Cool Danish Shoe Brands to Know

Danish fashion is becoming more and more internationally popular, and as Danish fashion brands grow, Danish accessories brands are enjoying the same trajectory. From fashion sneakers to high heels, from men’s and women’s shoes to shoes for kids, there’s something for everyone in this list of the coolest Danish footwear.

Given that the Danish weather can be…finicky, at best, Danes tend to take their footwear seriously.

Here are the best Danish shoe brands to know:

List Marker: Number 1Yvonne Koné

Danish designer Yvonne Koné makes minimalism cool with her sleek bags and shoes. She originated the high-fashion bum bag, and her shoes do the same: classic silhouettes in high-quality materials and a variety of colors that make them perfect for every day and occasion-wear. Her gorgeous shop on Store Strandstraede in Copenhagen is worth a visit for the interior alone, but you’ll definitely find some tempting accessories once you’re inside.



Yvonne Koné




List Marker: Number 2Ecco

Ecco is Denmark’s largest shoe brand and is available worldwide. They’re known for both on-trend shoes and classic looks for both men and women, particularly their sneakers and other comfortable iterations of timeless designs. If you want a reliable shoe at a reasonable price you can wear every day, Ecco is the place to look.





List Marker: Number 3Billi Bi

Trend-based shoe brand Billi Bi makes good quality, fashionable shoes and boots for women. They’re usually a bit more ornate than your typical Danish shoe, and reasonably-priced, so they speak to the not-so-minimalist contingent of Danish fashion.


Billi Bi




List Marker: Number 4Bartels Since 1920

Eva Bartels resurrected her family shoe business, and thank goodness she did! Her joyful, unexpected shoes are handmade in Italy in a tiny family-run factory. She uses deadstock fabric, including some from vintage Italian parasols. The production numbers are small, so scoop up the shoes you like before they’re gone.


Bartels Since 1920



List Marker: Number 5Roccamore

Making high heels comfortable? What an idea! Roccamore set out with a mission and, amazingly, they seem to have done it. Their heels come in classic and occasionally retro-feeling silhouettes, and a playful range of colors. If you can’t get enough of high heels but your feet are angry with you, give Roccamore a try.





List Marker: Number 6Vinny’s

Founded by Virgil Nicholas, branding and marketing specialist of his own firm, Courtesy de V, Vinny’s has a simple mission: make the perfect loafer. Well, they seem to have succeeded. So what’s next for the ultra-cool brand?





Keep up to date on with Vinny’s latest drop with their Instagram and website.



List Marker: Number 7Gardenia Copenhagen

From heels to boots, Gardenia is a trusted name in Danish footwear. The brand was originally launched in 1941, when founder Herman Gutkin made wooden clogs from a basement in Nørrebro. In the 50s, the company began making high heels. They became very popular, and all these years later Gardenia is still producing fashionable, well-made footwear.


Gardenia Copenhagen




List Marker: Number 8The Last Conspiracy

These top quality shoes combine Nordic minimalism with Portuguese craftsmanship. Their shoes are the kind that just get better with age; their boots in particular are made to last a lifetime and mold to the shape of your foot as you wear them. In addition to their high-end women’s and men’s collections, they’ve done a collaboration with Ecco on some very sleep, slightly avant garde sneakers and sandals.


The Last Conspiracy



List Marker: Number 9Angulus

Launched in 1904, Angulus creates shoes for men, women, and children. They’re best known for their winter boots, which are ubiquitous on adults and children throughout Denmark during the colder months. Their children’s boots are wonderful – hearty footwear that will keep kids warm through the winter and won’t break.






Danish sneaker brands

List Marker: Number 10ARKK Copenhagen

ARKK brings Danish design to sneakers in an innovative and high-tech way. Their men’s and women’s sneakers have soles specially developed for ARKK, and their silhouettes are all inspired by Danish architecture. These definitely fall into the category of cool streetwear and fashion sneakers for men and women – they’re functional sneakers that aren’t really made for technical performance, but they’re extremely sleek and comfortable. If you want true Copenhagen style for your feet, this is it!


ARKK Copenhagen



List Marker: Number 11Woden

With the tagline “Scandinavian sneakers” Woden has made it pretty clear what they’re all about: well-designed, fashionable sneakers. They also have a range of boots, but sneakers are their main product. Woden makes shoes for women, teens, and children.






List Marker: Number 12Garment Project

Known for their minimalist sneakers, Garment Project makes the kind of casual shoes that you could easily wear into work (unless you’re in a particularly corporate office) or pair with a suit without looking out of place. They make both women’s and men’s casual sneakers, mostly in leather and suede.


Garment Project



Danish designer shoe brands

List Marker: Number 13Ganni

Ganni is one of the only contemporary Danish fashion brands to have crossed over worldwide, and they’re mostly known for their cool-girl, irreverent clothes. Their shoes, however, are also consistently best sellers. Want the shoes you’ll see on all the fashion cool kids? Then check out Ganni.






List Marker: Number 14Stine Goya

Whimsical, colorful, and full of pattern; Stine Goya’s clothes and accessories don’t lean towards typical Danish minimalism. Her shoes are the same: playful and bold.


Stine Goya




List Marker: Number 15By Malene Birger

By Malene Birger’s shoe collection runs the gambit each season from simple and functional to party-ready. They usually have a sneaker or two in the mix, then produce boots, sandals, or heels in addition, depending on the season. They’re better known as a high-quality and fashion-forward womenwear brand, but pay attention to their shoes too and you’ll find some gems.


By Malene Birger




List Marker: Number 16Wood Wood

Though Wood Wood sells multiple shoe brands through their stores and website, they also produce their own shoes on occasion, and they’re really good.Their collaborations with adidas and Ellesse are just weird enough to be real fashion footwear, but still wearable. Their Benny Boot, which has become a Copenhagen classic since it launched, is the Copenhagen fashion version of the classic Timberland boot: thick and durable, with a workwear-meets-hypebeast vibe.


Wood Wood



List Marker: Number 17Ivylee Copenhagen

Ivylee shoes are a blend of fun and functional, making them an an easy choice for those who want high-quality footwear that’s a bit playful and still reasonably affordable.


Ivylee Copenhagen



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