The Best Scandinavian Bedding Brands

The best bedding should be comfortable, well-made and look good through multiple washings (because you do need to wash it occasionally, you know).

It should make you want to fall onto your mattress, and feel happy when the bed is made. While there are many bedding options, Nordic countries have a great selection of high-quality brands that are just begging to go to bed with you.

Hygge: we hear all the time. Candles, cosiness, warm cups of tea.

Let’s cut right to the chase, shall we? There’s nothing more hyggeligt than curling up under a fluffy duvet in your bed.

These are the best Scandinavian bedding brands that will keep you cosy in winter, cool in summer, and your bed looking chic all year round:

List Marker: Number 1Tekla Fabrics

Think of Tekla as the Old Celine of bedding; it’s minimalist, stylish, and the branding is really good.

Their colors, from a creamy yellow to a puffy pale pink, are everything you need to make your sleeping space a little slice of heaven. Their cotton and linen fabrics age well, so your bed will look fresh for a long time.


Tekla Fabrics






List Marker: Number 2Marimekko bedding

Known for their delightful, colorful textile patterns, Marimekko’s foray into bedding seems an obvious direction.

Though they do have some really bold choices – like the Unikko duvet in red – they also have a range of more calm, casual patterns that will make the more conservative among us happy.






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List Marker: Number 3Aiayu Bed Linen

With one of the most painstakingly researched and transparent supply chains around, Aiayu has quietly made a name for itself as a purveyor of extremely high-quality textile products. Their bedding range is made from organic cotton, sourced and crafted in India.

The duvets covers and pillowcases come in a range of patterns and colors, from florals to monochrome. In addition to their excellent products, all Aiayu products have a five year free repair policy.








List Marker: Number 4Juna bed linen

Juna is a Danish textile brand with a focus on sustainability. Recently re-launched, Juna is truly one of Denmark’s best kept secrets! For the moment they unfortunately only deliver to Denmark, but we can’t wait til they delivery abroad.

Juna make incredible light and soft seersucker blankets perfect for Danish summer nights, as well has delicate floral cotton prints that get even better with age.








List Marker: Number 5HIMLA Bedding

Lifestyle brand from Sweden, HIMLA, has a range of great textiles including towels, tablecloths and more. But their slightly pearlescent cotton satin bedding is a cut above.

It comes in a variety of neutral and jewel-tone colors; the gentle sheen is that extra bit of luxe that’ll make your bedroom feel like a whole new space.






Hot Tip

Fresh color is just as vital as quality when investing in bedding. Our latest fave is Scandi outsider Bed Threads, known for their 100% flax linen that comes in a variety of vibrant shades.


List Marker: Number 6Hästens bed linen

The Swedish company behind the iconic blue and white checked mattress does more than just give you a place to rest your head; they dress it up, too! Hästens may not be as well known for their bedclothes, but damn they are good. All products are made in 100% cotton and they come in a variety of colors and patterns.

We, of course, recommend the classic Hästens Original.








List Marker: Number 7Ordinary Things Bed Linen

Rendered in GOTS-certified organic linen, the bedding from Ordinary Things is perfectly distilled Scandinavian design: streamlined, beautifully-crafted and made-to-last.

The way the linen is gently rumpled only adds to the allure of those fluffy pillows and duvets, right? Their bedclothes come in a calming array of neutral colors.


Ordinary Things




List Marker: Number 8Dirty Linen

Swedish lifestyle brand Dirty Linen is all about embracing wrinkled sheets, a messy bed, and, presumably, all the fun things you get to do therein.

Their bedding is made from 100% linen or cotton percale, and it just keeps getting better the more you use it.


Dirty Linen




List Marker: Number 9Georg Jensen Damask Bed Linen

The king of great bedding in Scandinavia: Georg Jensen Damask. This heritage brand does not play around when it comes to quality. They make the kind of crisp cotton sheets and pillows that you sink into at a luxury hotel.

Their products are an investment, but they will last a lifetime.


Georg Jensen Damask




List Marker: Number 9Reboco Bed Linen

Swedish brand Reboco focuses on both quality and sustainability for their soft, broken-in bedding. Their bedlinen is garment-dyed to avoid over-production, made from 100% organic cotton, and very durable. This bedlinen makes you feel like you’re getting into the best hotel bed ever; cosy, yet crisp.








In the USA? Here’s the best minimalist bedding:

List Marker: Number 10Brooklinen Bedding

Known as “the internet’s favorite sheets” for good reason, Brooklinen has built a thriving business on making high-quality sheets at great prices, which they maintain with their direct-to-consumer model. Brooklinen has a number of trendy styles, as well as classics.

Want to go super-luxe? Try the Brooklinen cashmere bedding!






List Marker: Number 11Boll & Branch Bedding

With a strict focus on creating an ethical supply chain, Boll & Branch has quickly become a go-to for those looking for sustainable, responsibly-made bedding in the US since their launch in 2013. In addition, they make high-quality products that last, from as much natural material as possible (their bedding is made from 100% organic cotton).

Thanks to classic colors and patterns, these are products that are timeless and feel good to invest in.


Boll & Branch






List Marker: Number 12Parachute Bedding

Made by artisans all over the world – from Portuguese craftspeople to multi-generational mattress-makers in the USA – Parachute creates high-quality bedding from materials like percale cotton, brushed linen, and sateen.

The prices are reasonable for the quality, making Parachute a cult-classic brand in the US since it began in 2014. They do have a number of brick-and-mortar shops around the US, but their online shop is the cornerstone of their business, and is very easy to use.






What is the best duvet for a Scandinavian Style Bed?

Not sure how to style that bedding? Try the two duvet system!



Best Duvet in the USA

Brooklinen duvets are our favorite. In the US, high-quality duvets can be difficult to find. Brooklinen has some super warm, fluffy, and lightweight comforters plus beautiful bedsheets to match. In addition, all their products come with a lifetime warranty.






Best Duvet in the UK and Europe

You can’t go wrong with a Quilts of Denmark duvet, widely considered one of the best brands in Scandinavia.


Quilts of Denmark






European Duvet Sizes

In Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland, the duvets have the same standard measurements as the rest of Europe (except the UK, which is slightly shorter, but the same in IKEA).

Single / Twin

90 cm x 200 cm

Extra long single

99 cm x 200 cm

King single

140 cm x 200 cm (very popular with the two duvet system)


200 cm x 200 cm


240 cm x 220 cm


260 cm x 220 cm


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