A Guide of All the Best Things to Do in Tampere, Finland

Often described as the Finn’s favorite city, Tampere, Finland, has so much to offer both the local and tourist populations. With a population of 340,000, Tampere is the most populous inland city in the Nordic countries (fun fact!) and attracts visitors from around the country as well as the world. Its popularity stems from its status as the ‘Sauna Capital of the World’ and the many vibrant festivals that bring the city to life.

Easily accessible by train from Helsinki, the city is situated between two large lakes in the historic province of Satakunta, making the scenery as stunning as the city is charming.

The city has long been associated with industrial and working-class histories thanks to its significant role in Finland’s manufacturing industry, with a particular focus on textile production.

Aerial view of Eliander Beach with people relaxing on a grassy area, trees nearby, and a gravel path along the shore; the calm waters of Näsijärvi in Tampere, Finland, have a few swimmers enjoying the day.
A group of people in a wooden sauna in Tampere, some wearing hats, immersed in Finnish sauna culture.

Tampere is a welcoming place where it’s easy to make friends with locals, enjoy cultural events such as the Tampere Film Festival, and explore all that this jewel-box of a city has to offer.

Here are all the best things to do in Tampere, Finland:



















Where is Tampere located?

Tampere is located in southern Finland, about 170 kilometers north of Helsinki, the capital. It’s Finland’s third-largest city and a vibrant hub known for its industrial history, stunning lakes, and lively cultural scene.

Map highlighting Scandinavian countries Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, with major cities Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Tampere in Finland marked.


List Marker: Number 1Where to eat: Best restaurants in Tampere

Wondering what modern Finnish food is like? Modern Finnish cuisine is a blend of traditional dishes and contemporary influences, often featuring local ingredients sourced from the forests and lakes for which Finland is known. Those traditional Finnish dishes include cured reindeer and “Leipäjuusto,” (Finnish squeaky cheer or bread cheese).

Overall, Finnish food is excellent: high-quality and fresh ingredients combined in inspiring and exciting ways, all with the aim of being both tasty and nutritious. Tampere’s diverse selection of restaurants reflect this excellence. Take a look at the best restaurants in the city:


Restaurant Peroscope

This is a must-visit in Tampere. Restaurant Peroscope is located in a tower off the Kauppakeskus Ratina shopping center, including a large restaurant complex that offers a wide range of delicious food, all handcrafted with skill and heart.

Periscope is known for its casual and cozy atmosphere. One of its highlights is the impressive views over the city of Tampere and Lake Pyhäjärvi.

Four hands clink cocktail and wine glasses over a wooden table set with plates of food.

Restaurant Peroscope

Vuolteenkatu 1
33100 Tampere

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thurs 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Fri 11:00 am – 2:00 am
Sat 12:00 pm – 2:00 am
Sun 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Restaurant Muusa

Restaurant Muusa is a unique eatery located in the Olympia-kortteli complex in Tampere. It’s known for its diverse and delicious menu, which includes vegetarian and vegan options as well as hearty meat dishes. One of the standout features of Muusa is its variety—the menu is a mix of “comfort nibbles” and colorful main dishes.

A plate with a dish of meat and vegetables over a bed of yogurt, accompanied by two pieces of bread, cutlery on a napkin, and two drinks, one red and one amber, on a wooden table.
Outdoor seating area with metal chairs and tables, featuring colorful wall murals depicting abstract faces and fruit motifs. The area is decorated with hanging plants, bathed in sunlight, offering a charming ambiance reminiscent of Tampere, Finland.

The restaurant is part of the Olympia-kortteli cultural and entertainment complex, that includes a music venue, exhibition space, a cocktail bar, and a courtyard terrace.

It’s definitely a spot worth checking out if you’re looking for a memorable meal or evening out in Tampere!

A person holds a croquette topped with cream and herbs above a plate filled with tomato sauce, with sunglasses on the table.
A plate with a dish of vegetables and sauce, accompanied by two glasses of beverages, is placed on a wooden table with utensils.

Restaurant Muusa

Satakunnankatu 10
33100 Tampere

Opening Hours:
Mon – Thurs 2:00 – 11:00 pm
Fri 2:00 pm – 2:00 am
Sat 1:00 pm – 2:00 am
Sun Closed


Restaurant Apaja

Apaja is an acclaimed restaurant located in the Sisäpiha courtyard in Tampere. Opened by Juuso Ahvenainen and Tuomas Norri in 2022, the restaurant is housed in a tiny 100-year-old railway workers’ house that has served various functions over the years, adding to its charm. In addition to the two main eating rooms, there is a cozy bar where you can continue the evening with a glass of wine or a drink.

Person standing in a doorway next to a wall with small flower boxes. There is a wheelbarrow filled with flowers in the foreground.
A gourmet dish inspired by the culinary elegance of Tampere, Finland, featuring a topped circular centerpiece adorned with green leaves and various small garnishes on a delicate pink plate.

Though the interior is homely and relaxed, the restaurant serves haute cuisine. Despite the high level of cuisine, the food is unpretentious in the truest sense of the word.

Apaja’s menu is really something special: it changes every two weeks and is built around local ingredients like pike, wild game, vegetables, and wild herbs. This ensures that the food is fresh, seasonal, and unique. Diners have raved about the flavors being beyond their imagination and the atmosphere being one-of-a-kind.

A purple plate containing seared scallops, a creamy sauce, and a side of lentils garnished with herbs and crushed nuts, alongside a rectangular piece of crème brûlée.
A cozy restaurant interior with wooden tables and chairs, candlelit ambiance, and a large arched window letting in natural light.

The chefs at Apaja also carefully select wines and drinks to complement the tastes of the dishes, enhancing the dining experience even further. No wonder it has quickly become a favourite among fine dining enthusiasts.

Restaurant Apaja

Huhtimäenkatu 3C
33100 Tampere

Opening Hours:
Mon & Tues Closed
Weds & Thurs 4:00 – 10:0 pm
Sat 3:00 – 10:00 pm
Sun 1:00 – 10:00 pm


Tampereen Kauppahalli (Tampere Market Hall)

Dating back to 1901, Tampere Market Hall is one of the oldest market halls in Finland and offers a vibrant mix of fresh produce, local delicacies, and handicrafts. It’s a great place to sample Finnish specialties and soak in the lively atmosphere. You’ll likely see elderly couples leisurely browsing the stalls alongside young professionals grabbing lunch or picking up fresh ingredients for dinner.

Entrance to a building labeled "Kauppahalli," with large windows and architectural details above the door, including a sculpture of a face.
Indoor market scene with people shopping for goods at various stalls. A sign reading "Petri Nygren" and hanging scissors are prominent in the foreground.

Here, you can try cured reindeer, “mustamakkara” or blood sausage (known to be best when bought and eaten fresh at market stalls), and even the local firewater: “Salmiakki Koskenkorva,” which is a variety of Koskenkorva infused with salmiakki (salty licorice), providing a unique and distinctly Finnish flavor. For a quick and easy snack, the national favorite is “karjalanpiirakat” or Karelian pastries, with a thin rye crust filled with rice.

A display of traditional pastries with a crispy, scalloped crust and a soft filling, labeled "Liperi Piirakkat" and priced at €1.50.
A white paper plate holding a partially eaten sausage and a serving of red sauce is seen against a blue and white checkered tablecloth background.

For the cheese-lovers amongst us: don’t miss the “Lapin Kulta,” a popular Finnish cheese produced in Lapland that is often smoked and has a distinctive flavor. “Leipäjuusto,” also known as Finnish squeaky cheese or bread cheese, is a traditional Finnish cheese made from cow, goat, or reindeer milk that is commonly served warm with cloudberry jam.

Tampere Market Hall

Hämeenkatu 19
33200 Tampere

Opening Hours:
Mon–Fri 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sat 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sun Closed


List Marker: Number 2Where to relax: Best saunas in Tampere

Tampere is known as the sauna capital of Finland, which is really saying something. In fact, Tampere has the most public saunas in the whole of Finland. With over 30 public saunas to choose from, visitors can experience authentic Finnish sauna culture in various settings, from traditional wood-fired saunas to modern urban spas.

Beyond its wealth of public saunas, Tampere boasts numerous picturesque lakes where sauna-goers can cool down between sauna sessions. Expert tip: Starting your holiday with a sauna will prime your body and mind, helping you feel refreshed and ready to embrace every moment of your trip.




Rauhaniemi Folk Spa

Just a short drive from Tampere, Rauhaniemi Folk Spa Kaupinoja sauna offers two traditional Finnish saunas. The sauna is situated by a lake, allowing for cool-down swimming in the summer and exhilarating hole-in-the-ice swimming in the winter.

A yellow building situated by a lakeside with people sitting outside on a stone dock. The sky is partly cloudy, and the water is slightly choppy.

The saunas are open every day of the year. In winter, you can take a thrilling plunge into ice-cold water, and in summer, Rauhaniemi becomes one of Tampere’s most popular beaches, perfect for soaking up the sun.

Kaupinoja Sauna

Rauhaniementie 24
33180 Tampere, Finland

Should you go into a Finnish sauna naked?

Only if you want to, but it’s certainly what typical Finns will be doing, so don’t be alarmed to see people stripping down. As the Finns say: “we go into the sauna the same way we come into this world, naked.” We love making nudity profound.


Rajaportti Sauna

The most famous sauna in the center of Tampere is undoubtedly Rajaportti Sauna, located in the Pispala neighborhood.

It’s not just the oldest public sauna in Finland that’s still in operation — it’s actually older than the country itself! Built in 1906, this traditional sauna boasts a wood-burning stove, a relaxed atmosphere, and a fascinating history.

A man waves from a small green cashier window. Beside him, a chalkboard with Finnish text hangs on the wall, and a bunch of green herbs is attached to the wood paneling.

Built in 1906 in Pispala, Tampere, it has retained its original atmosphere over the years, offering a unique experience for visitors. The only update to the space came in the 1930s, when a wall was erected to separate the men’s and women’s washrooms.

In addition to men’s and women’s sauna rooms, there is also a coffee house and massage therapist available, making it a great spot for relaxation and rejuvenation. You can buy a drink to enjoy in the sauna, and don’t miss out on the sauna sausages, that were traditionally cooked over the sauna’s hot stones. For those eager to delve into genuine Finnish sauna culture, this sauna is a must on your checklist.

An outdoor cafe with a neon sign on a yellow wooden building, surrounded by autumn trees and foliage. A streetlight and parked bicycle are visible in the foreground.
Four people wrapped in towels sit together on a bench, holding bottled drinks, in front of a yellow wooden house, surrounded by greenery.

Rajaportti Sauna

Pispalan valtatie 9
33250 Tampere

Opening Hours:
Mon & Weds 4:00 to 10:00 pm
Fri & Sat 2:00 to 10:00 pm
Tues & Sun Closed


Serlachius Art Sauna

Located amidst the serene Finnish landscapes in Mänttä-Vilppula, Serlachius Art Sauna offers a unique blend of contemporary art and traditional Finnish sauna culture. Set within the renowned Serlachius Museum Gösta, guests can indulge in the soothing heat of a wood-burning stove sauna, surrounded by minimalist Nordic aesthetics and views of Lake Melasjärvi.

A modern sauna interior featuring round seating, wooden walls, and a central hot stone pit, framed by a large window showcasing an outdoor view of trees, water, and a blue rooftop. This serene ambiance evokes the essence of the Serlachius "Art Sauna" Taide Sauna experience.
Wooden building facade with geometric vertical panels and a shaded overhang on the left, next to an outdoor area with trees and a clear sky in the background, exemplifying the modern Finnish architecture reminiscent of Serlachius paviljonki Pavillian near Tampere.

The sauna itself is a masterpiece, designed by the acclaimed architectural firms Mendoza Partida and BAX Studio to harmonize with its natural surroundings. Cool off with a refreshing dip in the lake or simply bask in the sun on the museum’s terrace. Expert tip: don’t miss the freshly caught fish prepared directly in a smoke oven on-site, or their beef steaks from the grill.

After a rejuvenating sauna session, visitors can explore the adjacent Serlachius Museum Gösta, known for its impressive collection of modern and contemporary art. The museum grounds offer tranquil paths through the forest, perfect for contemplation and unwinding after your sauna experience.

A modern living room with wood-paneled walls and large windows, reminiscent of a Serlachius Art Sauna. It features a fireplace, chairs, and a low table. Sunlight streams in, highlighting the minimalist design and greenery outside.

Serlachius Art Sauna

Joenniementie 47
35800 Mänttä

Opening Hours (2-hour sessions):
Tues 12:00 am – 6:00 pm

25 June to 31 July:
Tues–Wed 11:00 am – 6:00 pm


How hot is a Finnish sauna?

The temperature in Finnish saunas is 80 to 110 °C (176 to 230°F), usually 80–90°C (176–194°F). The humidity is controlled by pouring water (löyly) over hot stones, which creates steam while keeping the temperature above the dew point to avoid visible condensation. This results in a dry and intense heat, distinguishing it from the more humid environment of a Turkish sauna.


Even More Saunas in Tampere

There are over 50 public saunas in the Tampere region, so there’s no need to stick to the traditional sauna experience.

From art saunas to floating sauna party boats, sauna cars, luxurious wellness spas, and a sauna with views of the football stadium, Tampere offers unique sauna sessions that you never even knew you needed!

Two men in swimwear sit inside a converted van sauna with a wood-paneled interior, a metal wood stove between them, and a blue sky visible outside.

And given that Tampere is the city of saunas and festivals, it’s only natural that there’s a sauna festival in early June where you can immerse yourself in the rich sauna culture with a variety of sauna-themed events.


A modern houseboat with a wooden deck is floating on a calm lake under a clear blue sky in Tampere. The houseboat features large windows, a rooftop sitting area, and even includes party sauna for an unforgettable experience.
A sauna in a wooden lounge chairs and tables on a covered outdoor deck with large glass panels, overlooking a lake with a dock and trees in the background.


List Marker: Number 3Where to go out: Best bars and clubs in Tampere

The nightlight in Tampere is vibrant, with many fun places to go out and have a drink, dance, or just enjoy the city by night.


The Sauna Restaurant Kuuma

Because this is Tampere, the first bar we’ll suggest also has a sauna, of course.

At Kuuma you will find summer and winter terraces and a cafe-restaurant. Before some delicious casual drinks, you can visit in the two public saunas or take a dip in the lake Pyhäjärvi.

A large waterfront building with rooftop and lower deck outdoor seating is crowded with people. The building overlooks a body of water, with city buildings in the background under a clear sky.
Three people seated on wooden benches in a sauna, wrapped in towels and engaging in conversation, with a bucket and ladle in the foreground and a large window offering an outdoor view.

The Sauna Restaurant Kuuma

Laukontori 21
33200 Tampere


Moro Sky Bar

Moro Sky Bar is a stunning sky bar with a tremendous view over the city of Tampere, located on the 25th floor of the Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere. It’s a classy yet laid-back cocktail bar that pays tribute to the olympic medalists of Tampere.

Moro Sky Bar is open for visitors all ages during the day; after 6:00 pm underage persons are welcome when accompanied by adults and after 9:00 pm the age limit is 18.

People sit inside a high-rise bar or restaurant with large windows, watching the sunset over a city landscape and distant water.


Moro Sky Bar

Ratapihankatu 43
33100 Tampere



Yo-Talo Tampere is a legendary club in Tampere, Finland. It’s been around for over 50 years, offering live music, concerts, and theme club nights. The place has a rich history in the Tampere music scene and continues to host various concerts and theme club nights, such as Disco45 and Block of Flats.

The entrance of Tampereen Ylioppilastalo, an old university bar known as Yo-Talo, features ornate architectural details, two lanterns, and signs labeled "Tillihovi" and "Yo-Talo.



Kauppakatu 10
33210 Tampere


Thrasherie Bar

Love metal music? This is the place for you! Have a drink and get ready for metal tunes of all kinds throughout the night. The atmosphere is friendly and fun, with an enthusiastic staff and a lively patronage.

Thrasherie Bar

Hämeenkatu 30
33200 Tampere


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List Marker: Number 4Where to stay: Best hotels in Tampere

Looking for hotels in Tampere, or maybe an Airbnb in Tampere? We have you covered for your Tampere hotel booking with this great selection.


Lillan Hotel & Kök

This unique, four star boutique hotel is located in the Viinikka district, just next to the historical Viinikka’s church, a few kilometers from the city center.

A wooden chair is placed in front of a black desk against a wall with a round mirror and a rectangular frame. A vase with flowers and a bowl with fruit are on the desk. Curtains cover the window.
A black plate with a gourmet dish featuring diced fish or seafood on a creamy sauce, garnished with greens and microgreens, placed on a wooden table next to cutlery, glasses, and a white napkin.

Originally constructed in 1927, the building served as a nursing home for retired maids. Since then, it has undergone extensive renovation to transform into a charming hotel and restaurant, focusing on creating a warm ambiance, providing exceptional service, and offering delicious food. The hotel is very family-friendly thanks to its inviting atmosphere and central location. The hotel is accessible to Nokia Arena Tampere University Tampere Bus Terminal, and Tampere Hall.

A bedroom with a double bed, beige bedspread, and light-colored curtains. There is a brick accent wall, a bedside table with a lamp, and a vase with flowers on a table in the foreground.

The hotel’s restaurant, Lillan Kök, is popular with travellers and locals alike, offering a fusion of Scandinavian flavors and international bites.

Lillan Hotel & Kök

Kurjentaival 35
33100 Tampere


Hämeenkatu Apartment

If you’re in the mood for a modern, self-contained apartment rather than a hotel room, “Hämeenkatu” Apartment is a great choice. Located in a renovated historical building, this apartment has charming Finnish interior elements.

Even though it’s in a residential building, the apartment is soundproof so you won’t be bothered by the sounds of the city. This is an idea place to stay in Tampere for couples and families.

A bright living room with a yellow sofa, a TV on a stand, two large arched windows, and a round coffee table. A dining area is visible through an open doorway. Ideal for guests of the best hotels in Tampere, this cozy space offers all the comfort and charm of home.

Hämeenkatu Apartment

14 Hämeenkatu C 15
33100 Tampere


Dream Hostel & Hotel

The world-renowned Dream Hostel is a unique, modern design hotel on a small, lovable scale. Want clean, minimalist Scandinavian design for an affordable price, and well-located in Tampere? This is the spot for you. It’s a no-fuss, functional space that still feels social and inviting. What else do you need?

Dream Hostel

Åkerlundinkatu 2
33100 Tampere


Taivasalla Glamping at Niemi-Kapee

Looking for a touch of luxury with a glamping spirit? Taivasalla, which means “under the open sky,” is the perfect spot for cyclists and couples wanting to bask in the beauty of a summer night in the Finnish countryside. As autumn sets in, you can stay cozy with their heated blankets.

A glass greenhouse, known as the Taivasalla Glamping Glass Cabin, surrounded by autumn trees stands on a wooden deck at sunset. This luxurious retreat includes seating arrangements and overlooks a grassy field by the lakefront. Experience one of Tampere's best hotels under an open sky in Autumn Finland.
View of a grassy landscape with tall trees and a lake seen through white curtains, leading to a wooden deck at the glamping glass cabin.

Taivasalla is one of five charming cottages on the Niemi-Kapee farm, just 55 minutes north of Tampere, each nestled on the shores of Lake Näsijärvi. Every cottage comes with its own private lakefront and a separate wood-heated sauna, offering a peaceful retreat. Run by the farm’s third generation, these cottages blend modern style with a deep respect for the surrounding nature.

Their traditional Finnish sauna is heated by burning wood for 6 to 8 hours and then letting the smoke out before you enter, the sauna can accommodate up to 20 people for a very Finnish sauna experience.

If relaxation alone isn’t enough, how about some adventure? The farm offers canoeing, biking, e-biking, guided hikes, and more to add a dash of excitement to your vacation.
Aerial view of a forested lakeshore with boats docked at a small pier, a luxurious red cabin surrounded by dense trees, and outdoor seating areas. This Taivasalla gem offers an open sky experience, embodying the best of autumn in Finland. Perfect for those seeking the best hotels near Tampere.

Taivasalla at Niemi-Kapee

Kapeenniementie 22
34260 Terälahti


List Marker: Number 5Where to shop: Best fashion and design stores in Tampere

After all your great food, drink, exploring, and celebrating in Tampere, you may want to do a spot of shopping. Luckily there are many fantastic local shops. Our shopping guide will help you find the best places to shop.


Pispala Clothing

Have you heard of artwear? It’s a collaborative concept between fashion and visual artists, and it’s at the root of Finnish brand Pispala. The brand’s clothes are all unisex (tbh all clothes are unisex) and created within this fantastic partnership of design and art, resulting in unique, maximalist, and quirky pieces that everyone will be asking you about.

A person in an orange jacket observes a wall displaying colorful, quirky textile art, including a hanging floral-patterned Pispala Clothing jacket, framed fabric pieces, and various textile crafts. This eclectic display showcases the vibrant artistic clothing scene in Tampere.
Four people in colorful, eclectic outfits pose in an art gallery setting with various objects, including watering cans, a lamp, and flowers. A neon sign and framed artwork are in the background, showcasing the artistic vibe of Pispala Clothing from Tampere.

Shop, listen to music, and enjoy a cup of coffee in their art-filled flagship store.

Pispala Clothing

Aleksis Kiven Katu 15
33200 Tampere


Yesterday Second Hand

If you’re looking for flamboyant retro and vintage style from the 1950s to the 1980s, pay a visit to Yesterday Second Hand. Here you can expect to find stand-out pieces for everyone, ranging from flashy leather jackets to glamorous evening gowns.

Two people stand in front of the Yesterday Shop in Tampere, framed by building and construction barriers under a clear blue sky. One person wears a yellow outfit; the other dons gray and holds a white bag.
A person in a colorful outfit and black hat salutes in front of the Yesterday Shop Tampere window, displaying assorted retro items and a mannequin.

Yesterday Second Hand

Itsenäisyydenkatu 12-14
33500 Tampere


List Marker: Number 6Where to celebrate: Best festivals in Tampere

One thing Tampere has in spades? Festivals! How many festivals are in Tampere? Let’s just say you can barely throw a stone without hitting a festival, and they run the range from film festivals to music festivals to poetry festivals and more.


Tampere Film Festival

The Tampere Film Festival is a prestigious international event in the world of short film, running since 1969. It is the largest short film festival in the Nordic countries and takes place annually early March over five days, and attracts around 30,000 visitors every year.

A large audience sits in a dimly lit, church-like venue at the Tampere Film Festival, with a giant projection screen at the front displaying a bright image. Stained glass windows are visible on both sides, casting colorful patterns across the room.

Celebrating short films, with a diverse selection of around 500 shorts from all over the world, Tampere Film Festival is one of the Oscar®, BAFTA and EFA qualifying film festivals. The festival includes a national Finnish competition, industry events, and film-related discussions; it’s a really well-rounded experience for attendees.

The city truly lights up for this festival, with lots of public events from screenings of classic Finnish cinema in cathedrals to after parties in old university halls. It’s a great opportunity to meet both locals and international film-makers.


Annikki Poetry Festival (Annikin Runofestivaali)

Did you know that Finns are very into poetry? It’s true! So it’s no surprise that they have multiple poetry festivals; one of the most prestigious and international of these is the Annikki Poetry Festival, held every other year and running since 2003.
A person stands on an outdoor stage at Tampere's "Annikki Poetry Festival," passionately giving a speech with a banner reading "NIKIN RUNOFESTIVAL" overhead. An attentive audience, both seated and standing, listens intently.

The festival began when residents of the Annikki wooden quarter in Tampere set up a courtyard poetry event. It has since developed into something much bigger and more inclusive, including Anikki OFF, a program of events all over Tampere.


A person speaks from a balcony to a crowd below at an outdoor event, with colorful bunting and various structures in view, evoking the spirited atmosphere of the Tampera Annikki Poetry Festival.
A man with a white beard speaks into a microphone, holding an open book. He gestures with his hand. In the background, there is colorful artwork depicting various figures. This scene unfolds at Annikki Poetry Festival in Tampere, where Abdulla Pashew, the most important Kurdish poet, takes center stage.


Tampere Jazz Happening

The charmingly named Tampere Jazz Happening takes place every November and features modern jazz, improvised music, world music, and jazz with rock influences. It’s been running since 1982 and also includes workshops and art exhibitions.

“The Happening,” as it’s known, provides a platform for Finnish and global modern jazz artists.

Amanda Blomqvist, with her curly hair, sings into a microphone while performing on stage in a dimly lit setting at the Tampere Jazz Happening 2020, one of the best festivals in Tampere.


Other Festivals in Tampere

We also recommend checking out some of these niche festivals and music events in Tampere:


Lost In Music Festival 

Really get to know the city of Tampere with their biggest rock and contemporary music festival of the year. Both well-known international artists and emerging Nordic artists are featured, so it’s a great place to learn about the local regional music scene.

Tampere Flamenco Festival 

Talk about a fun festival! The Tampere Flamenco Festival attracts the biggest talent from both Finnish and Spanish flamenco dancers. Come see the dancers, enjoy a workshop, and learn all about the incredible world of flamenco dance.

Tampere Vocal Music Festival 

This is one of those niche events that’s a really big deal in its own industry. Taking place in early June, the Tampere Vocal Music Festival has a competition for international vocal ensembles, workshops, and a chorus review. If you enjoy ensemble singing, this is a must-visit event!

Heavy Christmas Music Festival 

Heavy metal music, but make it Christmas! It’s an absolutely brilliant concept, a unique festival, and a way to get everyone into the holiday spirit. Rage on, Santa.



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List Marker: Number 7What to experience: Best cultural activities in Tampere

Tampere is a vibrant city renowned for its rich cultural heritage and unique museums. Whether you’re seeking adventure that push you out of your comfort zone, or prefer leisurely strolls to soak in the atmosphere, Tampere offers a myriad of exciting cultural experiences!


Kick Sleding, Ice Skating & Ice fishing

If you’re looking for a unique experience in Tampere, maybe it’s time to consider a kick sleding and ice fishing adventure.

Three people are on an ice-covered surface; two are using kicksleds while one person is being pushed on a sled by another. A red all-terrain vehicle is parked nearby, with a small structure visible in the distance, enjoying kick sledding over Frozen Lake Näsijärvi near Siilinkari Light House in Tampere.

Kick-sledding is used to get across the frozen lake to Siilinkari, a little island with a lighthouse on Lake Näsijärvi. It may not be the fastest way to get around, but it’s fun and totally different from anything you’ve tried. We recommend giving it a go whether you plan to go ice fishing or not.

Alternatively, you can ice skate, ski or ride a fat bike across the frozen lake. And don’t worry about the ice; it’s quite literally thick enough to drive a car over!

Three people ice fishing on Frozen Lake Näsijärvi near Siilinkari Light House. The foreground shows a person in an orange jacket sitting on a chair, focusing on fishing. Two others are in the background, also engaged in ice fishing.
A group of people stand around the Siilinkari Lighthouse in the middle of frozen Lake Näsijärvi, Tampere, with "KAAPELI" written on a sign, set against a snowy landscape.

Ice fishing is a popular winter activity — the season is from December to April — with perch being the most common catch. Guided ice fishing tours are available on request, which usually include sleigh rides, instruction, and a visit to a lucky fishing spot.

Aerial view of people walking on a frozen Lake Näsijärvi at sunset near Siilinkari Lighthouse, with the distant city skyline of Tampere in the background.

Learn how to drill a hole in the ice using an ice auger drill (it’s a workout!), before enjoying the fishing process. Don’t catch anything? No problem! There’s the Siilinkari Winter Café hut café on the frozen lake by the lighthouse, where you can pop in for hot chocolate and Finnish hot dogs.

Two paper cups and traditional sausages on a wooden surface with people in the background sitting near a tent in a snowy environment near the Siilinkari Light House on the frozen Lake Näsijärvi.
People enjoying food from a cafe on the ice sit outside a small structure on frozen Lake Näsijärvi, near the Siilinkari Lighthouse with the word "KAAPELI" in the background. One child is sitting in a sled on the ice next to a black barrel.

Hiking Travel, Hit: Skates, Skis, Snowshoes, Kicksled & Fatbike Rental

Kaupinpuistonkatu 4 (the Bikini Bar)
33500 Tampere, Finland

Opening hours:
Regularly subject to change, so check out the Kaupinpuistonkatu hours on their website.
Kick sled rental: 6 euros



Visit the Moomin Museum

Tampere is the only city in the world with a museum dedicated to the beloved Moomin characters created by Finnish author Tove Jansson. The Moomin Museum features original artwork and exhibits showcasing the whimsical world of the Moomins.

A white, hippo-like figurine with blue eyes and a yellow flower in its hand stands against a dark background, reminiscent of the enchanting characters found at the Moomin Museum in Tampere, Finland.
A poster with Moomin characters and Finnish text is displayed in a dimly lit exhibition space at the Moomin Museum in Tampere, Finland, with a person and various exhibits visible in the background.

The Moomin Museum, located in Tampere Hall, is a unique and enchanting experience for Moomin fans and art lovers of all ages. The museum is home to over 2,000 original Moomin illustrations and artworks by Tove Jansson.

The Moomin Museum may not be the largest museum you’ve ever visited, but it’s still full of magical exhibits. The museum features a cozy reading room where you can browse Moomin books in various languages and a gift shop where you can find Moomin mugs, Moomin toys and Moomin prints for the home.

A woman and a child observe a detailed diorama in a glass display case, depicting a rocky landscape with miniature figures, at the Moomin Museum Tampere—a perfect spot for family fun.

The museum also houses a 2.5-meter high miniature Moomin House, built by Tove Jansson herself in the 1970s. Overall, this museum is a charming and intimate space that celebrates the world of Moomins in a way that is sure to delight visitors of all ages.

Moomin Museum

Tampere-talo Oy
Yliopistonkatu 55
33100 Tampere

Opening Hours:
Mon Closed
Tue – Fri 10:00 am am – 6:00 pm
Sat – Sun 10:00 am – 5:00 pm


Tallipiha Stable Yards

The Tallipiha Stable Yards is a complex of Russian Karelian-style cottages from the 1880s that have been restored and now house gift shops, artisans’ workshops, and a café. It’s a charming place with a lot of history and there are often seasonal events like Midsummer celebrations, market days, and artisans’ work demonstrations.

Outdoor cafe with multiple people sitting at tables under large trees near small buildings. It’s a sunny day, and the scene is lush with greenery, reminiscent of the charm found at Tallipiha Stable Yards.
A small dining area with white round tables and chairs against a light blue wallpapered wall greets visitors Inside the Tallipihan kahvila cafe, known for its traditional Finnish food. Three framed pictures, including landscape and floral paintings, hang on the wall.

Tallipihan kahvila cafe is famous for its karelian pastries, meringues, and old-fashioned creamy smoked salmon soup served daily from 11am to 2pm.

Nearby, you’ll find the Sara Hilden Art Museum, which exhibitions contemporary art in a gorgeous modern building with floor to ceiling windows looking out over Lake Näsijärvi, as well as lovely sculpture park.

A white building with large windows, identified as the Sara Hilden Museum in Tampere, is surrounded by leafless trees beside a calm body of water under a clear blue sky. Shadows of trees cast on the green grass lawn in the foreground complete the serene exterior.
A person is standing in a dimly lit room with black partition panels and tiled flooring inside the Sara Hilden Museum Tampere, surrounded by soft light coming from adjacent spaces.

Sara Hildén was a Finnish feminist icon and contemporary art collector; her collection, now in the museum, includes the works of Joan Miró, Francis Bacon, Paul Klee, and Alberto Giacometti, among others.


List Marker: Number 8Where to explore: Best parks and hikes in Tampere

There is so much to explore in Tampere. There are four national parks in the Tampere region, several nature reserve areas, and beautiful hiking trails. There are great nature programs provided by several companies of good quality including hiking, canoeing, fishing, SUP boarding, and forest yoga.

Tampere is the biggest city in the “Finnish Lakelands.” The Lakelands is Europe’s largest lake district and is where Finns go to enjoy nature, stay in charming cottages, and take part in all the activities that the outdoors have to offer.


The Best Parks in Tampere

Tampere boasts a fantastic array of parks and green spaces for visitors and locals to enjoy. Here are a few general highlights:

A snowy cityscape featuring a river and industrial buildings with tall chimneys, along the shores of the Tammerkoski rapids. Residential buildings stand in the background, while a red tram crosses a bridge near Koskipuisto Park in Tampere. 

Koskipuisto Park

Koskipuisto Park runs along the shores of the Tammerkoski rapids. The park has evolved over time, with major changes taking place in the 1930s when a power plant dam was built. Today, the park features a festive promenade that is lit with arched lights, decorative plantings, and unique stones from the rapids. It’s a popular spot for picnics, relaxation, and enjoying the beautiful scenery and atmosphere.

People ice skating in Duck Park Sorsapuisto at sunset, surrounded by trees and snowy ground. 


Sorsapuisto translates to “Duck Park;” it is a popular and picturesque 4.2-hectare recreational area located in the Tulli district of Tampere. The park features a pond with ducks (hence the name) and a natural spring, making it a great spot to kick back and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. In winter the park is a stunning location for ice skating. For kids, there’s an excellent playground with a jungle gym, carousel, and climbing nest.

People relaxing on a grassy area near a lake in Sorsapuisto Park, Tampere, Finland, with bicycles parked nearby on a sunny day.

Sorsapuisto Park, Tampere

Aerial view of Särkänniemi Amusement Park by a lake, featuring a tall observation tower, colorful rides, boats on the water from the Steamboat Regatta Lakeland Festival, and a mix of trees and buildings. The sky is partly cloudy.

Särkänniemi Amusement Park and Näsi Park

Näsi Park

Also known as Näsinpuisto, this park is a beautiful green space, located to the north of the city center next to Lake Näsijärvi. The park has lakeside views over Näsijärvi, and you can even see the Särkänniemi Amusement Park and Näsinneula Observation Tower. It’s ideal spot for a relaxing stroll or a picnic, and you can also visit nearby attractions like the Stable Yards, Milavida Museum, and Tallipihan Suklaapuoti and the a chocolate shop, while you’re there.

Särkänniemi Amusement Park

A popular destination located by the beautiful Lake Näsijärvi in Tampere. It offers a wide range of attractions including some pretty terrifying rides, the Doghill Fairytale Farm, the iconic Näsinneula Observation Tower, and even an aquarium.


Hike (or take a stroll) on a Nature Trail

There are many nature trails near Tampere, offering opportunities for hiking, running, and cross-country skiing. Some popular nature trails near Tampere include:

A person walks alone on a path through Näsi Park (Näsinpuisto), filled with trees displaying autumn foliage in shades of green, yellow, and orange. 

Tammerkoski nature trail

Tammerkoski nature trail is a strong choice for a family-friendly outdoor activity right in the center Tampere. The trail is only 2.6 km long, making it a manageable length for children, and it offers educational opportunities with information on local wildlife and flora available at signposts along the trail.

Two towers stand amidst a dense forest under a partially cloudy sky. One tower is the medieval stone Pyynikki Coffee Shop & Observation Tower, while the other is a modern communication tower. Nasinneula can be seen from the ridge along the Pyynikki Nature Reserve Hiking Trail. 

Pyynikki Nature Trail

Pyynikki Nature Reserve is a nature preserve that offers a variety of hiking trails for all skill levels. There are scenic views from both the Pyynikki Vista Point and the Pyynikki Coffee Shop & Observation Tower.


Aerial view of the Tampere Shore Trail Arboretum on Lake Näsijärvi during sunset, featuring a path winding through green trees and grassy areas, with a calm lake on the left and several people walking and sitting on benches. 

Tampere Shore Route

This trail offers a moderate hike along the shores of Lake Näsijärvi. Be sure to check the weather forecast before heading out, as the trail can be windy and exposed in some areas.

A serene lake along the Suolijärvi Trail in Tampere is surrounded by trees and reflects the blue sky and clouds, perfect for bird watching. A large rock protrudes from the water near the shore. 

Suolijärvi Nature Trail

This trail is low-impact and offers scenic views of the Suolijärvi area. Bring a pair of binoculars and keep an eye out for birds, as the area is a popular spot for bird watching!


A person sits by a campfire near a small, modern wooden lean-to shelter in the snowy, serene forests of Kintulammi Nature Reserve, surrounded by tall pine trees. 

Kintulammi Nature Reserve

A stunning nature reserve 20 kilometers northwest of Tampere, famous for its serene forests, tranquil lakes and wetlands. There are 18 kilometers of hiking trails with duckboards for navigating wet areas. There are six fire pits and four ecologically designed lean-to shelters equipped with a woodshed and dry toilet facilities.


The Best Photography Spots and Views in Tampere

Tampere offers some fantastic photography spots for capturing its unique skyline, beautiful views, and must-see landmarks. Here are a few suggestions:


Pyynikki Observation Tower

Not only does this tower offer great views for photography, but it’s also known for serving up delicious doughnuts!

Näsinneula Observation Tower

For a selfie with a view, head to this tower for panoramic shots of Tampere.

Tammerkoski Rapids

Capture the natural beauty and energy of Tampere with a shot of these rapids.

This is just a starter list; thanks to the wealth of natural beauty found throughout Tampere, there are many more photography spots to discover. Feel free to explore and find your own hidden gems!



FAQs about Tampere

What language is spoken in Tampere?

Finland has two official languages: Finnish and Swedish In Tampere, the majority of people speak Finnish as their native language. You can definitely survive in Finland with English. You’ll find that signs, menus, and public transportation info are often available in English, making it quite easy to get around.


What is the population of Tampere?

The population of Tampere is around 240,000 people, making it Finland’s third-largest city. It’s big enough to offer plenty to do but still has a cozy, friendly feel.


How do you pronounce Tampere?

Pronouncing Tampere is pretty straightforward: say “TAHM-peh-reh.” Just imagine you’re on a delightful trip to Finland, chatting with locals about the best spots to visit in their lovely city.


Is Tampere Finland worth visiting?

Tampere is definitely worth visiting! It’s a beautiful city with a rich history, lovely lakes, vibrant cultural events, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.


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