesting articles about what’s going on in the Danish architecture, art and design scene, but also create unique projects with international artists.
Danish TM at northmodern | Scandinavia Standard

List Marker: Number 4Another Story

There’s lighting and then there’s lighting. This is an incredible combination of industrial design and artistry, with use of shape and reflection to create light source in innovative ways.
Another Story at northmordern Design Fair Copenhagen | Scandinavia Standard

List Marker: Number 5Elements Optimal

Design doesn’t have to be so serious. The Bambi Stool and Ice Cream Mirror are particularly adorable. An occasional humorous or whimsical touch can make a room more relatable and fun. This is a great emerging brand with a strong sense of self and a focus on usability.
Elements Optional at north modern
Bambi Chair Elements Optional at nothmodern

List Marker: Number 6Stefan Auberg

He may not be Scandi (Auberg is from The Netherlands), but his work was just too cool not to include. “Everyone says they make customized design,” he told me, “but actually creating it is very rare.” So he decided to put customization in the hands of the consumer. His rugs have multiple multicoloured layers, which can be shaved back by the owner, revealing a unique, personal design in each one.
Stefan Auberg rugs at northmodern | Scandinavia Standard

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.