The Best Swedish Sunglasses Brands to Buy Now

With the popularity of Swedish fashion continuing to grow, it’s no surprise that the accessories category has followed suit. Swedish handbags and Swedish shoes have made a major impact on the fashion world; but what about ZrSwedish sunglasses? Sweden isn’t exactly a land known for constant sunshine, but summer in Sweden is epic thanks to Midsummer celebrations and long days spent at summer cabins.

Sunglasses are the ideal accessory to add to your outfit, regardless of the weather or season; they add a bit of polish, mystery, and, in a pinch, make a great headband.

Take a look at the best Swedish sunglasses brands to keep you stylish while the sun stays out of your eyes:

List Marker: Number 1CHIMI

Founded in Stockholm in 2016, CHIMI Eyewear is all about high-quality, durable sunglasses, as well as a futuristic ready-to-wear collection that means you can match your sunglasses style to your clothes. With sleek frames handcrafted in Italian acetate, CHIMI’s sunglasses don’t feel too fussy or precious; they’re the kind you can throw in your bag and go, without worrying that something will get scratched or bent. At the same time, the looks are classic and flattering.






List Marker: Number 2TRIWA

This Swedish brand makes both watches and sunglasses, both with fantastic quality at a fair price point. TRIWA’s glasses range from trend-driven and colourful to classic and subdued; whatever you’re looking for, you can find it.

In addition to their quality, TRIWA is known for their charitable business model, which focuses on a few key global issues, including solar power, ocean waste, and empowering women. They call these projects “Time for Change.”




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List Marker: Number 3Acne Studios

Looking for a really fashion-driven pair of sunglasses? Then Acne Studios sunglasses are for you. With silhouettes that change seasonally, including trendy colors and quirky silhouettes, Acne Studios is known for their playful and unexpected take on clothes and accessories.


Acne Studios




List Marker: Number 4CHPO

Made for “sunny days and hungover afternoons,” CHPO Sunglasses are made from recycled plastic and designed with a love for Skate culture, art, and music. It’s possible to choose polarized lenses, which reduce glare and eyestrain, in a number of the sunglasses. Overall, the frames are classic silhouettes that will look stylish for years to come.





List Marker: Number 5A Day’s March

Made from Italian acetate, A Day’s March sunglasses are as straightforward and high quality as their clothes. The Swedish brand focuses on every day clothes that will keep you comfortable and stylish all day. Their sunglasses have a small array of styles, and they’re all classic, so you can be sure that the look will last as long as the material.


A Day’s March




List Marker: Number 6Toteme

Toteme is the latest brand for high quality minimalism that feels both semi-casual and considered. Each accessory, including sunglasses, is made to complete the outfit. Each frame has a contemporary-meets-classic silhouette that marries glamour to minimalism in a fun way. They have the Toteme monogram at the temples.





List Marker: Number 7EOE Sunglasses

A glasses brand taking “think global, act local” to new heights, EOE hails from northern Sweden and all materials used in their glasses are taken from that region, including birch trees from the founders’ hometown of Umeå and quartz hand-picked in the forests outside of Kiruna. All of the glasses are name for Swedish villages, areas, or concepts, such as the charmingly quirky “Eljest:” a geometric frame made from biodegradable acetate.


EOE Sunglasses




List Marker: Number 8Rodebjer

Swedish fashion house Rodebjer is known for their contemporary, bohemian style blended with timeless quality and silhouettes. Their sunglasses follow suit, with geometric silhouettes and colorful lenses. The sunglasses are made from either 100% acetate or metal.




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