Best Running Races and Events in Copenhagen for 2020

Running in Copenhagen can be a casual thing, or you can get serious about it: running clubs, races, and other events are a big part of the city’s sports scene.

Whether you’re looking to run in a casual way or want to train for a major event, we’ve got the list of ways for you to get out there and enjoy the fresh air!

These are the best running races and events for Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2020:

Thanks go to Ole from Run Buddy Copenhagen for contributing to this list. We couldn’t recommend him enough if you’re looking for a running pal when visiting Copenhagen.

DAC Arkitekturløb


3rd May 2020


5 or 10 km

UPDATE: This race has been postponed until September 27th due to coronavirus.
This course is special, usually running through buildings where you’d normally not be able to do so. If you’re a runner who also loves architecture, this is definitely for you!



Color Run Copenhagen


4th May 2020


5 km

UPDATE: This race has been postponed until September 12th due to coronavirus.
Copenhagen’s beloved fun run is always a good time. The atmosphere is joyful; this is a great race for those just starting out, those who just want to dip their toes into running, or younger runners.



Copenhagen Marathon


17th May 2020


42,2 km

UPDATE: This race has been canceled due to coronavirus. The 2021 edition will be held on May 16th.
This is a rather fast course with a pretty good crowd. The course itself is not really spectacular from a sightseeing point of view, but certainly shows off the major parts of Copenhagen. Weather happens to have been remarkably hot on marathon Sunday for quite a few years, so let’s hope it cools down a touch for this year!


Copenhagen Marathon Course Map




Ørestad Bjergløb


5th June 2020


5 or 12 (ish) km

UPDATE: This race has been canceled due to coronavirus. The 2021 edition will be held on June 5th.
This race takes place in and on some of the tallest buildings of Ørestaden on Amager.
It’s not a sensible race, with far too many stairs and ramps and turns, and it will never be your fastest race, but it’s quite spectacular. And if the stairs don’t take your breath away, the views will!



Alt For Damernes Kvindeløb


7th – 9th June


5, 10 or 15 km

The self-described “hyggeligste” race in Denmark, this women’s event can be done in 5, 10, or 15 km. It can be run or walked, so it’s ideal for those who aren’t looking to run but want a chance to get some great exercise and fresh air.


Etape København


15th – 19th June 2020


42,2 km in total

This marathon is run in five evening stages in different parts of the city every week day. Runners can participate in one or more stages, not necessarily all of them. It’s a great way to approach a marathon for those who are first-timers, or just want something a little different than the typical long distance race. This one will be sure to give you a runner’s high (check out all those smiles in their gallery!).



DHL Stafetten


24th – 28th August 2020


5 km relay

This 5×5 km relay takes place in Fælledparken. Be warned, it is HUGE; more than 100,000 people signed up in 2019. It’s mostly attended by companies, but any five-person team can sign up. To a lot of companies, this is the picnic of the year, so it’s perhaps just as much a social thing as it is a race. There’s a walk too.



Asta Maries 24-timers løb


Early September


100 km

This race offers a little something different. It’s a small race around Sortedamssøen that can be done in 6, 12, or 24 hours and ultimately covers 100 km. The route is simple and lovely.


Copenhagen Half Marathon


13th September 2020


21 km

This is arguably the fastest half marathon in the world, as a world record was set in 2019. There’s always a nice crowd; this is a fun and much-beloved race by the locals. The Copenhagen Half Marathon sold out last year, so remember that you need to get in quick for 2021!





4th October 2020


13.3 km

One of Denmarks oldest races, taking place in Dyrehaven. If you’re a Copenhagen runner, this is traditionally where you earn your spurs. The course is a bit hilly for Copenhagen conditions, and it’s beautiful, but can be a bit crowded.



CPH Coast Half Marathon


25th October 2020


21, 10, and family 5 km

This stunning half marathon offers incomparable vistas. Start at Sydvestpynten then run along the coast until you reach Vestamager, where you’re greeted by a wide expanse of charming meadow. It really doesn’t get any better! This year, the race’s state aim is to collect winter clothes for the homeless, so bring some warm clothes to donate at the starting point if you can.


Copenhagen Park Runs

There are park runs at Amager Fælled, Amager Strandpark, and Fælledparken every Saturday at 9 am. They are free, and a great opportunity to time your 5K.


Races outside of Copenhagen



20th March 2020


5, 10, and 21 km

This race starts at Greve Stadium and takes place over a 10 k course in Hundige and Greve. In addition to the races, there is a 6 km walk and a 4 km run for children. This is a large, fun race in which many people take part. A great way to get the whole family involved in a running or exercise event!




1st November 2020


6, 10, and 21 km

Taking place in Store Dyrehave, a forest near Hillerød, this “forest marathon” is run on a dirt path. You usually get lovely crisp weather and a backdrop of leaves changing colors; definitely a beautiful race!

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