The Warmest Winter Coats to Buy Now

What does it take to make a really great, warm winter coat? For those living in Scandinavia, a winter coat needs to be able to handle intense cold, whipping winds, constant rain, and, depending on how far north you lihve, snow. In short: it needs to be a tough coat.

Coats for winter also need to be durable, because they are often a financial investment, so they should last for many years to come.

Finally, they should look good (obviously)! Everyone has different style needs, from bright colors to long lengths to fun patterns to minimalist silhouettes. Some people love a simple black winter coat, while others want something a little louder.

Our round-up of warm winter coats have a bit of something for everyone. These coats aren’t all waterproof, but they’re all made to withstand cold temperatures and have timeless style that will look good from one winter to the next.

There are the warmest coats for winter that will make every cold day a bit easier to handle:

List Marker: Number 1Rains Winter Coats

Known for their excellent raincoats and waterproof backpacks, Danish brand Rains has become a favorite over the years for those who need technical gear but want to stay stylish.

Their foray into winter parkas keeps the waterproof element and adds strong insulation while remaining lightweight. Great for people who know they’ll be outside a lot, regardless of the weather – we’re looking at you, bike commuters!


We love

Their classic Alta puffer jacket (for men and women), which also comes in a longer version (for men and women also).


Rains Men’s Coats


A man in a warm grey puffer jacket holding a backpack.A woman in a green puffer jacket standing on a white background wearing a warm coat.



Rains Women’s Coats


A man wearing a warm blue puffer jacket for winter.A man in a warm pink puffer jacket and camouflage pants.



List Marker: Number 266°North Winter Coats

Coats so warm that they’re used by the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR)? Yeah, that probably means they can handle just about any weather conditions. So it’s no surprise that 66°North is one of our most highly recommended brands for everything from backpacks to puffer coats.

Their winter parkas are serious stuff. Waterproof, heavily insulated, and long-lasting. Basically, everything you want in a heavy-duty winter coat. Take a look at their selection of puffers and parkas – all of which are gender-neutral – to find a style and color you love.


66°North Winter Coats




List Marker: Number 1Samsøe Samsøe Winter Coats

Danish fashion brand Samsøe Samsøe always has a good selection of winter coats that range from trendy to timeless. Their collaboration with technical fabric producer GOR-TEX offers true weather-proof items: these coats are water-repellant, windproof, breathable, and insulated for low temperatures.


Samsøe Samsøe Men Coats




Samsøe Samsøe Women Coats




List Marker: Number 4GANNI Winter Coats

Popular with the cool kids, GANNI may not be the brand you’d think of for a warm winter coat. But they actually have an impressive selection! Combining fashion-forward silhouettes and details with technical materials and weather-proofing, GANNI winter coats aren’t made to last a single season, they’re investment coats that will stay stylish for years to come.


GANNI Winter Coats



List Marker: Number 5Peak Performance Winter Coats

Swedish technical-wear brand Peak Performance has a huge selection of puffer coats and parkas that are great for winter; most are waterproof or repellant, as well as windproof and quite lightweight. The look is athletic and not trend-driven, but these coats will keep you warm and dry for many, many winters.


Peak Performance Women Coats




Peak Performance Men Coats




List Marker: Number 6Helly Hansen Winter Coats

We can all agree that a Norwegian ski and outdoor apparel brand definitely knows how to make a good winter coat. Founded in 1877 by Helly Juell Hansen, Helly Hansen is recognised as one of the most functional outdoor brands in Scandinavia.

While any of their winter coats will keep you warm through the winter, their Artic Patrol Parka, both the modular and regular versions, is just about the warmest you can get. It even has a “Life Pocket” to ensure that your phone doesn’t die due to extreme cold. Now that’s modern thinking!


Helly Hansen Men Coats




Helly Hansen Women Coats




List Marker: Number 7Rodebjer Winter Coats

Looking for a winter coat that’s sieek and minimalist, but still warm enough for the coldest days in the city? Rodebjer’s range of coats look great and are exceptionally high-quality, for long-lasting coats you’ll feel good in.


Rodebjer Winter Coats



List Marker: Number 8Fjällraven Winter Coats

You probably already know the iconic Fjällraven Kånken backpack, but did you know the Swedish outdoor brand also makes excellent outerwear? In addition to making men’s and women’s coats, they also make coats for kids, so the whole family can stay warm.

Though they have a selection of heavy down coats, they also have synthetic down and synthetic fur for those who want vegan winter coat options.


Fjällraven Kånken Men Coats




Fjällraven Kånken Women Coats




List Marker: Number 9Patagonia Winter Coats

There are two (very good) reasons to purchase products from Patagonia. First, they make top-quality items, including their parkas and winter coats. Second, the company itself is one of the most ethical and sustainable around, from their production and supply chain to the way they treat their employees.

Already have a pretty good winter coat but need something else to make it truly warm? Try the Patagonia vests and fleeces, which function as ideal under-layers for your mid-weight winter coats.


Patagonia Women Coats




Patagonia Men Coats



List Marker: Number 10The North Face Winter Coats

Perhaps no brand better bridges technical fabric with streetwear style than The North Face. From their classic puffer coats to more colorful and playful options, The North Face winter coats are the kind that you have for years and never get tired of.


North Face Men Coats




North Face Women Coats




List Marker: Number 11Acne Studios Winter Coats

When you want high fashion but also want to stay warm: Swedish fashion brand Acne Studios has you covered! Their winter coats


Acne Studios Men Coats




Acne Studios Women Coats



List Marker: Number 12Marimekko Winter Coats

You might be surprised to find Marimekko on this list, but what else could you expect from one of Finland’s favorite brands? Their winters, after all, are no joke. Marimekko’s selection of winter coats has always been excellent, from thick down puffers to sleek wool overcoats.

Their puffers in particular are really great, with lots of insulation and playful patterns that set them apart from your typical winter coat.


Marimekko Winter Coats




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