Artist Spotlight: Danish Artist Annette Wier

Annette Wier is a Danish-based artist who started her career with a degree in graphic design from The School of Applied Arts. Leaving graphic design and formal studies in her wake, she began her career in Rome, Italy. going on to become a self-taught painter, sculptor, and creator. Weir traveled the world for those first experiences as a passionate young artist. As the expression goes: When in Rome.

“I have always been working as an artist, ever since I was a child” she notes. After her first child Andreas was born, she was faced with the critical choice: pursue art completely or choose another way of life to support her growing family.

“If I was going to do art, I needed to do it when I had my first son because otherwise, I would never do it,” she confesses of the difficult choice she faced.

In the end? She decided to give both roles equal focus; full-time mother, full-time artist.



Top left: “Emerged from water”; Top right: “Arises inside”; Bottom: Natureness; all by Annette Wier


Working from canvas to glass, performance art to poetry, Wier explores art through a variety of mediums. “When you change between materials, you approach a theme from different angles, and you can begin to understand a truth in new ways,” she says.

On any given day, she is inspired by a special feeling or a touch, meeting a new person, seeing a movie, or even just watching an insect. “It doesn’t really matter what it is, I just see something that makes me understand things more – joy or excitement, a bolt of energy,” she explains. And then? Right to the canvas.


Left: “Be like the earth”; Right: Træerne er mine lunger


Annette looks at the world through connection. She works to remove man-made walls that disconnect others from her work, especially through her most recent exhibition, Breathing Together, held at Bredgade Kunsthandel in central Copenhagen.

In this exhibit, through her use of materials, she explores man’s connection to nature. Boundaries are broken and motifs emerge calmly despite a range of sensory stimuli.

“If we see everything as a collective and one, then we see everything as ourselves – and then we should ask, what are we really trying to be free from?” Weir asks.

Elements of glass, silk, and light materials that move organically are interwoven throughout her most recent exhibitions and work, presenting consistent motifs throughout.


Left: “When the green moves”; Right: Rivers flow in me

Wier does not describe her work as particularly Danish nor Scandinavian in style. Despite the commercial preferences of the Danish scene, she doesn’t subscribe to that particular aesthetic. “It doesn’t interest me,” she states.

Annette Wier’s art does not fit in any box; it’s sure to be unlike anything you’ve ever come across. With curiosity and love, Annette’s work evokes serenity and prods at those deeper questions we otherwise avoid.

Catching her on-site is a joy. Her calming disposition, helpful nature, and kind heart are sure to brighten your day.


Visit Annette at her studio:

Galleri Orange

Nordhavnsvej 2C
3000 Helsingør

Opening hours:
Wed – Fri: 12 pm – 5 pm
Sat: 10 am – 2 pm

Or find out more on her website, Instagram, or Facebook.

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