Join Us For the Scandinavia Standard x CIFF Panel on Diversity in Danish Fashion

Copenhagen Fashion Week autumn-winter 2020 season takes place 28th – 31st January 2020. This season, Scandinavia Standard has partnered with Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) to hold a panel discussion, exhibition, and reception on diversity and inclusion in the Danish fashion industry.

In the past, we have written about the lack of diversity and inclusion in Danish fashion across categories – model representation, management, design theory, and more.

While Danish fashion has positioned itself as a first-mover in terms of environmental sustainability, the industry lags behind in body diversity, racial diversity, ability diversity, and gender representations. In order to be at the cutting-edge of the ways in which the fashion industry is changing for the better, Copenhagen Fashion Week, and Danish fashion generally, must prioritize these issues.

This season’s event will focus on exploring these questions in an impactful and solution-driven way. How does these issues affect real people on a day-to-day basis? How can we begin to agitate for change? What does change even look like?

The panel talk, which will be held at Scandinavia’s largest fashion fair, CIFF in Bella Center, will delve into these questions and more with a group of panelists who are not only industry experts, but have personal experience with these topics. The panelists are:

– Moussa Mchangama, former fashion editor and co-founder of In futurum
– Vincent Beier, model and gender activist
– Heidi Laura, journalist and podcaster

Each participant brings a rich and unique perspective to the group. The panel will be moderated by actress and fashion personality Amelia Hoy.

The exhibition held in the space is by Zozo Ntokazi Mposula, the photographer behind My Beautiful People, a project featuring Afro- Scandinavian street style.

There will be a reception with drinks, light bites, and good conversation to follow. All are welcome; this is a family-friendly event.



Scandinavia Standard x CIFF panel on diversity in Danish fashion

Wednesday 29th January
5:00 – 6:30 pm

Bella Center

Second Floor, B5 (Village)
Center Boulevard 5
2300 København S

This event is free to attend! All you have to do is register here so that you can enter CIFF. Please note that this event takes place at B5 on the second floor. Space is limited so don’t wait to register.

If you have any questions or want to find out more, please reach out to us at [email protected]

This event is co-hosted and funded by CIFF. See more CIFF events this season.