The Best Scandinavian Clothing Brands for Kids

What do you need to make really good children’s clothing?

It should be high-quality (it shouldn’t tear or wear through quickly, something one expects with Scandinavian design), weather appropriate (especially important in Scandinavian winter!), and allow for easy movement.

Like any other kind of clothing, it should also be as sustainably and ethically made as possible, and aesthetically pleasing; that is of course subjective for both the parent and the child.

We think of most children’s clothing as gender-neutral, meaning that hey, if the kid likes it, let ’em wear it!

For the most part, it’s possible to find inexpensive and high-quality reused clothing for kids at second-hand clothing shops and charity shops.

But having a few new pieces for a child for events, special occasions, and just the odd day when you think, “we’re all getting fancy today!” is nice too, and there are a host of Scandinavian children’s clothing brands that create beautiful and high-quality items.

These are items that you’ll be able to use for multiple children and pass down or donate, continuing the very useful cycle of recycling children’s clothing. After all, kids grow fast!

These are the best Scandinavian clothing brands for kids, from jeans to sleepers and everything in between:

List Marker: Number 1Serendipity Organics

This Danish brand makes 100% organic knitwear for babies, children, and even a few home and adult pieces.

The age range is 0 – 11 years. They largely use alpaca and llama wool, and have the highest sustainability certifications for both production and animal care possible. The clothes are very Scandinavian – clean lines, neutral colors – and the quality is very high.


Serendipity Organics




List Marker: Number 2MarMar Copenhagen

MarMar Copenhagen makes clothes from newborn to adult. Their newborn and baby collection is mostly about basics, while they get a bit more fashionable as they go from children’s sizes up to adult.

They do a lot of matching outfits, so if you want to wear the same thing as your toddler, this is the brand for you! MarMar makes a great range of children’s outwear that is particularly good for winter.


MarMar Copenhagen




List Marker: Number 3Wheat

During winter, you’ll see many, many Danish children running around in their Wheat full body suits. They’re beloved for a reason: they’re exceptionally warm, high-quality, and children can move easily in them.

But Wheat makes more than just their ubiquitous outwear; they also make a range of newborn and children’s play clothes and knitwear. The clothes are made with organic cotton and come in neutral colors or subdued floral patterns.






List Marker: Number 4Iglo + Indi

Icelandic brand Iglo + Indi considers all children to be artists, and that’s why all of their separates are made to be mixed and matched.

Funky patterns, bright colors, and easy-to-wear pieces that are perfect for toddlers and young kids to wear every day. Iglo + Indi also makes pieces for newborns.


Iglo + Indi




List Marker: Number 5Popupshop

Popupshop started out as a brand focused on basics made in organic materials.

They’ve since expanded, making fashionable clothes for people of all ages. Their teen line in particular is very cool, with lots of fun pattern and texture.






List Marker: Number 6Mini Rodini

Well-known Swedish children’s brand Mini Rodini is widely beloved in Scandinavia for their high-quality, large collection, and designs that are both fashionable and fun. They use organic cotton, merino wool, and other top-quality materials that are both gentle on skin and durable.

Their winter gear, including outwear, gloves, mittens, and hats, is excellent. Mini Rodini’s newborn gear makes for great gifts!


Mini Rodini




List Marker: Number 7H&M

We couldn’t talk about Scandinavian children’s clothing without mentioning the Swedish fast fashion giant H&M.

If you need inexpensive basics like onesies, underwear, and socks, H&M offers bundles for great prices.






List Marker: Number 8Little Mountains

An offshoot of adult fashion brand iiS of Norway, Little Mountains is exactly what you’d imagine a Norwegian children’s clothing collection would be: full of charming knitwear and nostalgia-drenched silhouettes.

The sweaters are just lovely.


Little Mountains




List Marker: Number 9Lili & Leopold

A small Norwegian brand full of high-quality basics for children ages 0 – 12, Lili & Leopold mostly sticks with muted colors and stripes.

We love their sweet onesies!


Lili & Leopold



List Marker: Number 10Livly

If you’re concerned about sensitive skin, especially for very small children, Livly is the brand for you. Made with super-soft organic pima cotton, this Swedish brand combines sweet designs with classic, functional clothes.

The founder created Livly when she had premature twins and needed to dress them in clothes that didn’t irritate their skin; as a result, quality is a top priority.






List Marker: Number 11Liewood

With comfortable styles, soft, durable materials, and a selection of lovely colors, Liewood has fast established itself as one of the best Scandinavian kids’ clothing brands. Their pajamas and swimwear in particular are great, with lots of fun patterns to choose from.

Liewood goes from newborn to age 12. They also made fantastic homewares, including dining sets for kids that are both functional and beautiful.


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