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The Monthly Bite: A Night at Hidden Dim Sum

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Copenhagen has seen an uptake in East Asian cuisine, from slurpful ramen to soft-as-a-cloud dumplings, but Hidden Dim Sum remains a long standing yet sometimes overlooked site for authentic dim sum.

The restaurant extends the silk road to Copenhagen and serves dumplings, noodles, and rice, all in a hygge fashion. Whether you’re a local or a future visitor, make sure to bump this one to the top of your must-visit list.

We’re spending an evening at Hidden Dim Sum:

Hidden Dim Sum

History and tradition harmoniously compliment a modern approach to cooking at Hidden Dim Sum, which is run by siblings Wang and Mai who seek to continue their father’s Chinese heritage through their cooking. The food is delicious, of course, but equally it’s authentic, honest, with a craftsmanship rarely seen in Copenhagen.

Their take on Southern Chinese soul food is designed to meet the high-quality restaurant standards we are used to in Copenhagen, which, put simply, means that the food is beautifully presented and served in a relaxed atmosphere. In order to achieve this balance, Wang and Mai maintain the bold flavors of their cuisine while allowing themselves to be inspired by Nordic cuisine. A perfect example of this being the squid ink dim sum, not a traditional item on Chinese menus but a playful approach to a classic dish – not dissimilar to the spirit often found in New Nordic kitchens.



I’ve had the pleasure of sitting down with Wang for a talk where I saw firsthand how much he (and the whole team at Hidden Dim Sum) cares about the food, service, and restaurant in general. They are incredibly proud of being Chinese and they use food to express this.

Dim Sum, in their dialect, means “from the heart.” Making food for others is an act of love, and this cliché is not lost on Hidden Dim Sum. Each and every dumpling is handmade, boasting over 20 different varieties that cater to all palates, including vegetarians and vegans.

On top of that, they have around 15 dishes that are rice, noodle, and wok based. From this category, the hand-pulled noodles with beef and the crispy duck are, unapologetically, some of the best bites you will ever find in Copenhagen.

A small selection of beers, wines, and teas close the extensive menu. Service is friendly and relaxed, allowing the experience to revolve around the food and the food only, something I believe lots of restaurants should take note of.



The restaurant is located in a historical building in Nytorv and, from Thursday to Saturday, their sub-street-level, Hong Kong-inspired streetfood bar is open to welcome you with neon lights, boozy cocktails, and delicious small bites. Wang himself will bring the food to your table and explain the whole menu should you be in doubt or in need of a recommendation. He might also suggest trying some of the whiskeys they carry. My advice: say yes to everything.

Thanks to Wang and the whole team. This really is one of the best restaurants in Copenhagen and I hope you visit them sooner than later.



Hidden Dim Sum

Nytorv 19
1450 Copenhagen

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun: 5:00 pm – 10:00pm

Food category

Dimsum and Southern Chinese

Vegetarian / vegan options?


Gluten-free options?


Recommended dish

Hand-pulled noodles and crispy duck

Menu price range

53dkk – 229dkk

Busiest day/time

Weekend dinners

Quietest day/time

Weekday dinners

Changing table for babies?


Hygge factor (1 – 5)


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