The Børge Mogensen Table Bench: Design That Changes as Needed

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When renowned Danish designer Børge Mogensen designed the BM0488S Table Bench in 1958, he did so as part of his “building furniture concept.” This meant, in essence, that the pieces would be able to change and adapt to the needs of the people who used them and the spaces in which they were found.

For the BM0488S Table Bench in particular, this meant that the piece could be used in tandem with a number of Mogensen’s other furniture items, such as the BM0488 Table Bench (a longer version) or BM0865 Daybed. It can, of course, also be used as a stand-alone bench or small table.

As one of the most important figures in popularising Danish design worldwide, Børge Mogensen is known today for a number of pieces that remain in production and highly sought-after.

But Mogensen’s contributions to design go beyond the pieces themselves; he was interested primarily in using design to improve the way people lived and had a fascination with standard product sizing, developed during his time studying and working under Kaare Klint, the father of modern Danish design.



Along with designer and architect Grethe Meyer, Mogensen developed the architetural concept of built-in shelving and storage.

It is no surprise, then, that many of Mogensen’s pieces “go together.” He was not designing in a vacuum; indeed, he believed that each item should build on the others around it, improving both functionality and aesthetic.

BM0488S Table Bench fits perfectly into this idea, whether it is used with other Mogensen pieces or not.



The Table Bench’s small frame belies its strength. It is made with mortise and tenon joints, a method of joinery that inserts the tenon tongue into the mortise opening (often square-shaped), creating a sturdy right angle. The rounded corners give the bench a touch of gentle elegance, ensuring it can fit in with a number of styles.

Take a look at a few different ways to use the BM0488S Table Bench around the home:

In the living room

As a small coffee table or side table, the BM0488S Table Bench is a simple, functional, and beautiful piece of design. The thick double-woven canework lets items sit evenly on top of it. Place it next to a lounge chair with a table lamp on top for the ideal reading nook.



In the bedroom

There’s something so luxurious about a bench at the end of a bed, isn’t there? Picture yourself tossing your extra pillows and blanket on the bench as you climb into bed, or sitting on it to pull up your socks in the morning. Add a basket underneath with extra pillows or blankets for some additional storage space.

Have a longer bed? Two benches next to each other works well and offers an elegant, symmetrical look.



In the hallway

The BM0488S Table Bench is ideal for hallway spaces as a place to sit down and take your shoes off, or a place to fling your bag as you come inside. It’s compact enough to fit in even the smallest hallways and adds a minimalist yet warm look to an entry space.



Table Bench Specs

Height: 34.5 cm (13., inches)
Width: 69 cm (27,16 inches)
Depth: 46 cm (18,11 inches)



Frame: Oiled oak
Weave: Double-woven canework

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