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The Best Scandinavian Haircare Brands to Know

There are so many Scandinavian haircare products on the market that can help keep your mane feeling and looking healthy, even with the often cold and dry weather. When looking at the Scandinavian hair brand selection, clean ingredients are front and center. The demand for more transparency is increasing and buyers want to know where ingredients come frbom and how products are manufactured.

Many consumers are looking for fewer but better products that have multi-tasking properties. That means high-quality products that give true results. Like many other areas of Scandinavian living, simplicity is key in haircare. To achieve the look, enhance your natural texture rather than changing your look completely.

Scandinavians love their aesthetically-pleasing bathrooms, and haircare products are often used as decorations on the shelves. While beautiful packaging may catch the eye, it’s the quality, transparency, and story behind the brand that keeps customers coming back.



In the past, products for straight and thin hair domisnated the market in Scandinavia, leaving individuals with curly and Afro-hair with limited choice. There has been a clear lack of consideration for diverse hair types leaving people desperate for products that work for them. This is slowly changing, with more BIPOC-owned haircare brands popping up. There is still a long way to go but it is exciting to see new brands celebrating all types of hair as well as educating consumers about how to enhance hair texture and type.

We’ve rounded up the best Scandinavian haircare brands for whatever your hair and scalp may need:


Swedish Haircare Brands

List Marker: Number 1Ceremonia

Founded by Swedish-Latinx businesswoman Babba Rivera in 2020, Ceremonia celebrates Latinx heritage. Powered by ingredients native to Latin America, Ceremonia’s products unlock your best hair days.

The Pequi Curl Activator Serum gives excellent curl definition with a surprisingly weightless formula. The award-winning Aceite de Moska Hair Oil nurtures the scalp with intense moisture, promotes hair growth, and enhances shine. Healthy and strong hair starts at the scalp and Ceremonia makes sure we take care of it with mindful rituals.





List Marker: Number 2Maria Nila Stockholm

Maria Nila uses organic plant-based ingredients specifically selected for their proven long-lasting results in Scandinavian haircare. In addition to their high-quality products, Maria Nila is also a trailblazer when it comes to animal rights and environmental commitment. Maria Nila’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free items make it easier to take a step closer to a more natural and sustainable way of consuming hair products.

Their Eco Therapy Revive Masque deeply hydrates the scalp and conditions the hair from root to top, leaving the hair silky soft.


Maria Nila Stockholm




List Marker: Number 3Sachajuan

Swedish brand Sachajuan has been around for more than two decades. Their philosophy of simplifying haircare and making hairstyling more effortless (as well as their stunning, minimalist packaging) has earned them a cult following.

One of their bestsellers, the Leave-In Conditioner, gives you bouncy locks without weighing your hair down thanks to the super-light and oil-free formula.






List Marker: Number 4ZEIT Care

ZEIT care was founded in Sweden by two friends with the mission of sharing their Moroccan traditions and heritage. They aim to show the best way to take care of your hair depending on what hair type you have, with ingredients that are both organic and vegan.

The founders want to ensure fair working conditions and the highest quality while sourcing their ingredients sustainability from Morocco. ZEIT Care’s hair guide helps you understand how to combine the different oils for your hair type so you find the perfect match.






List Marker: Number 5Under Your Skin

Founded by mother-daughter duo Christina and Lovisa Hahn, Under Your Skin is a natural beauty brand with a focus on sustainability, based in Stockholm, Sweden. The realization that everything we put on our skin ends up under it started a journey to create natural, effective products with no harmful chemicals.

Their latest innovation, the Hair Growth Kit, naturally stimulates the hair follicles and prevents hair loss. It also improves hair density and thickness.


Under Your Skin



List Marker: Number 6BRUNS Products

Handmade in Sweden, BRUNS Products are vegan, cruelty-free, and natural. Founded by two hairdressers, Johanna Lindskoug and Cecilia Gärding, their mission is to create sustainable haircare solutions that are kind to your hair and the environment.

Their Hair Treatment 20 smells heavenly and deeply hydrates the hair and scalp. Small batches ensure the highest quality and effectiveness of their products. Aside from the quality and effectiveness of their products, BRUNS is committed to sustainability, prioritizing using biodegradable and recyclable packaging materials, reducing their overall environmental impact.






List Marker: Number 7L:A Bruket

L:A Bruket has been developing organic formulas that protect and nurture since 2008. Their goal has been to formulate fine-quality Scandinavian haircare, skin, and body products using mindfully sourced ingredients inspired by the nature of the Swedish West Coast.

Treat yourself to their 234 Hair Mask that nourishes the hair and scalp with broccoli seed oil, jojoba oil, and birch extract.


L:A Bruket




Danish Haircare Brands

List Marker: Number 8Nuori

Niche Copenhagen-based brand Nuori has applied their expertise in freshly-blended skincare to develop a line of haircare products that are highly active, fresh, and pure. Formulated with naturally-derived ingredients, the line gives love to the scalp which in turn transforms the hair from the root, giving long-lasting results.





List Marker: Number 9Scandianvian Biolabs

Scandinavian Biolabs is a game-changer in the haircare scene, focusing on powerful, natural, and effective hair growth solutions, perfect for those experiencing hair loss. Born from a passion for sustainability and innovation, their plant-based formulas cater to both men and women seeking to combat balding and achieve healthier locks.

The Hair Growth Serum, a bestseller hair loss treatment, is a miracle-worker for hair density and strength. With key ingredients like biotin, amino acids, and nourishing vitamins, Scandinavian Biolabs ues more natural ingredients to addresses common concerns like receding hairlines, bald spots, and hair thinning. By embracing eco-friendly practices and harnessing the power of nature, this brand is revolutionizing the way we approach haircare and hair regrowth.


Scandianvian Biolabs



What are the side effects of Scandinavian Biolabs hair growth serum?

When using the Scandinavian Biolabs Hair Growth Serum, some people might feel a tingling or even a slight burning sensation. This is pretty normal and can range from barely noticeable to a bit irritating. In a few cases, there might tingling or even a slight burning sensationbe some redness or tenderness on the scalp. The serum is made from natural ingredients, but that doesn’t mean it’s free from allergens. For example, vanillyl butyl ether and eucalyptus oil can cause sensitivities in some people.

It’s a good idea to take a look at the ingredients list and chat with a healthcare professional before starting to use the serum. If you notice any side effects that don’t seem right, it’s best to stop using the serum and check in with a medical professional.


List Marker: Number 10Styleroom Care

Styleroom is a luxurious salon and haircare education space founded by Master hair stylist Berit Kloster in Frederiksberg. From getting a haircut from a top stylist to haircolor, to other treatments such as facials and brow shaping, the salon offers so many options for those who want an indulgent and high-quality treatment.

Their selection of haircare products focuses on natural ingredients, and includes shampoo and conditioner bars. We love their leave-in conditioner and a night repair scalp oil. Their products are gentle yet incredibly effective.


Styleroom Care



List Marker: Number 11Maginista

Don’t be fooled by the “I” in front of “Maginista;” it actually represents a “1,” indicating the first series of the brand’s products. Created by Kira and Mark Martens-Anderson, some of the best hairstylist educators in the world, the idea behind Maginista is to create “daily rituals of a modernist.” To that end, there’s not a ton of products in the collection, just the ones that you really need to wash, condition, and style your hair.

Their products are packed with unique key ingredients, including de-hydrated katira, maca complex, spirulina maxima and energy optimized minerals. There are two lines: one has a light, invigorating scent, while the other is scent-free for those who have fragrance sensitivities or aversions.





Expert tip

Maginista’s founders have a salon in the centre of Copenhagen, Creademic, where they use their products and provide services including haircuts, collaring, and highlights. They also offer their one hour “seance,” a ritual-infused scalp massage and hair washing that uses Maginista products. It’s an ultra relaxing “hair facial” that engages all the senses.



List Marker: Number 12Meishai

Aside from the great, super minimalist packaging of these haircare products, Danish brand Meishai offers an important selection: haircare products for people with fragrance sensitivities.

Meishai is formulated to be cleansing and nourishing for hair, and all products are Asthma Allergy Nordic certified, meaning that they’re excellent for those who suffer from fragrance allergies or sensitivities. They don’t have many products – shampoo, conditioner, and a moisturizing treatment – but it’s really all you need for regular washes.






List Marker: Number 13GOB Skincare

Quali (GOB) is a century-old natural product used by women in East Africa to cleanse and exfoliate their skin. Denmark-based GOB skincare draws inspiration from these traditions, using oils and other natural ingredients from all over the African continent.

Their Rhassoul Clay from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco is very rich in minerals, including silica and magnesium, which are all beneficial for the skin. Rhassoul clay removes dead cells and balances sebum production. This leaves the scalp clean without irritation. This product can be used instead of shampoo, as it has excellent properties for removing dirt and grease, gently cleaning the scalp.


GOB Skincare



List Marker: Number 14IdHAIR

Salon-quality Scandinavian haircare at a great price; that’s why Danish brand IdHAIR is celebrating their 35-year anniversary. They’ve designed their line to cater to a wide variety of hair types and styles, from the fine and straight to the thick and curly. So whether you’re in need of a product that adds volume and texture or something to tame frizz and flyaways, IdHAIR delivers.

There are a broad range of products, including hairsprays, hair oils, curl cream, and hair wax (which we highly recommended for those that want excellent, flexible hold!)






Icelandic Haircare Brands

List Marker: Number 15SPA of ICELAND

The SPA of ICELAND is inspired by Icelandic nature with its clean water, fresh air, and geothermal power. They create products that are pure and clean as well as environmentally friendly. The haircare duo brings volume and shine to the hair while preserving moisture balance.

Enriched with pure Icelandic sea salt and rich in minerals, SPA OF ICELAND haircare keeps the scalp happy and healthy.






Norwegian Haircare Brands

List Marker: Number 16Sprekenhus

Oslo-based Sprekenhus combines great ingredients with minimalist design. The Hair Styling Elixir is an Argan Oil Treatment that softens the hair and helps you achieve beautiful, healthy hair.





List Marker: Number 17Eleni & Chris

The Norwegian mother-daughter duo behind Eleni & Chris wanted to create a new beauty line powered by the best clean ingredients in Scandinavia. Their Leave-In Treatment Cream leaves the hair soft and shiny.


Eleni & Chris


Best Collagen for Hair Growth


Vild Nord

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body; taking a regular collagen supplement may help reduce the risk of heart conditions and strengthen connective tissue. It’s also fantastic for nail and hair growth! Vild Nord’s collagen is sustainably sourced from wild-caught cod, unlike most collagen, which is made from animal bones. It can be stirred easily into cold or hot drinks (no lumps!) and is either flavourless or comes in a berry flavor.

Vild Nord Collagen Gold

Vild Nord Collagen

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