Best Scandinavian Headphones for Every Day

Headphones are an item you need to use multiple times a day: on your commute, at work, at the gym, while you’re doing the dishes. They should be high-quality, long-lasting and, for the aesthetically-sensitive, beautiful. Though there are many in-ear and over-ear headphones on the market that, it can be difficult to find a pair that looks as good as the sound they provide. Luckily Denmark and Sweden have a strong headphone game that includes a minimalist aesthetic and some of the best brands in the industry.

Here are our favorite Scandinavian headphones:


For luxury and looks, nothing beats Beoplay, an offshoot of Danish design royalty Bang & Olufsen. Their headphones are expensive, but they’re also gorgeous, made to last, and have lots of extra features like wireless play (including their in-ear buds), bluetooth and leather details for additional comfort.

We recommend

→ In-ear E4 Earbuds in Black → Over-ear H9 in Natural



AIAIAI is a Danish brand making headphones that are the height of fashionable minimalism. In addition to their great look, the headphones can be customised for whatever your particular needs are – heightened bass, wider soundscape, whatever. For the quality and durability, the price points are very fair.

We recommend

→ In-ear Pipe Earphones in Black → Over-ear TMA-2 All Around Preset in Black


Sudio Sweden

Named after the Phil Collins song “Sussudio,” Sudio is producing headphones that fit an active, city-based life. The Tre in-ear headphones have an extra wing tip to hold the bud in place, so they’re great for working out or people on-the-go. The gold detailing on the Regent over-ear headphones give them a little extra oomph; they’re both minimalist and a bit glamorous.

We recommend

→ In-ear The Vasa Bluetooth in Blue → Over-ear The Regent in Black


Urban Ears

Good quality, clean look and great price points: Urban Ears is the Swedish audio company combining slick design with accessibility.

We recommend

→ In-ear Sumpan in Grey → Over-ear Plattan 2 in Black



Libratone has set itself apart in the audio world with unique design and a focus on portability for both their headphones and speakers. Both in and over-ear headphones are extremely comfortable as well as beautiful.

We recommend

→ In-ear Q Adapt In-Ear Headphones in Cloudy White → Over-ear Q Adapt On-Ear Headphones in Stormy Black



Known worldwide as a top-tier speaker company, Marshall makes great headphones as well. Their Mode in-ear headphone has a rubber coating that makes them tangle-resistant, which is reason enough to buy them! While it’s true that Marshall wasn’t founded in Scandinavia, they are licensed by Swedish audio industry giant Zounds Industries, so they make the Scandi cut.

We recommend

→ In-ear Mode in Black → Over-ear Major II in Black



Molami focuses on fashion-forward headphones that provide both high-quality sound and a visually interesting shape. If you’re looking for a more unique headphone style while maintaining a monochrome palette, these are for you!

We recommend

→ In-ear Stitch in White and Copper → Over-ear Plica in Black



Based out of an old brewery in Stockholm, Sweden, JAYS makes an array of hardworking, high-quality headphones that will look great and last for years.

We recommend

→ In-ear A-Jays Five in Black → Over-ear u-Jays Wireless in White on Silver



Danish audio brand Kreafunk makes fun and funky headphones that look unique and chic. They’re well-priced, sound great, and come in a range of colors.

We recommend

→ In-ear aGem Headphones in White → Over-ear aHead Wireless Headphones in Light Grey

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