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The Ultimate Guide to the Best of Torvehallerne Copenhagen

Copenhagen has fast become a European food capital (thank you noma!). But you don’t have to dine at a Michelin Star to experience some of the best cuisine in the city. Torvehallerne offers a great introduction to the Copenhagen food scene, and contains some of Copenahgen best restaurants. Locals love Torvehallerne for the chance to sit down with friends over delicious food, the groceries, and market goods like flowers. Travellers can enjoy those aspects, as well as finding items they might want to take home, such as chocolates, wine, liquor, and cook books.


What is Torvehallerne?

Torvehallerne is the glass market in the centre of Copenhagen, sells fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh fish, meat, cheese, and lots of ready-to-eat choices from coffee and Danish pastries to sandwiches and pizza. It’s located between the busy Nørreport Station and Dronning Louises Bridge which crosses the Copenhagen lakes. It’s a perfect place to go for breakfast, lunch, dinner, groceries, or just a browse around; you’re sure to find something tasty and exciting.

When the sun is out, sitting outside and enjoying a cold drink and something to eat is a beloved treat; you’ll see the picnic tables fill up fast in good weather.

Not sure where to start with these large market halls? We’ve done the leg-work to find out what’s good, and what’s very good.

Here’s our guide to what to eat, drink and see at Torvehallerne, Copenhagen’s glass market:










Ice cream

Fruit & Veg







Dry goods


Food & Drink

There are so many ready-to-eat options to explore!

Best Coffee at Torvehallerne

Coffee Collective serves the best coffee at Torvehallerne, and, for many, the best coffee in Copenhagen. In fact, Coffee Collective is so respected, that some people take the metro in directly from their airport on their layover, just to try their world-renowned coffee. Their ethically-bought beans are roasted at their micro-roasters in Frederiksberg.


With strong flavors and perfectly-made espresso, nordic filter, and pour-over options, you can’t get a better cup of coffee. They also have a coffee kombucha which is a slightly carbonated fermented filter coffee on in a bottle. If the sun is shining, grab a cup and go sit outside for the best possible start to your day. Expert tip: In the summertime they serve coffee soft serve and it’s delicious!



Best Danish Open Sandwich (Smørrebrød) at Torvehallerne

Looking for that classic Danish open face sandwich? Hallernes Smørrebrød has all the traditional combinations, from shrimp and egg to potato and bacon. The one everyone goes for (and rightly so!) is the fiskefilet, a large piece of breaded plaice topped with remoulade and lemon. They rye bread is always fresh, and the toppings are excellent.

Recently opened Rørt is another great option, with simple, good-quality ingredients forming the basis of inventive sandwiches – like the classic chicken salad with white asparagus from Søren Wiuff on a not so classic croissant.



Best Pastries at Torvehallerne

In need of a freshly-baked pastry to go with that coffee or tea? Torvehallerne’s two best bakeries are Granny’s House and Hahnemann’s Køkken.

Granny’s House is a charming bakery serving rolls, breads, and best of all, lots of sweet treats. Their romkulger, a Danish confectionary with chocolate and a light rum flavor, is their most popular item.

Trine Hahnemann is a well-known cookbook author. Her books The Scandinavian Cookbook and Scandinavian Baking, among others, are modern classics when it comes to offering delicious, traditional Scandinavian recipes and beautiful images. Hahnemann’s Køkken provides a selection of breads and pastries, as well as a small selection of salads and soups.



Best Tacos at Torvehallerne

Hija de Sanchez is located between the two glass market halls. You can’t miss it: there’s always a line of people snaking around the stand. Launched by former noma pastry chef Rosio Sanchez, Hija de Sanchez has become known around Copenhagen as the place to get authentic Mexican flavors. Get a plate of three tacos for a filling lunch. We also recommend the hibiscus tea; it’s the perfect companion to your meal. While you’re there, why not grab a few tortillas to take home and make your own tacos?



Best Pizza at Torvehallerne

If you’re after thin crust pizza, Gorms is the place to be. They have a few locations around Copenhagen, but their casual Torvehallerne stand makes it easy to grab a pie to go, or one of their pizza sandwiches. Crunchy and cheesy; count us in!



Best Sandwich at Torvehallerne

Sandwiches are a great quick meal, and you can find a wide selection at Torvehallerne.

Considered the best sandwich in Copenhagen, Ma Poule’s duck confit sandwich lives up to the hype. It’s simple: a crusty baguette, mustard, greens, and a hefty helping of warm duck confit. It’s so tasty; definitely give this one a try! On top of this is Ma Poule’s new French tapas bar, where bite-sized morsels like baby octopus, duck hearts, and grilled open-faced sandwiches are on offer every day – and until 9pm at the weekend!

Ma Poule’s stand extends beyond just the sandwich fixings; they also sell a number of French delicacies like gourmet cheese, paté, butter, and artisanal yoghurt.

Lêlê Street Kitchen serves up fresh Vietnamese street food including salads, noodle dishes, and tasty mango lassis. Their most popular dish is their bahn mi, a Vietnamese sandwich on baguette. They have a range of flavors, but our favorite is the spicy fishcake.



Best Sushi at Torvehallerne

Those looking for a gourmet sushi feast will be very pleased with Sushi Lovers. Their very fresh fish and vegetables are arranged beautifully and they have a large menu for whatever your preferred sushi type may be. Sit in at their lovely bar-style stand, or do a takeaway and enjoy your sushi at home.



Best Breakfast at Torvehallerne

Aside from the baked goods and coffee, of course, GRØD provides the best breakfast at Torvehallerne. GRØD makes gourmet porridge with delicious toppings like salted caramel and roasted almonds. They also make risotto, congee, and daal; basically, if it’s a meal in a bowl, you can get it at GRØD.



Best Bar at Torvehallerne

Le Petit Vinbar focuses on French wine, which you can buy by the glass, and serves a small selection of French dishes such as croque monsieur and chèvre salad. It’s tasty, straight-forward wine and food; ideal for the start of a night out or a quiet post-work evening.



Best Ice Cream at Torvehallerne

Is a Bella serves organic, homemade gelato that’s creamy, thick, and delicious. They boast flavors from the Old Country, ranging from caramelized figs to pistachio, and they even have a few vegan-friendly options (the dark chocolate is especially fantastic). The ideal spot to cool off when it’s warm out.



Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, and Produce

Best Fruit & Vegetables at Torvehallerne

The open-air stand between the two glass halls, called Torvehallernes Frugt & Grønt, has a huge range of fresh fruit and vegetables. You can’t miss it; it sits directly between the markets. You’ll find staples like carrots, apples, tomatoes, and onions, but also more seasonal items like rhubarb and strawberries in the summer and beetroot in the winter.

For the best berries in Copenhagen, make sure to stop by Rokkedyssegård. This seasonal stand pops up every summer, selling raspberries, cherries, and delicious varietals of strawberries – including 2020’s “coronaberry,” a name inspired by the conditions at the time of planting.

Urteriget, which is located inside hall 2, specialises in organic herbs. The largest seller of herbs in Copenhagen, this is where you come for high-quality basics like parsley and dill, as well as more exotic breeds like magic mountain basil, bronze fennel, and strawberry mint.



Best Flowers at Torvehallerne

The produce between the market stalls includes flower purveyors Stalks & Roots. Their always-stunning selection of flowers and greenery has made them a favorite of the Instagram crowd, but their arrangements are truly top-quality. They have both seasonal and perinneal blooms; you can either make your own bouquets or choose one of theirs. Not sure about what to take as a host gift to your upcoming dinner party? Make a beautiful bouquet!



Best Hard-to-Find Produce at Torvehallerne

Uganic works directly with farmers in Uganda, from where one half of the ownership team hails, to bring hard-to-find-in-Denmark fruits and other items to Copenhagen. Their stand is full of delicious produce that you won’t find anywhere else. Uganic’s selection includes sugar cane, Alphonso mangoes (the best mangoes!), and jackfruit. They also have a rotating offering of fabrics and other small items, such as baskets.



Alcohol by the Bottle

Best Wine at Torvehallerne

Wine shop Vinveto sells mostly European wine as well as a few South African bottles (go get your cherished Chenin Blanc, people!). They even have a few Danish wines at reasonable prices, which are hard to find elsewhere and are usually prohibitively expensive. The staff is very knowledgeable about all of their highly-curated selection, so feel free to ask questions to find the bottle that’s right for you. In addition, they have a selection of natural wines for those looking form something a little different.



Best Liquor at Torvehallerne

It’s impossible not to love the gorgeous bottle-filled backdrop of the Noorebohandelen stand. They’re an independent bottling company, buying spirits from all over the world and bottling them again in a variety of sizes for purchase. You can buy any liquor by the glass as well, to make sure you like it before buying a bottle.

They also sell organic olive oils – lemon oil is the most popular – that you can decant into one of their glass bottles, or bring your own (clean glass) bottle to fill up! Just make sure it has a volume printed on the bottom. Their mini drink packages, which include ginger beer and rum, or tonic water and gin, are extremely popular and a great gift.



Fish and Meat

Best Fresh Fish at Torvehallerne

Fish and seafood doesn’t get much fresher than Den Grønne Kutter. Most of what they sell comes from nearby and is always sustainable: the founders work closely with local fishermen who use gentle fishing methods. In addition to the fresh fish, shrimp, oysters (with champagne), and octopus, they sell the best fish & chips in Copenahgen, fried fish, calamari, and fiskefrikadeller (Danish fish meatballs).



Best Meat at Torvehallerne

Cleaver’s Meat Market offers 90% organic meat sourced from three nearby farms. Their selection includes beef, pork, bacon, and sausages. Cleaver’s make their own English-style sausages and dry-age their beef for an intense flavor; they say the beef and pork are the most popular items, and that customers who buy from them tend to come back again and again. It’s a popular location for foreigners looking for specialty meats like rabbit meat, English breakfast sausages and beef bones.



Best Charcuterie at Torvehallerne

Salumeria specializes in the best of Italian produce, ranging from fresh mozzarella and hearty pecorino to mortadella, prosciutto and salame, sold side-by-side with Italian specialties such as culatello, guanciale and caputo flour for the pizza nerds.

Omegn og Venner is an urban supermarket that sells niche products you’re unlikely to find in a local Fakta. Browse freshly baked bread, tubs of burrata, and a counter full of cured meats, or stay and enjoy the chefs’ own use of their fresh ingredients, like their patê made from their farm’s happiest pigs, with a glass of wine or a beer from a local brewery.



Gift Items

Who doesn’t love delicious, aesthetically beautiful chocolate?! Summerbird is definitely where to buy gifts for those who want a sweet taste of Copenhagen. They have colorful chocolate-covered almonds, marzipan, and the Danish classic treat flødeboller (cream balls). Try one for yourself or take a pack home. Expert tip: they usually have almonds available to taste for free.

The island of Bornholm is one of the sunniest regions of Denmark, and is famous locally for its delicious produce and delicacies: smoked herring, rapeseed oil, caramels, licorice, salami, mustard, honey and marmalade, organic sea buckthorn, Bornholm beer and snaps. Pop by The Bornholm Shop to try these and more! Our favourite: Bornholm Rye Crackers. They’re perfect when topped with cheese, and although they’re awfully messy it’s definitely worth it.



Dry Goods

Get a little spicy at Asa! Pretty much any spice you need, from peppercorn to curry to saffron, is available. All the products are organic and you can receive 20% off your purchase when you bring your own glass jars.

Nuts and dried fruit purveyor Exotic Mix is owned by a chef, so you know the flavors are going to be on-point. The brand imports from all over the world selling roasted, spiced , and chocolate-covered varieties. Cashew nuts are their most popular item. We suggest you try a few of the less obvious items such as their Piedmont hazelnuts, which literally taste like nutella, and their incredible dried rhubarb, which has been sweetened with apple juice. You can buy items pre-packaged, or ask the person behind the country to mix your own bag.

Den Kinesisk Købmand is a locally-loved stand that specializes in pan-Asian imports from countries including China, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand. They sell mostly dry goods like snacks and drinks, as well as kimchi and a few frozen items. There is a huge selection of noodles, so if you’re missing a particular kind from home, you can likely find it here.

Date boutique Mosh Eksklusive Dadler sells delicious treats that don’t compromise on health, as the city’s first date purveyor uses its delicacies when making brownies, peanut butter cups, and flapjacks. It’s also the place to go for loose dates, as you can buy them by weight or get a box-of-chocolate style mix of the coated versions.


Frederiksborggade 21
1360 København K

Opening Hours:
Mon – Thurs 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Fri 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sat 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sun 11:00 am – 5:00 pm



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