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The Monthly Bite: Best Takeaway in Copenhagen Vol. 4 [COVID Edition]

As we head into another month of lockdown in Copenhagen, it’s more important than ever to find ways to feel good and enjoy yourself. Top of that list for many of us? A great meal.

In this edition of the Monthly Bite, comfort food in the form of burgers is first and foremost on the food scene. You can’t go wrong with a toasted bun and a filling of your choice! For both meat-eaters and vegetarians, there are plenty of options for a tasty treat.

In Copenhagen, you’ll find everything from a Michelin-starred restaurant’s take on the ultimate burger to a keen food-lovers approach to it.

Here are the best new burger takeaway restaurants in Copenhagen.

Dandelion Burger

At newly-opened Dandelion Burger, it’s all about the details; the founder, Mentor, prioritizes quality over quantity in every aspect. 

He explains, “Most of our ingredients are organic. We make sure we use the highest quality of beef, including the marrow, to give our guests the best experience possible.”

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, Dandelion originally planned to open on the very day the first lockdown began; of course, then they had to wait a couple of months before they could sell to the public. “This gave us time to work on the menu,” Mentor notes.



The standout feature with Dandelion is the thought put into the details. The Classic Dandelion burger is laced with a homemade mayo which is infused with truffles, perfect cooked beef, and a variety sweet pickles from carrots to gherkins. The flavors and textures complement each other perfectly.

From taste to interior, Dandelion is all about the small things. Make sure to stop by and get the full experience.


Dandelion Burger

Dronningens Tværgade 12
1302 København K

Opening Hours:
Mon- Sun 11:30-21:00

Food Category


Gluten Free?

Yes they have gluten-free buns as well as salad options. May not be suitable for those with Celiac Diease

Recommended Dish:

Dandelion Burger



Popl Burger

Noma…burgers? In our wildest dreams, I don’t think we expected to see those words next to each other. In summer 2020 that all changed. During the first lockdown, famous New Nordic pioneer noma unfortunately had to close their doors. Thanks to some quick thinking, they managed to create an experience that all can enjoy: the Popl burger was the answer. 

Mikkel Andersen, Operations Manager at Popl & noma explains, “We played with the idea of what everyone would enjoy, and we came to the conclusion that maybe a burger isn’t such a bad idea!” 

As we know with noma, every detail is analysed and executed perfectly from dish to service. What changes the narrative is that all of this is applied to burgers rather than, for example, a 16 course menu.



I tried the original cheeseburger as well as the Vegetarian burger: both were the epitome of umami (savory taste). The vegetarian burger, which is made from fermented quinoa tempeh, stood out with its texture and flavour; it is unlike anything I’ve tried before. It has an almost smokey flavor and a slightly meaty texture: “indulgent” would be the best way to sum it up.

“The vegetarian patty that we use is still produced out at noma in the fermentation lab. Even those that aren’t vegetarians will find themselves choosing, it because its just that good!” says Andersen.



POPL Burger

Strandgade 108, 
1401 København

Opening Hours:
Wed-Sun 12:00-20:00 

Food Category


Gluten Free?

Yes; also suitable for those with Celiac Disease

Recommended Dish:

Vegetarian Burger

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