Six Graphic Design Posters We Love

Is graphic design art? If Scandinavian interiors are anything to go by: yes they are. What would have seemed strange only a few years ago – having a single letter framed in your living room – now seems both normal and aesthetically on-trend.

Here are a few of our favorite Scandinavian-made graphic design posters that will look great taped casually above your office space or mounted and framed above the couch:


List Marker: Number 1Playtype

Danish typography foundry and all around design oasis Playtype is our first stop for a really great graphic poster, especially if we’re looking for font design. Given that we’re Scandinavia Standard, this “In Love with Typography 5 – S” is perfect for the office. Take a look at their whole collection for something that suits you best!
Playtype S poster


List Marker: Number 2Emerybloom

A business built on family, sustainable practices and a love of design, these Swedish-made posters are simple as they are lovely. The “Cyklist” poster does it for us; minimalist yet evocative and strong.
Emerybloom Cyklist graphic poster | Scandinavia Standard


List Marker: Number 3Oh Yeah Studio

Setting themselves apart through cross-media collaborations and a mix of graphic design and hand-drawn illustration, the Norwegian Oh Yeah Studio brings art & design together perfectly. Their limited-edition “Composition 1” poster is a study of shapes and shadows that manages to be both random and calming.
Oh Yeah Studio Composition 1 Graphic Poster | Scandinavia Standard


List Marker: Number 4I Love My Type

Posters with longer text aren’t for everyone but we love the inspirational message and origin-story of this beloved Danish brand. The monochrome “Love The Process” poster is one of their first and, we think, still one of their best. It’s a daily reminder to draw strength from even the hardest moments in the process of life.
I love my type love the process poster


List Marker: Number 5Kristina Krogh Studio

Minimalist design doesn’t have to  mean sparse or monochrome. Kristina Krogh’s “Levels – Beige & Copper” proves that with its color scheme, texture and visual movement. The hint of metallic foil means that it changes as the light hits it, or as you move around a room.
Kristina Krogh - Levels Graphic Poster | Scandinavia Standard


List Marker: Number 6Daniel Carsten

Uber-talented Swedish graphic designer & art director Carsten does a wonderful job of balancing whimsical and minimalist. His posters of paper food are both funny and visually dynamic, like this “Brunch de Ville” poster. Check out his site for a myriad of other fantastic work, including a gorgeous invite to an Acne Paper launch.
Daniel Carste - Brunch De Ville graphic poster | Scandinavia Standard


What do you have hanging in your home or office? Other graphic designs you can’t get wait frame? Tell us about them (and show us!) in the comments.



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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.