The Warmest Scarves You Need This Winter

A thick, warm scarf is an essential item for winter. Whether you’re only outside for short stretches of time or need something to protect your neck while you cycle to work, there are plenty of scarves that can do the job while keeping you looking stylish.

In Scandinavia, winter doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style for warmth. With a cozy wool or cashmere scarf, you can have the best of both worlds. Plus, who doesn’t love wrapping themselves up in a soft and luxurious scarf like a warm, cuddly blanket? Now that’s hygge! There are plenty of wool winter scarves and cashmere winter scarves that will ensure your neck is protected from the wind, snow, and rain.

What type of scarf is warmest?

While it often has to do with the thickness of the scarf itself, wool and cashmere scarves tend to be the warmest scarf material. Wool is a natural material that is renewable, biodegradable, and has excellent thermal properties. While cashmere fibers are extremely fine and lightweight, which allows them to trap air and provide excellent insulation.

These are the warmest scarves for winter to keep you cosy and chic through even the coldest weather:

List Marker: Number 1Acne Studios Scarves

The Acne scarf is a Scandi classic, and for good reason. This wool scarf is long enough to wrap around your neck a few times, and is seriously warm. This a scarf that looks good for years to come without serious pilling or noticeable wear if properly cared for; it’s an investment but it’s worth it.


Acne Studios Fringe Scarf



List Marker: Number 2Organic Basics Scarves

Danish sustainable clothing brand Organic Basics makes a lovely selection of basics including activewear, swimwear, sweatpants, and more. Their scarves are high-quality and exactly what our need to survive the Scandinavian winter.

Plus they’re made from recycled wool and cashmere so you can feel good about the sustainability factor.


Organic Basics Recycled Wool & Cashmere Scarves

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List Marker: Number 3Holzweiler fringed striped knitted scarf

Norwegian fashion giants Holzweiler actually started as a scarf company, and the excellent quality of these pieces makes it clear why. Though they do a range of single colors, we love their striped patterns. It adds a bit of color and texture to your winter outfit, while also keeping you toasty. This scarf is blend of mohair, alpaca, and sheep’s wool, making it one of the warmest scarves around.


Holzweiler Scarves


List Marker: Number 4And Other Stories Scarves

These scarves add a bit of chic cosiness to every outfit. Find the color, thickness, and style that suits your personal look.


And Other Stories Scarves



List Marker: Number 5Marimekko Scarves

With the Marimekko Unikko pattern, these scarves makes for a real statement piece. Luckily, they’re all very warm too! Great for travelling and using as a shawl when on the run.


Marimekko Scarves



List Marker: Number 6Arket Scarves

Arket’s scarves are highly-durable and insulating. These every day scarves bring warmth, functionality, and style to any outfit. Their wool and cashmere scarves are perfect for colder weather and provide excellent insulation.


ARKET Scarves



List Marker: Number 7COS Scarves

COS makes scarves that are both minimalist and sleek, so they’re great for professional wear or adding to a formal outfit in the winter. Need a great scarf for daily wear? They’re good for that too, thanks to their durability, functionality, and the way they look great with a number of outfits and styles.


COS Scarves



List Marker: Number 8UNIQLO HEATTECH Scarves

UNIQLO’s HEATTECH is created with warming and insulating features, making it perfect for all your winter basics. Their scarves are soft to the touch and will keep your neck toasty all winter. HEATTECH products are long-lasting, os you’ll have this scarf for years to come, and the price is excellent.


UNIQLO Heattech Scarf



List Marker: Number 9ASOS Scarves

ASOS has an array of great scarves, including ones from their in-house brand. We particularly like the ASOS DESIGN blanket scarf (€25) for the nearly absurd level of cosiness and pop of color. Whether you’re looking for a chic silk scarf or something really insulating, ASOS has something for you.


ASOS Scarves




List Marker: Number 1010 Thousand Villages Fair Trade Scarves

Made by Nepalese artisans, the mountaintops blanket scarf with its zig-zag pattern blue and white pattern is long and extremely warm. It’s made from 100% wool and adds a pop of pattern to your outfit. Please note that this scarf is only available for delivery in the US and Canada.


10 Thousand Villages Fair Trade Scarves



List Marker: Number 11Monki Scarves

Swedish cool kids brand Monki has released “All the Feels,” their collection that encourages people to talk about the ways in which social media can have a positive and negative effect on mental health. The collection is in collaboration with Mental Health Europe, with a portion of the proceeds going to support their work in mental health awareness. This thick, warm scarf comes with three velcro patches: “worrier,” “warrior,” and simple metallic badge. Choose how you’re feeling that day and wear it as a way to share with others.


Monki Scarves


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