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As a person who grew up in the golden age of wall-to-wall carpeting (the one in my childhood bedroom was brown), I never thought I’d long to cover my hardwood floors. But here we are. No, of course I haven’t gone back to wall-to-wall carpeting, but I have found that a good area rug can not only be an aesthetic addition to a room, it can actually make the room feel warmer.

Nordic Knots, a family-run company based in Stockholm, designs area rugs that give that sense of coziness while retaining a Scandinavian aesthetic. “[In 2016,] we were living in New York City; we wanted to bring a small piece from our [Swedish] culture to New York and the rest of the world. In every Swedish home there is a rug that’s both durable and beautifully designed. By using 100% wool, they will last a lifetime and look better the more they are used,” co-founder Fabian Berglund explains.

All rugs are designed at their studio Stockholm, made with wool from New Zealand, then hand-woven in India. Nordic Knots is a member of Good Weave, an organization for rug producers that seeks to eradicate child labor in the weaving industry.

In addition to ethical production and high-quality, Nordic Knots is always bringing new Scandinavian inspiration into their designs. Co-founder and Design, Sales and PR Manager Liza Laserow says, “The Swedish nature is so diverse and stunning all year around that it’s impossible to not get inspired. The long and bright nights during summer, the red and yellow tones during fall, and the crisp white winters.”

That inspiration translates to graphic designs that are in turn eye-catching and subtle. Though their carpets do certainly run to minimalism, there’s also a selection in bright colors and with visually dynamic patterns. Nordic Knots has brought the distinct heritage of Swedish textile design into their work, with references to Märta Måås Fjätterström’s flatweave designs.

Designs aside, buying a rug online can seem daunting. My main anxiety about the purchase was that I couldn’t get a good sense of both color and texture online. Nordic Knots makes it easy by sending out free samples for the rugs of your choice. The samples are fairly big, so you can really handle the material, get a sense of the thickness, and see if the color works in your home. This was especially helpful because Nordic Knots has a variety of plushness levels, from think flatweaves to shaggy rugs; seeing the difference in-person is essential to choosing the right item.



Felix notes that the main mistake people make when choosing a carpet is the they go too small. “All furniture should be on the rug, and preferably with a foot of rug as a margin,” he explains.

Flatweaves work well almost anywhere in the home; they’re hearty and easy to clean. Shaggy rugs are slightly more of a commitment in terms of upkeep, but the comfort and warmth they give to a room is substantial, especially in winter. There’s nothing quite like kicking off your shoes or putting your feet down first thing in the morning onto a soft surface. It’s a way to bring a small but significant pleasure to your sense of touch throughout the home.

Area rugs are useful when you have a big space that you are looking to demarcate visually, but they are equally wonderful in small spaces. They give the sense of separate areas, which results in a larger-looking space.

Here’s we’ve styled two of the same size area rugs in large and small spaces.



As is true with any other piece of furniture, a good rug will last for a lifetime – likely even beyond – and needs just a bit of care to keep it in good shape. Rugs tend to be durable because they need to handle constant foot traffic as well as whatever heavy objects, such as tables and sofas, rest upon them. Because of the high-quality of Nordic Knots rugs, you can count of many years with yours.

Care tips for your rug:

List Marker: Number 1The cleaner you keep your floor, the better for your rug. Track less dirt and debris into your home by either removing your shoes before you enter, or having a door mat to wipe your shoes. Vacuum as needed using the flat nozzle.

List Marker: Number 2Clean up spills as soon as possible. This ensures they don’t absorb into the rug, and also that you’re capturing any bacteria. Absorb as much of it as possible with a paper towel. Then rub with a white cloth or towel and, if needed, a drop of soap or colorless detergent mixed with lukewarm water. Finish with clean water and absorb with another paper towel.

List Marker: Number 3If possible, take your rug outside for a good shake every now and again. This lets you clean both sides of the carpet, as well as gives you the space to clean the floor underneath.


We recommend:

Classic – Cream/Blue

So Swedish! The blue stripes add a pinch of color, while the flat weave keeps things looking classic. This is a wonderful rug – and don’t be scared by the blue, the color and pattern complements almost any interior style.


This shaggy carpet is inspired by the Fjords of Norway. The slightly-craggy lines and perfect texture make this one an instant classic. It doesn’t get more Scandi than this.



Solid – Sand/Tobacco

Minimalist with a hint of neutral color that will bring a sense of calm to any room. We love the subtle hue and the stripes at each end as a thoughtful detail.

Nordic Knots is offering our readers an exclusive deal: with every purchase, you’ll get a free wool blanket! Use the code NKBLANKET at checkout to get your gift. Head over to Nordic Knots now to get your rug.

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