Take a Dip with the Best Swimsuits for Summer and Sauna

The best swimsuits feel as good as they look; not too tight, retain their stretch for a long time, don’t pill, and stay (ahem) in place even after a hearty cannonball into the water.

Whether you prefer a one-piece, a bikini, modest swimwear, or trunks, there’s a swimsuit that’s right for you. We’ve rounded up our favorite swimwear brands, running the gamut from sleek and minimalist to playful and colorful. Bonus: most of them are made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles and ocean waste.

Here are the best swimsuits to wear through the summer, to the sauna, or in place of underwear when you haven’t done the laundry in way too long:

List Marker: Number 1Organic Basics Re-Swim

Sustainable Danish brand Organic Basics produces Re-Swim, swimwear made out of recycled plastic bottles from the ocean and landfills.

The silhouettes are simple, flattering, and comfortable. They come in a small range of subdued, lovely colors and go up to a size XL (here’s hoping they extend their sizing soon!).

Organic Basics Re-Swim womenswear | Re-swim menswear

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List Marker: Number 2Marda Swimwear

Made from 100% recycled materials, mostly recycled plastic bottles, Marda swimwear is both sustainable thanks to efficient, low-emission production, and stylish. The simple, chic silhouettes make the transition from swimming to whatever else – exploring, hiking, or just getting back into your day – an easy one. Marda currently goes up to a size XXL.

Any color will look great, but we’ve got our eyes on that yellow number!

Marda Swimwear


List Marker: Number 3OOKIOH Swimwear

We love this brand’s take on swimwear: “…feel like you, only waterproof!” With silhouettes, colors, and prints that dabble in nostalgia, minimalism, and just plain fun, it’s no wonder that OOKIOH has become massively popular only a handful of years after its 2018 launch.

All pieces are made in Italy from regenerated materials (meaning, from waste found in the ocean) and go up to size XXL.

OOKIOH Swimwear



List Marker: Number 4Swimslow Swimwear

Inspired by the Icelandic culture of swimming in public swimming pools and springs, Swimslow is a Reykjavik-based brand that makes a small number of minimalist womenswear silhouettes that have a sharp, tailored look to them.

The material is highly sustainable – made from recycled rugs and fish nets – and production is focused on creating the lowest possible impact on the environment. The swimsuits go up to size XL and come in a limited, subdued palette with an occasional pop of bright color.

Swimslow Swimwear


List Marker: Number 5OHOY Swim

Based in the UAE and launched by two Scandinavians, OHOY Swim combines sustainable design with minimalist aesthetics, plus a focus on high-quality swimwear that can stand up to the sun, chlorine, salt, and whatever else you throw at it.

The swimwear is made from Econyl yarn, derived from discarded fishnet and other nylon that is found in the sea. 1% of sales from OHOY go to Healthy Seas, a volunteer program recovering abandoned fishing nets. and all items are made in family-owned factories in Sri Lanka and Portugal.

OHOY goes up to size XL and comes in a range of colors. Their pieces are classic and chic; easy to wear for years to come, underscoring their belief that, “we don’t believe in swimwear seasons.”




List Marker: Number 6Londre Bodywear

With a wide variety of womenswear silhouettes that are sexy, minimalist, and playful, it’s clear that Vancouver-based Londre Bodywear wants everyone to feel good in their swimwear. Sizes go up to 5XL, making them one of the most inclusive swimwear brands around.

The brand has a recycling and repair program, as well as ensuring that all water used in their production is free of harmful chemicals, and can therefore be reused.

In addition to their great swimwear, Londre also makes sweatsuits and leisurewear that is perfect for throwing on after a day at the pool, beach, lake, or sauna.

Londre Bodywear


List Marker: Number 7Ganni Swimwear

You may not know that Danish fashion brand Ganni makes swimwear, but they’ve been at it for a long time, often coming up with the swimsuit of the season for the Scandinavian cool-kid scene.

With patterns like leopard print and other colorful iterations, one couldn’t accuse them of being minimalist, but there’s always something playful to feast your eyes on. In addition to bikinis and one-pieces, Ganni also sells swimwear-adjacent items like hats, caftans, towels, and more.

Ganni Swimwear



List Marker: Number 8Lija the Label

Finnish brand Lija the Label produces sustainably and ethically-made swimwear and activewear. Their silhouettes are simple and a bit nostalgic, with a range that goes from long-sleeve two piece tops to classic one pieces. Their swimwear is made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles and post-consumer waste, and goes up to size XL.

In particular, we’re fans of the 90s-inspired ruched bikinis that look like they’d be as comfortable and stylish to swim in as to lounge in.

Lija the Label


List Marker: Number 9Copenhagen Cartel

Made from plastic waste found in the ocean, Copenhagen Cartel swimwear was founded by Kristine Lee Larsen in 2016 when she moved from Denmark to Bali. The brand is now based in Copenhagen, but the island atmosphere remains. The swimwear is all about feeling good with playful colors and patterns in classic swim silhouettes.

Copenhagen Cartel goes up to size XL and many of the suits include UV-ray protection.

Copenhagen Cartel



List Marker: Number 10SWIMS

Norwegian brand SWIMS has long been making waterproof items, starting with their famous galoshes and washable sneakers.

Their swimwear, which is focused on menswear silhouettes, is fun and colorful, with playful patterns and classic, chic looks like racing stripes at the sides.

SWIMS Swimwear


List Marker: Number 11LYRA Swim

Looking for minimalist, modest swimwear? Look no further! LYRA has gorgeous versions of burkinis and other modest swim items like swim dresses. The brand was created with the goal of making sure everyone who wants to swim and enjoy nature can do so and feel good, regardless of whether they like to dress modestly or not.

LYRA Swim is ethically produced and goes up to size XXl. Explore their range of modest styles to find the one that’s right for you!




List Marker: Number 12Scampi Swimwear

Launched in Sweden in 1983, Scampi Swimwear is all about retro silhouettes and playful prints. Think ruching, halter necks, and high-rise bottoms. Find your inner Marilyn Monroe with the one pieces and bikinis.

Scampi Swimwear goes up to size XXL and is made from recycled fishing nets that have been found floating or tangled in the ocean.

Scampi Swimwear


List Marker: Number 13Helmstedt

Known for her vibrant use of color and quirky prints, Danish fashion designer Emilie Helmstedt often ncludes a handful of swimwear items in her collections. They draw on the same prints used in the clothing, making for a cohesive and fun collection. The silhouettes are simple – usually classic bikinis and one-pieces – in order to let the textile design really shine.

Helmstedt swimwear goes up to size XL and is made from a nylon and spandex blend.




List Marker: Number 14OAS Swimwear

Billing themselves as a “reaction to Swedish winter,” OAS is a Swedish resort brand that includes swimwear, towels, robes, and anything else you could need for your warm weather days. The swimsuits – menswear, womenswear, and kids styles – are colorful, fun, and high-quality.

They go up to size XXL and all swimsuits sold contribute to The Water Pump Project, which works to install pumps for clean water for areas that do not currently have access.

OAS Swim Menswear| OAS Swim Womenswear | OAS Swim for Kids


List Marker: Number 15Saga Swimwear

Launched by two Danish women, Frederikke and Emilie, Saga Swimwear is all about making cool swimsuits – one pieces and bikinis – that look good, last for a long time, and make you feel good in your body. The silhouettes have some great detailing, including the one shoulder-style V-neck one-pieces that add a little bit of glamor to the typical swimsuit style

Saga swimwear goes up to size XXL and are made from ECONYL yarn, which is made from regenerated nylon. Though not yet in effect, Saga plans to have a recycling or recirculation program for their swimwear. You can stay up-to-date here.

Saga Swimwear


List Marker: Number 16Understatement Swimwear

Founded in 2017 by three Swedes: Marie Stolt, Maria Lager, and Yvet Malmveld, Understatement is all about making boobs and butts happy. Their underwear and swimwear does just this, with high-quality, stretchy, and comfortable material that comes in a range of fun colours and cuts. While their lace underwear is perhaps best known, their swimwear is worth checking out too thanks to the durability and great fit.

Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.