Six Ways to Bring Your All Black Wardrobe into Spring

You’ve heard it all before. We wear a lot of black. Is it a satorial choice as much as it is a way of life? I honestly couldn’t tell you at this point. But even for a Wednesday Addams like myself, the start of spring makes me want to bust out the floral patterns and shine my light all over the damn place.

Here’s a few ways to (slowly, gently) build up to a brighter wardrobe for the sunnier months.


A Funky Bag

A colorful, patterned handbag is a great addition to your rotation because it allows you to try on colorful dressing without a huge commitment. We adore the Turkish-meets-Swedish style of Norrfolks. They reuse materials like antique rugs to create unique, beautiful products; I would wear these clutches alllll over the place.


A perfume that makes you feel like a flower

Roses are my thing but they’re not for everyone. Scent is so personal – and often expensive – so you need to explore your options before purchasing. I’m really into hair perfumes at the moment, like Flowerhead from Swedish brand Byredo, which make me feel like an ethereal goddess. For something that has all the contradictions of Scandinavian spring, we recommend PINK MOLéCULE by the Danish ZARKOPERFUME.


Shoes that make people stop you on the street

Like a great handbag, shoes are one of those items that can make you feel just the right side of fancy. Try going for the unexpected with your sundress;  a patent leather sandal, bamboo-heeled mulemetallic trainer (jeez, Acne is really killing the shoe game, huh?) or a patterned derby shoe can be just as exciting as an electric-colored stiletto.


Sunglasses – not just for hangovers anymore

It would be easy to just add a black or tortoise frame to your collection, but why not go for some color? Vasuma makes an incredible range of styles in chic colors. If you’d like to take it a step further, throw some bling on your shades with this Facon Facon glasses chain.


Up your beauty game

I’ve only recently started to really enjoy and explore make-up, thanks in large part to online communities like Into the Gloss, xoVain (now defunct) and Estée Lalonde. Beauty products can be a powerful way to explore self-expression and creativity. Add a bright lipstick, like these choices from Swedish beauty brand IsaDora, to your otherwise dark outfit and suddenly: blamo! You’re looking (and feeling) very spring-y indeed. If you’re into something more daring, consider a hair color-rinse or dye like these pretty pastels from Maria Nila Stockholm.


Just buy something with some color, already

Look, I get it. It’s hard to integrate color into your wardrobe. Where does one even start? Socks? I don’t know. Let’s jump into this together. Baby steps, like this Stutterheim Stockholm raincoat, anything from Stine Goya (including this rad dress or amazing silk pants) and the newest collection from Armoire Officielle, Armoire de femme, which doesn’t have any black. At all!


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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.