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Menswear is a term that means less and less these days (thank goodness). After all, women can and do wear “menswear,” men can throw on some “womenswear,” and those who don’t subscribe to the gender binary can dress for whatever identity they like. Many Scandinavian Menswear brands are now creating dual lines that have some overlap, both in actual pieces and in aesthetic.

How brands are marketed and presented, however, plays a huge part in who ends up seeking out the clothing, and so in terms of the fashion industry itself there is still distinct “womenswear” and “menswear” categories. Admittedly, corporate work places often require classic tailored pieces for their male employees.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional, avant garde or just comfortable, there are many Scandinavian fashion designers creating well-made, beautiful menswear designed for Scandinavian men. Here are our favorite Scandinavian Menswear brands:



List Marker: Number 1Sand Copenhagen

This Danish brand has clean-cut tailoring and the occasional inspired pattern for adding a little fun and color to your workwear.


List Marker: Number 2Tiger of Sweden

In addition to suits and crisp button-down shirts, Tiger of Sweden makes great shoes and bags for the most professional version of yourself.


List Marker: Number 3Maja Brix

The only suit you’ll ever need: Suit 1. Custom tailoring of a minimalist, sleek suit pattern that is both casual-chic and perfectly professional. Maja grows her collection sporadically to currently include Shirt 1 and Shirt 2. We can’t wait to see what’s next!


List Marker: Number 4Moods of Norway

Though Moods of Norway makes a range of clothes, from sweatshirts to henleys, we love their classic take on suit-wear. The pieces are clean, affordable and high-quality.



List Marker: Number 5Norse Projects

This Danish brand is the king of brandless, simple pieces that create a trying-without-trying look. Their outwear and hats are all-time favorites.


List Marker: Number 6Uniforms for the Dedicated

The kind of cool, clean monochrome that Scandinavia is known. The Swedish brand straddles the place between casual, creative and professional. Pair everything with white sneakers and you’re good to go!


List Marker: Number 7Filippa K

The Swedish line is probably better-known for its womenswear, but Filippa K consistently delivers basics that are luxe, chic and wardrobe staples. There’s always a beautiful detail or interesting colorway; just unique enough to feel not-boring.


List Marker: Number 8Holzweiler

Norwegian Holzweiler knows how to make a pair of clean-cut trousers. A simple aesthetic, neutral colors and thick fabrics make this brand a must-know for those who must live through the Northern European winter.



List Marker: Number 9Astrid Andersen

Scandic-meets-streetwear with Andersen’s creative, fun collections. Mixing basketball and baseball-style cuts, checks and a minimalist color palette? Genius.



Icelandic outwear brand 66North makes clothing that can withstand any weather or heavy wear. This is tough-working clothing that also looks great. They do the Scandi-monochrome thing, but they excel when it comes to neon-bright clothes that add an unexpected pop of color to your winter gear or weekend clothing.


Han Kjøbenhavn

Han Kjøbenhavn could have fit into a number of categories here, but the brand is most at-home with casual athletic-style clothes like sweatshirts, sweatpants and tee-shirts. Their sharp-cut outerwear makes for the perfect contrast to those slouchy separates.



An off-shoot of Newline Sport, HALO focuses on highly-functional athletic wear inspired by the Danish special forces and the founder of Newline. With colors like military green, burgundy and camel, the pieces work for both casual daily wear and sport.



Acne Studios

Oh, how do we love thee, Acne Studios? They’re always pushing the envelope in terms of unisex dressing, and their color choices are consistently on-point. Sweden-based Acne does a great mix of very basic and very out-there, so you can create your own unique take on the Scandinavian closet.



Assless chaps, babydoll tee-shirts and leopard print. It’s Swedish unisex-meets-1970s-New York City-glam and we love it.


Henrik Vibskov

Never one to shy away from color or pattern, Danish designer Henrik Vibskov is the go-to for eye-catching and artistic clothes. Don’t expect basics from HV; shop his collections for a quirky blazer, oversize silhouettes and chunky, colourful jumpers.


Martin Asbjørn

Known for his fabulous outwear, Danish designer Martin Asbjørn also has an arsenal of cool, off-kilter separates like purple corduroys. Asbjørn has a laid-back style that manifests in a just-thrown-on-but-somehow-exceedingly-cool look.

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