Trendy Trend Report: Stockholm Fashion Week AW16

It’s hard to get a sense of the trends outside of a runway during a Scandinavian Autumn/Winter fashion week because people are just so damn covered up. Sure, there’s plenty of great jacket-boot-bag action, but that can really only take you so far, aesthetically. How many ways can you wear a perfectly cut camel overcoat?

Here’s what Stockholm Fashion Week AW16 had to offer:

Bright Red Accents

Minimalism and neutral colors are still alive and well in the Swedish fashion scene, but the addition of bright red piping, shoes and other accents brought a freshness to what would otherwise be a parade of black, beige and white. The pops of red on Whyred‘s separates, the red patent boots from Minimarket and the red that formed a thread through the House of Dagmar collection were among the best.



Tailored + Shaggy

This is a look that Scandinavians have perfected over the years, but this season it seemed to have hit peak. I personally love a bit of done/undone, but I usually do this by pairing tailored clothing with a lazy-person beauty routine (I’m pretending this is all part of a “look” but actually I am just a lazy person). Much easier now that the whole package comes in one outfit!

Bushel – my favorite collection of the season – did this really well with oversized fringe and maxi dress capes. Oh god, you guys that maxi dress cape. STAND paired their fluffy shearling vests and jackets with a cinched waist and sharp separates to similar effect and it looked very shepardess-chic. Ida Klampborn‘s looks managed to combine the tailored & shaggy into one piece dresses. with large billowing shoulders but otherwise fitted throughout (she was also fully on the bright red train).

Tailored + Shaggy - BUSNEL - Stand - Ida Klampborn - Stockholm Fashion Week TREND REPORT AW16 | Scandinavia Standard


Mixing Textures

Because so many of the collections are fairly monochrome – maybe an emerald green or checked pattern breaks the mold on occasion – Swedish designers have become experts at the mixing of textures. This gives you the same impression as mixed colors, only slightly more modern and sophisticated. I particularly liked Whyred‘s patent or metallic leather worn with heavy wool, Stylein‘s full velvet & suede looks and the nearly endless variety of fabrics from Valerie.

TEXTURE - WHYRED - Stylin - Valerie - Stockholm Fashion Week TREND REPORT AW16 | Scandinavia Standard-2-2


The Ever-Shrinking Scandinavian Fashion Week

We’ve only been covering Stockholm & Copenhagen fashion week for 2 years (four seasons) but even to our small comparative pool, they seem to be shrinking. Why this is happening is likely a complex matrix of reasons that, as a non-expert, I can’t possibly begin to speculate on (the global market? It’s the global market, right?). If anyone wants to help me understand the fashion week distinctions around the world, I’m all ears! I suspect it has to do with both market size and export potential, but it could also be that no one likes coming to Stockholm in February, which: fair.

What was your favorite trend of Stockholm Fashion Week? Was there one we missed? Tell is about it in the comments!