Six New Scandinavian Magazines to Know

There’s nothing quite like holding a fresh magazine in your hands, the spine just waiting to be cracked, the promise of a hot cup of coffee and an hour of taking in the latest editorials and articles on fashion, art, or whatever you’re into.

Although it’s a tough time to be in print, there’s been an explosion of independent magazines of late that give us hope that the world of magazine isn’t dead and in fact, has new life. Scandinavia has no shortage of creatives launching magazines, and they’re interesting, exciting and (of course) aesthetically beautiful.

These are the inspiring new Scandinavian magazines you’ll want to make sure are on your shelf:

List Marker: Number 1Sindroms

Launched in Copenhagen in 2017, Sindroms is a bi-annual(ish) coffee-table-book-like magazine for which each issue focuses on a single color. The magazine is conceptual while remaining fairly grounded in its approach to color. What does color mean? What does each color evoke, provoke, or inspire? Issue #1, “Red,” explores love, hate, passion and how various artists communicate using shades of red. It’s a lovely, artistic experience, both visually and as a reader.

Full disclosure: our Editor-in-Chief Rebecca contributed an article to their first issue, “Red.”

Get a copy of Sindroms here


List Marker: Number 2Beton Paper

A fashion magazine with an avant garde, minimalist aesthetic, Beton Paper has already created a strong visual identity. With Danish roots and a global outlook, this is definitely a magazine to check out for the fashion-as-art crowd.

Find out where to get a copy of Beton Paper here


List Marker: Number 3Pet People

Pet People is magazine devoted to cute pets and the people that love them. It’s also beautifully-made, has fantastic photography, engaging stories, and a real heart of gold. If you love animals, even if you don’t have a pet yourself, this is a publication you’ll really enjoy.

Get a copy of Pet People here.


List Marker: Number 4Fool

Into food? But like, REALLY into food? Then Fool Magazine is definitely for you. Based out of Malmö, Sweden, Fool is all about excellent photography, good graphic design, and showcasing the best in food around the world. Try reading it without getting hungry, we dare you.

Get a copy of Fool Magazine here.


List Marker: Number 5LEON Magazine

Agency Leroy is a Helsinki-based creative agency and their publication LEON is all about food, fashion and culture. The photography is high-quality, inventive and artistic, and each issue is based around a theme.

Get a copy of LEON Magazine here


List Marker: Number 6Dossier Denmark

Launched by Elle Denmark, Dossier is a newspaper-style publication for men, focused on fashion, lifestyle, interiors and career. Full of interesting profiles, stylish photos and great brands to discover. NB: Dossier is printed in Danish.

Find out where to get a copy of Dossier Denmark here.

And a sneaky #7, a magazine that’s about to launch in 2018…


List Marker: Number 7Contrarian Magazine

This magazine, set to launch in early 2018, is all about inspiring people and sharing stories that reflect contemporary life, hopefully allowing readers to inspect these aspects of life in greater detail. If something that boosts your own creativity is finding passionate people all over the world doing interesting work, consider Contrarian your guide! The first issue focuses on “the good life” and what that means in a number of contexts.

Pre-order a copy of Contrarian Magazine here.



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