Six Stockholm Fashion Blogs You’ll Love, Volume 2

Oh Swedish fashion, will we ever tire of you? Probably not. With a range of styles this varied, there’s something for everyone in Stockholm’s prolific blogging scene.

Here’s the next edition of fashion blogs from Stockholm:

Hilda Sandström

A stylist as well as a blogger, Hilda’s site is full of trends, inspiration and moody shoots of herself in her signature slightly undone, minimalist style.



Angelica Blick

Angelica Blick started up in 2011 and has been winning awards ever since. Though she’s mostly focused on fashion, there’s a dash of interior, beauty and travel thrown in for good measure. Her images are immaculate and her outfits are, well…also immaculate.



Fanny Lyckman

Fanny shows another side of Scandinavian style – less minimalist and more bombshell. She’s great at combining the feminine with streetwear and still making it look put-together. She’s been around for years and shows no signs of slowing down!



Nim Sundström

Nim models, creates videos and takes fabulous, minimalist photos. She also has a pretty slick Instagram. Not really a blogger – more of an all-purpose creative, but her platforms are inspiring in a similar, extremely visual way.

nim sundstrom by frida vega


Rami Hanna

While not a blogger in the traditional sense, Rami’s website and Instagram are both full of street style inspiration. He’s the creator of Ins/po, which showcases fashion inspiration.



Tobias Sikström

Blogging for Swedish men’s fashion magazine, King Magazine, Tobias is the quintessential European man’s blogger. Be prepared for crisp suits, perfectly tailored coats, monochrome coloring, and a really great head of hair.



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