Six Danish Interior Design Blogs You Should Be Reading

Minimalism, good light and artfully-wilted flowers; there are a few things that come to mind when you visualise Danish interiors. Though it would be easy to consider the aesthetic as monolithic, there are actually a range of color schemes, materials and influences to be found within Danish design. Who better to share the constantly-changing landscape of design inspiration, brands and styling than bloggers?

Here’s a selection of our favorite Danish interior design blogs:

List Marker: Number 1Bungalow5

One of the biggest and most influential Danish design blogs, Allan Torp’s Bungalow 5 covers everything from design news to cars. He writes in a casual, colloquial style (in English!) and his pictures are always fantastic.

The above header image is also by the website creator Allan Torp.




bungalow5_calathea_1-2 bungalow5_skagerak_alona-vibe_1-2
bungalow5_bookshelf-styling_1 bungalow5_broste_aw15_3-2



List Marker: Number 2September Edit

White space and very pretty things; this is like a blog-palate cleanser and we love it. Check out her site for perfectly-styled vignettes of top Scandi brands.


September Edit


september-edit-danish-design-blogs-scandinavia-standard september-edit-3-danish-design-blogs-scandinavia-standard
september-edit-2-danish-design-blogs-scandinavia-standard september-edit-4-danish-design-blogs-scandinavia-standard


List Marker: Number 3Objects and Use

Gitte Christensen is a talented stylist who shares her work on this fun and creative blog. She focuses on products that promote sustainability and runs a webshop as well, so you can easily pick up the items you fall in love with through her beautiful photography.


Objects and Use


objects-use-gitte-scandinavia-standard-2-2 objects-use-gitte-scandinavia-standard-3-2
objects-use-gitte-scandinavia-standard-4-2 objects-use-gitte-scandinavia-standard_



List Marker: Number 4That Nordic Feeling

Rikke’s look is simple with a bit of whimsy. There’s a lot of greys, whites, stripes and pastels; a kind of New England-goes-Scandinavian vibe.


That Nordic Feeling


that-nordic-feeling-danish-interior-blogs-scandinavia-standard-2 that-nordic-feeling-danish-interior-blogs-scandinavia-standard-4
that-nordic-feeling-danish-interior-blogs-scandinavia-standard-1 that-nordic-feeling-danish-interior-blogs-scandinavia-standard-3


List Marker: Number 5Boligcious

Malene Marie Møller’s blog (and Instagram) are full of daily inspiration for your ever-evolving style. Her style is a great mix of quirky and classic; a near-perfect distillation of the modern Danish look.




boligcious-3 boligcious-4
boligcious-1 boligcious-2



Did we miss your favorite Danish interior design blog? Tell us about it in the comments!

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