Best of 2018: The Ten Most Read Scandinavia Standard Articles

What a year it’s been. We’re ready to say goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019 with open arms. It’s always nice to look back, however, and take stock of what the past year has meant to you.

At Scandinavia Standard, we celebrated our five year birthday, launched a travel app, and dove even deeper into all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) things Scandinavia has to offer. We hope we’ve brought you new information and inspiration over the course of the year. If there’s anything you’ve missed, catch up with our “best of” list!

These were our most popular articles on Scandinavia throughout 2018. Happy reading!

List Marker: Number 1A Guide to the Best Brunch Spots in Copenhagen

It’s no mystery why this article would do well: people LOVE BRUNCH. They love it! And luckily, there’s lots of great spots to enjoy it in Copenhagen. How many of these places can you get to in 2019?


List Marker: Number 2Best Scandinavian Watch Brands to Know

This article was actually published in 2017 but we added a few new brands this year, including Danish watch brands Nordgreen and Larsen & Eriksen, both which produce beautiful, minimalist watches and affordable price points. It continues to be one of our most popular articles, proving that people love functional, aesthetically-pleasing design. There’s even a discount on Nordgreen inside for you!


List Marker: Number 3The Best Scandinavian Backpacks to Buy Now

Backpacks aren’t just for kids anymore! These are the most chic and useful ones we’ve found, great for cycling and good in any weather.


List Marker: Number 4The Best of Copenhagen Fashion Week Street Style AW18

Street style in Copenhagen is always intriguing; there’s an incredible range of fashion looks, from the hyper-mininalist to the colorful and patterned. Copenhagen Fashion Week is the perfect time to capture lots of great looks – people are out and about and dressed to the nines. Enjoy these candid portraits!


List Marker: Number 5An Open Letter: The Problem with “Fem-Ale” Beer from Mikkeller x Girls Are Awesome

Danish craft beer giants Mikkeller and Bitchslap Magazine-founded platform Girls Are Awesome released a beer collaboration this year called “Fem-Ale,” meant to poke fun at the idea that women need gendered beer. This open letter details why they missed the mark.


List Marker: Number 6Take a Tour of the Oslo Opera House

Been wanting to go to Oslo but haven’t found the time yet? Get a peek at the interior and exterior the famous Oslo Opera House, designed by Norwegian architecture and design firm Snøhetta. Did you know you can walk on the roof?


List Marker: Number 7The White Room: Miriam and Morten’s Amager House

Home tours are one of our favorite ways to see how people incorporate Scandinavian design into their lives. This tour of a house in the southern neighborhood of Amager in Copenhagen is the perfect mix of minimalist, mid-century modern, artistic, and kid-friendly.


List Marker: Number 8Say Hello to Our Scandinavian Travel App!

Did you know we launched a Scandinavian travel app this year? It’s got over 600 locations across the give capital cities: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Reykjavik, and Helsinki. If you’re visiting as a tourist or just want to get to know your city better, we offer the best in food and drink, culture, shopping, and outdoor spaces.


List Marker: Number 9Find These Six Hidden Passages of Copenhagen

We take you on a tour of the coolest hidden passages around Copenhagen. Get on your bike or lace up your walking shoes and get ready to see some sneaky alleys and side-streets.


What is Janteløven?

If you’ve ever wondered what the oft-used Scandinavian word “janteløven” is all about, this article is a quick primer. The concept of not standing out from the crowd is ingrained in Scandinavian societies – and the results are both positive and negative.


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